Yellow Snake Dream

Yellow Snake Dream

In a snake dream, the color of the snake provides clues about how to interpret its meaning. Dreaming of a yellow snake symbolizes emotions and values associated with the color yellow. Typically, the meanings of a dream about a yellow snake are linked to representations of your intellect and intuition.

Dream Meaning Summary

  • Ability to think clearly, intellect
  • Your inner guidance
  • Intuitive or spiritual aspects of yourself
  • Blocked intuition, betrayal of your intellectual abilities
  • Any strong association you make with the color yellow

What does dreaming of a yellow snake mean?

Here are several meanings to help interpret your dream.

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Dream Meaning #1: Yellow snake, symbol of the intellect and intuition

A yellow snake in a dream could represent the intellect and how you’re using it to sort through tricky situations. wisdom. Another meaning associated with yellow snakes in dreams is about your intuition, your inner light or guidance,  opening to new insight and awareness. Yellow represents the color of the light of the spirit, of consciousness shining through. Dreaming of a yellow snake may be a call to step forward and use your intellect to resolve the a situation or issues in your waking life.

Dream Meaning #2: Betrayal and passivity in your life

Yellow snakes represent cowardice, betrayal.  The dream could mean that someone is betraying you or that you are betraying your own ideals by acting a certain way in your waking life. The yellow snake dream is an invitation to grow your self-confidence and ability to deal with a situation that requires you to analyze and make decisions based on a clear vision.

Dream Meaning #3: Shades of yellow and their meanings

If the snake has yellow and dark colors intertwined, it may symbolize both the conscious and unconscious parts of yourself and their dynamic interactions as you are going through life. If the snake has more golden color, the dream points to your relationship with spiritual matters. Bright yellow symbolizes positive feelings, joy, expression of optimism. Yellow green points to feelings of anger, betrayal, jealousy. Dark, muddy yellow associated with a snake has strong connotation with deceit, betrayal. Your intuition is constrained.

Yellow Snake Dream

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Next Step: Make your Own Meaning

To go further with the interpretation of your snake dream, ask yourself the following questions. You can get more help by looking at the Snake Dream Interpretation Guide.

  • Are you prompted to use your intellect and inner guidance to think more clearly about a situation or question in your life?
  • How bright or dark is the color yellow? What shade does it have?
  • What associations do you make with the color yellow in your waking life?
  • What’s your reaction when you saw the snake in your dream?
  • What is the snake doing in your dream?

Need Help to Interpret your Dream about a Yellow Snake?

Post your dream below if you had a dream featuring a yellow snake and need help to interpret its meaning. Other people passionate about dream interpretation have a chance to answer. You can look at other types of snake dreams in the Dreams Forum.

148 Responses to Yellow Snake Dream

  • Mica

    Tonight I dreamt of a snake. It was beige colored and lived in my house but I dont know why, Im afraid of snakes so id never buy one. But there was a friendly feeling about this snake he followed me around the house and tried to get close. I felt slightly uncomfortable and did my best to avoid it. I had many snake dreams but this was the least scary one.

  • Samir Shehadi

    Well my dream was about a yellow snake just following me around without any harm, untill i decided to get rid of it because it bothered me by cutting the head but as i remember there was no blood

  • Lilly

    I dreamed I was driving down a large busy Rd I looked in the rearview mirror and there was a large yellow snake crossing the rd.. Somehow I ended up at home and my daughter had that snake in the house as her pet!! I had also in my dream just won 100k for life.. the snake was not aggressive or anything it was just there!!

    • Nasir

      Yea in my own dream too the yellowish snakes were curled up on the bed and not moving nor aggressive. They seemed more like under my control and loyal to me or something. And wend I went forward to pick up one I woke up.

  • Kimmeco Spencer

    I attended a concert a few months back and in the middle of the night after the concert, I had a dream about a yellow snake in a green garden, not doing anything in particular but it was there. I recorded some of the performance and notice the lead singer was wearing yellow and on the news the next morning, I saw the current president with the same colored hair.

  • tina

    in my dream, i was somehow riding in a circle around a large beautiful bed with tons of linen. it was very beautiful linens. this tiny baby yellow snake with dark yellow rings kept following me from within the bed. it was very pretty baby snake. it seemed nice, non scary. I’m afraid of snakes and decided to punch it away from making it actually to me. the snakes returned right away. the more I pushed it away, the madder and larger it became. i was terrified by the time I woke up. it was hissing and easing it’s head at me as I was pushing it away. very scary. before I was at that bed, I had been at a beautiful round pool, indoors with high rock boarders. very beautiful. a record player sat on the stone boarder. i played it but can recall the music. i was alone the whole time, everything was so beautiful.
    I’ve looked up pics of snakes and am unable to find the snake in my dream. i also can’t think of how I was automatically circling the huge beautiful bed, effortlessly and so gracefully. I’m going to think of a cute little yellow squirll now, so not to attract a snake !

    • tina

      i didn’t ouch the snake. i swatted the covers in front of it the first time, and by the end, i was actually touching the snake below it’s head to push it away. auto word put the word punched in.

  • Benjamin

    I dreamed about two yellow snakes under water bitting me on my shoulders.
    after blood spreading through the water they both disappeared.
    what’s meaning of that?

    • tina

      we both saw yellow snake in our dream, same night. I’m sorry you got bitten ! I saw only one. it never tried to bite me. it just got more angry each time I pushed it away.

  • Victoria

    I had a dream of three pythons, one was an albino snake. I was trying to cross a river with some people. I was the only one who could see them. the albino snake was in the middle of the other two pythons. they were moving slowly in the water to indicate their territory. I was scared to death.

  • Anonymous

    Last night I dream about lots of snakes smooth yellow snakes blocking my way to pass where I am going I dream my 2 year daughter is with me and I had a next baby which I don’t have real life but all yellow snakes are blocking us to pass what is that mean

  • Lisa

    I had a dream of a yellow and white snake crawling up and down the side of my bed when I woke up. What does this mean?

  • Renee Yates

    I was getting ready to move in a house and heard noise under brown rocks and saw the yellow snake slither out. His skin was shedding and he was long. I ran but he kept moving almost at my feet causing me to jump and then I realized he was not after me and continued to slither on until he was gone. I immediately sparayed bug spray inside and outside of the home in my dream.

  • Anna

    Alright, i had a wierd dream. I had a dream of what snake i WANTED to be and i chose a golden winged cobra. It didnt hurt me in any way, i was just going to become it. If anyone has an explanation, feel free to tell me cuz this dream is all I’ve been thinking about 😂

  • Luwi Linette

    I dreamed about been bitten by a yellow snake and I tried three times to kill it but it grew big….I really need interpretations

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