Dreaming about Being Bitten by a Snake

Snake Bite Dream

Dreaming of being bitten by a snake is one of the most common and striking snake dreams. While the dreamer is likely to wake up scared or confused about the meaning of such a dream, a general interpretation considers snake bite imagery in dreams as a precious warning or wake up call regarding your waking life.

A snake biting you symbolically signifies that you need to pay attention to a challenging situation or emotion that has not yet been completely acknowledged and dealt with.

Snake Bite Dream Meanings

  • The snake bite symbolizes a wake up call
  • Warning about a situation, activity, behavior or thought that are “poisonous” in your life.
  • Warning about something that paralyzes your ability to make a choice in order to take the next step in your life or a relationship
  • Resistance to what is perceived as a “temptation” or a situation that challenges your beliefs or values
  • Sign that you’re on the verge of a deep personal transformation

What does being bitten by a snake in a dream mean?

What does dreaming about a snake bite mean? Here are several meaning definitions to help interpreting your dream.

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Dream Meaning #1: Pay attention to something you’ve been ignoring

Dreaming of being bitten by this wild reptile can be interpreted as a painful reminder that you need to pay attention to a situation or relationship that has been challenging or difficult to deal with in your waking life. A snake biting you in a dream symbolizes your own guidance system or unconscious trying to get your attention through a wake up call.

You’re becoming more aware about an issue or aspect of yourself that you’ve been ignoring. The snake bite has the effect of prompting a reaction on your part, whether it’s pain, surprise or fear. Often, the dreamer will wake up right after the snake bites her in the dream. The attack from the serpent can therefore point to the need to wake yourself up, in your life too, from a situation where you have been compromising too much.

A dream of a snake bite reminds you that you need to resolve or come to terms with a situation or behavior that is paralyzing your ability to make a decision or move forward. Getting bitten by this wild creature is an invitation to examine what is currently “poisonous” in your life and to remedy it.

Dream Meaning #2: Meaning of the body part that is bitten by the snake

The dream interpretation will vary depending on what part of the body is being bitten. Consider the meaning you give to the part and how it related to what is challenged or needs to change in your waking life.

For instance, a snake bite to the right hand means that you are conflicted about taking action or making the right choice in your life; it could suggest that you are preoccupied with acting in fairness or maintaining a healthy transparency in a relationship whether it is intimate or related to work.

Being bitten by a snake in the back could indicate that you need to pay attention to ill words or deceitful actions of people around you; it could also mean that you need to resolve issues from the past or concerns that you have been carrying with you for a long time.

Dream Meaning #3: You’re holding back your wild, untamed side

When you dream of a snake biting you, the animal may reflect conflictual urges or desires you have in waking life and that are hard to grasp or control. Dreaming of a snake brings to your attention, through the image of this animal, to a part of you that you or possibly others consider as “wild”, untamed, perhaps even “out of control”.

Snake Bite Dream

This inner conflict may have escaped your attention or you may have seen it looming over you, just like the animal in the dream before it strikes. The fact the snake is biting you indicates that you are in the process of becoming more conscious of what you need to do to take control of a situation or matter that has been creeping in

Dream Meaning #4: Transformation is painfully taking place in your life

The serpent is delivering the antidote to numbing yourself and avoiding what needs to be done to get to the next step in your life. The snake bite may point to a shift occurring in your awareness, a transformation: You are on the verge of becoming more aware about a matter that was previously hidden or avoided.

This radical shift may be experienced in a painful manner at first, but will be beneficial in the long run. This wake up call is part of your growth process.

Dream Meaning #5: Struggle with temptation

Dreaming of a snake biting you may represent the archetypal presence of temptation in your life. Just like the serpent in the Garden of Eden in the judeo-christian tradition, the animal in your dream could connect to a “temptation”, desire or situation you feel conflicted about because of it does not fit in your usual beliefs or ethical values.

The snake bite is a wake up call to face whatever is causing tension, perhaps even challenge some of your core beliefs or values and get a fresh perspective.

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Next Step: Make your Own Meaning

To go further with the interpretation of your snake dream, ask yourself the following questions. You can get more help by looking at the Snake Dream Interpretation Guide.

  • How afraid are you of the snake and/or the bite in your dream?
  • Which part of your body does the snake bite? Look at the corresponding meanings.
  • How are you resisting change in your life?
  • Has a fear of making a decision paralyzed your ability to stand for yourself or move forward in your life?

Need Help to Interpret your Dream about a Snake Bite?

Post your dream below if you had a dream featuring a snake biting and need help to interpret its meaning. Other people passionate about dream interpretation will have a chance to answer. You can look at other types of snake dreams in the Dreams Forum.

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680 Responses to Dreaming about Snake Bite

  • Moni

    Hi. I had a dream of multiple snakes attacking my house. My ex husband was trying to get rid of them . Suddenly a poisonous snake bite him on his face and he got seasure. ( to mention i still can not deal with my divorce cause i feel he was a good person and i didnt treat him well)

  • Varshny

    Yesterday i dreamed about green snake. Later some people left that green snake in some place.but i am thinking nothing happened to me. And later in that dream while talking to my mother i saw snake bites. My mom is saying it’s ok. I ran to my dad and he tied some cloth inorder to stop poison. And took me to doctor. What is meaning of this dream?

