Yellow Snake Dream

Yellow Snake Dream
Last Updated on March 20, 2020 In a snake dream, the color of the snake provides clues about how to interpret its meaning. Dreaming of a yellow snake symbolizes emotions and values associated with the color yellow. Typically, the meanings of a dream about a yellow snake are linked to representations of your intellect and intuition.

Dream Meaning Summary

  • Ability to think clearly, intellect
  • Your inner guidance
  • Intuitive or spiritual aspects of yourself
  • Blocked intuition, betrayal of your intellectual abilities
  • Any strong association you make with the color yellow

What does dreaming of a yellow snake mean?

Here are several meanings to help interpret your dream.

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Dream Meaning #1: Yellow snake, symbol of the intellect and intuition

A yellow snake in a dream could represent the intellect and how you’re using it to sort through tricky situations. wisdom. Another meaning associated with yellow snakes in dreams is about your intuition, your inner light or guidance,  opening to new insight and awareness. Yellow represents the color of the light of the spirit, of consciousness shining through. Dreaming of a yellow snake may be a call to step forward and use your intellect to resolve the a situation or issues in your waking life.

Dream Meaning #2: Betrayal and passivity in your life

Yellow snakes represent cowardice, betrayal.  The dream could mean that someone is betraying you or that you are betraying your own ideals by acting a certain way in your waking life. The yellow snake dream is an invitation to grow your self-confidence and ability to deal with a situation that requires you to analyze and make decisions based on a clear vision.

Dream Meaning #3: Shades of yellow and their meanings

If the snake has yellow and dark colors intertwined, it may symbolize both the conscious and unconscious parts of yourself and their dynamic interactions as you are going through life. If the snake has more golden color, the dream points to your relationship with spiritual matters. Bright yellow symbolizes positive feelings, joy, expression of optimism. Yellow green points to feelings of anger, betrayal, jealousy. Dark, muddy yellow associated with a snake has strong connotation with deceit, betrayal. Your intuition is constrained.

Yellow Snake Dream

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Next Step: Make your Own Meaning

To go further with the interpretation of your snake dream, ask yourself the following questions. You can get more help by looking at the Snake Dream Interpretation Guide.

  • Are you prompted to use your intellect and inner guidance to think more clearly about a situation or question in your life?
  • How bright or dark is the color yellow? What shade does it have?
  • What associations do you make with the color yellow in your waking life?
  • What’s your reaction when you saw the snake in your dream?
  • What is the snake doing in your dream?

79 Responses to Yellow Snake Dream

  • Shea

    I ran over a large yellow snake with a car. After I did this I noticed dead animals (dogs).

  • Habibi

    I know that telling a bad dream to someone is forbidden but I didn’t consider this dream as a bad one..I am just curious of it’s meaning..

    I deamt of a big yellow striped cobra eating small brown snake coming from me.. I ran and went near from fire because I know snakes were afaid of fire.. I observed that when the big yellow striped cobra ate the small snake the cobra leaved and suddenly turned into man and it’s totally gone.. What does it mean?

  • Tyrie

    I myself having a dream lately its been about a yellow snake but this Morning it was 2 yellow snakes my sister in law came over and was looking out my window and said keep your windows lock i had just got out the bed to lock the window when 2 yellow snakes got in my bed the snakes was facing each other as if they were protecting me or watching me i felt scared but they didn’t attack me dont no why I am having dreams lately.

    • Cheryl

      My daughter has just been ing me of a very similar dream. Her name is Tyree!!!

  • Tania lozada

    I dream of a yellow snake hanging on the tree and when I saw it I fainted in my dreams.. I saw the snake hanging down to get something then when the snake get what it was the snake slowly going up to the branch

  • Iris

    I dreamt of two snakes. Both very big. One was yellow and one was black. The black one was the one who was always near me, it felt as if I was its owner. No, maybe I owned both but the black one was the one who was always near me like a clingy child. I did not feel threatened at all.

  • Alexa

    I had a dream about a big yellow python that was in a box at home but had just laid eggs so the owner of the snake told me to take the eggs and go wash them but the snake just kept trying to attack me and only me everywhere I went even at school I would see her it was soo scary I had to be hiding.

  • Caroline

    I dreamed of a bright yellow snake with dark spots intertwined and he came up and bite me. I woke up screaming and couldn’t get it off my mind. It seemed so real. I was with my family when it came up to me and bite me. I dreamed of a white snake several years ago and it bite me in my dream as well. I even had my husband get up and look for it after I woke up screaming. Crazy!!

  • Mg

    I dreamt two yellow bright snakes jumped into my hand and bite me both at the same time !

  • loloy

    I dream of a big yellow snake that coming down on my bed and bite my butt.

  • Kim

    I dreamt a grey/yellow snake came up to my feet and kind of hugged the back of my legs… like how a cat rubs up to you. I wasn’t afraid of it, but was afraid to look at it until it went on it’s way.

  • tanyas

    I dreamt someone kept a gold snack in a bucket

  • Kaitlin

    Mine was on a doorframe and going up side of my back.

  • DanaDane

    I dreamed i was climbing up a wall to get to the other side towards a loved loved one told me to stand still that I was coming up on a snake. I did. Then he bit me but i kept climbing towards the other side.

    • Julie

      I dreamt a big, bright yellow snake bit me in the left hand. I was not afraid, as I knew the person with me would help. It was also like the snake was coming back for round two when it bit me, like it had already tried once. So much more to this dream sequence, but this snake thing was full of message I hope to interpret!

  • Sani

    Set Dior
    11 Mar, 19:49

    Weird dream. I dream this viper loved me. It was bright golden yellow with black spots. At first I carried it. Then I got frighten of it and was afraid to touch it. Then I said fuck it and faced the snake. All the while it did not attack. I picked it up and coo to it. Then a big gaint Snake looked like a cobra the size of an anaconda tried to attack me. My tiny viper bared it’s fangs and killed it then wrapped itself around me. I kissed it then…I put my teeth on its head saying I’m poisonous too. Just resting my teeth on its head. It looks like it’s in a daze. Then I said sorry I’m trying to copy your poison too. Don’t worry I won’t hurt you. Petting the shaken snake. I kissed it. Yes it’s still alive and ok. I made sure. I wake up…. What kinda dream….

  • Victoria

    I dreamed last night a big anaconda that simple rested in water I could see the body clearly it was golden yellow, amazed but same time had some fear but not like in a horror state of mind. I am intuitive reader and often connect to spiritual world so I guess this dream was related to it.

  • Lyn

    I dreamed of a small bright yellow snake wrapped around a guy’s shoulder. He’s been telling me about it, but he doesn’t believe it’s there. Once he got off the bed, the snake took off and went to the bed chasing me. And then I killed it on the floor after I was calling my sister that there’s a snake, but the guy was gone. What does that mean?

  • Chun Washington

    I dream of a light yellow abd white python snake just chasing me and a close family member in a home. What does that mean?

    • Darius

      I had the same dream , it’s was a yellow and white snake chasing you around but you finally got away right?

  • Mica

    Tonight I dreamt of a snake. It was beige colored and lived in my house but I dont know why, Im afraid of snakes so id never buy one. But there was a friendly feeling about this snake he followed me around the house and tried to get close. I felt slightly uncomfortable and did my best to avoid it. I had many snake dreams but this was the least scary one.

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