  • HMB

    I had a dream that i was walking through the park at night i was already upset about something or maybe confused.. and there was somebody in front of me wearing headphones i think.. a viper came out from behind the trees and bit me on my right inner calf and i jumped and then it bit me again on my other calf. i screamed and the person wearing headphones helped me ( for some reason i can not remember who helped me but i know that i knew them) I was hysterical and thought i was going to die but I think i woke up before anything else happened, or i cant remember the rest

  • Anonymous

    I dream a snake that biting at my right hand..after reading this i totaly realise ..that everything related to my ..life..🙂

  • Ruth

    Hi, i dream of snake bitten during my hiking in the forest with my family, luckily in my dreams my brother bring an antidote and injected it to me. What is thw meaning of my dream?

  • Grazzie

    Hi . Im scared to death when i wake up early morning. I thought that it was true that snake bitting me 2 nights in a row i was dreaming with the snake. To be honest that is the animal am afraid for. So when i wake up bcoz of that dream im scared to back to sleep again coz im trying to avoid and dream again.dreaming that bitten me at my right foot.the 1 dream cant really remember what part of my body.2nd dream is very clear that it bites me in my right foot. Im just confused what does it mean in my dreams..Im hoping that it will helps if u can tell me whats the meaning all of these dreams. Thank u so much

  • Joshua Seth

    Hi, am Joshua.
    I dreamt when a cobra snake biting my left leg and the whole led was in its mouth. It was paining me. And there came some one who pulled it and he also pulled some white-like stick from where the snake had bitten.

    What’s the meaning?

  • Arie

    I just had a dream last night, I was at a festival it seemed like, and out of nowhere snakes where just slithering around. One came at me so fast and when I tried to stop it from attacking me it bit me in both my wrists and left 2 holes, I could feel the stinging getting worse! I was with my family, my cousin grabbed the snake and was holding it back and laughing telling me to hurry and run before he let it go, as I was running another came at me and my sister pulled it away, when I turned to look the snake was just sitting next to her as she was patting it. I got back to where we were staying and I was showing my mum the holes in my wrists and she kept saying “you’ll be fine, it’s not too bad” but I could feel the pain getting worse and worse, eventually my dream switched to some other random one before waking up. Anyone know what this could mean?

    • Arie

      Also, it seemed I was the only one being attacked/chased by snakes at the whole festival

    • Anonymous

      I think it means u doubt ur close relationship…for ur own good u need to be self sufficient & not rely on others for ur happiness.

  • Danielle

    I had a dream and me and my sister were sitting in this forest area and she was showing me all these animals she loved as a kid, they were just still in the forest. And they all greeted us we touched them and it was nice. Then a big snake comes out of the bushes.. its face looked sinister in a way. We didn’t move but we weren’t scared really. And he wasn’t apart of the animals that she was showing me , he just showed up. And as it was passing me it stopped and just opened it’s really big mouth and sunk it’s venom things into my right knee. And I had no idea what to do so I froze and thought if I just don’t move he’ll leave. But it didn’t and I felt venom being pumped into my knee and then I freaked out I grabbed it’s head and ripped it off and screamed and threw it in a box my sister was holding and she called me dad. So my dad shows up in this big van and I get in and he’s frantically trying to take me to a hospital but he seemed to have forgotten the area. And all of a sudden I got what felt like full body Charlie horses. My whole body started hurting so bad i felt it all in my veins. And my hands started to go numb, but extremely painfully numb. And because of that I started panicking and screaming and crying it hurt so bad. My dad finally got us to this hospital but it was in a mall? And it was closed and he started cursing and this lady in scrubs approached us and asked what was going on and he told her. I’m like feeling like I’m going numb and half leaning half laying on th ground on this pole. She gets really calm and tells us there is someone in the building who could still help us. And then she asks me well how did this happen what did I do, as if like I was a four year old and I just got a scrape on my knee that sweet kind of tone.

  • Lissy

    I was at the mall with my husband and a little black snake kept biting me. I grabbed it by the head to stop it it was wiggle out and bite my left hand and did this a couple of times I threw it and it came back and bit my leg I picked it back up and it got my hand a few more times before I got it out of the door and my dream switched…… Was not a poisonous snake.

  • Nes

    I dreamed that my 5year old daughter bitten by the snake on left part of her neck

    • Niki

      Me too my daughter is 3years old on exactly the same part u describing n i cudnt get to her, she died by the time i got to her the snakes dry face skin was next to her n ddnt knw where the snake went it was a brown n white puff ader

  • Mscendie

    I dreamed that we were walking amongst several snakes, my daughter and I. Maybe we were in a snake zoo or something.  I’ve had this dream before, but this one had a twist to it. The snakes hung from trees and slithered below, like always. They were hard to avoid. In an attempt to kill one that was about to attack me from above (I think it was red & black), I was bitten but managed to sever its head off with some random tool.

    We were near a hospital and as we now drove towards it to get me help,we came upon another snake near our tire. (Not sure how we ended up in the car). As I tried to run it over, somehow it got through the passenger window and bit my daughter on the foot. She jumped out the car, somehow we managed to kill it and later learned her bite wasnt poisonous, but the snake made her foot bleed.

    As soon as we checked into the hospital, a young black girl saw us to our room right away. That’s when I woke up.

    I hate these type of dreams ;-(. So disturbing and ironically, my life is a bit of a mess right now.

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