Green Snake Dream

Green Snake Dream

When a green snake shows up in a dream, it typically symbolizes the resurgence of the dreamer’s connection with oneself.  The meanings associated with green, especially when featured in a snake dream, are about nature, the earth, going back to what is true to you. In addition, the symbolism of the color green points to emotions and feelings, including hope and heartfelt connections. The dream interpretation should take into account any other personal associations you make with this color.

Dream Meaning Summary

  • Bringing forth again aspects of yourself that have been neglected or ignored
  • Connection with nature and earth energies
  • Time of personal growth, development, especially associated with emotions
  • A call for heartfelt relationship with someone, something in your life or oneself
  • Hope, quietness, healing
  • Jealous feelings that have been ignored or repressed
  • Any personal associations you make with the color green

What Does a Dream of a Green Snake Mean?

Here are several meanings to help interpret your dream about a green snake.

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Dream Meaning #1: Green snakes as symbols for personal growth

Because the color of the snake is green, the dream suggests that a transformation is occurring in your life quite organically, naturally, just like when plants grow on their own. Perhaps you are discovering new aspects of yourself or nurturing a relationship or project. To dream of a green snake indicates that you’re undergoing personal growth and inner transformation.

Depending on the shade of the colored snake, you can find additional meanings regarding the quality and characteristics of your personal development.

Dream Meaning #2: Connecting with your true self

Green snakes are strongly associated with nature and the earth. What in you is moved by the presence of this snake in your dream? How does the creature or the dream relate to an earthy, natural part of you that is in the process of emerging?

As green symbolizes what’s natural, earthy, a dream about a green snake may mean that you are reconnecting with more grounded qualities in yourself. At least, it’s a call to pay more attention to what helps you ground and find enough energy to support you in living and expressing what’s true to you and in you.

Dreaming Meaning #3: Symbolic representation of new beginnings and positive change

The color green may point to some aspects of yourself or a project in your life that is not “ripe” yet; in other words, you are dealing with just the beginnings. Green on a snake is about the come back of the energy of positive change in your life. Depending on how the snake behaves in your dream, it could reflect how you are embracing or coping with the change: Are you experiencing it as aggression, threat, death of old patterns? Or are you at peace with this evolution?

Green Snake Dream

The green snake in your dream is then likely a call to take care of an opportunity for growth that you may otherwise be missing. It could indicate the need to nurture a bit more something that is just starting to emerge in your life, whether it’s new habits, a relationship or personal project.

Dream Meaning #4: Shades of green snakes and their meanings

The shade of the colored snake will tell more about the meanings conveyed in the dream. Darker greens generally have negative connotations associated with jealousy, perhaps deceit. Lighter shades of green express opening up to healing, opportunity for growth. A balanced, healthy green suggests strength in your personal growth, steadiness and determination. It could also be a symbol for serenity, calm.

Even though green is archetypally associated with nature, healing, and growth, your interpretation will benefit from looking within yourself to find out what green means to you personally. In addition, consider the behavior of the snake in the dream. It may give clues about how you are experiencing some changes that are occurring in your daily life.

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Next Step: Make your Own Meaning

To go further with the interpretation of your green snake dream, ask yourself the following questions. You can get more information in the Snake Dream Interpretation Guide.

  • What is calling you to grow and get closer to your true self?
  • What in your life or your personality is just starting to blossom and needs a bit of attention to fully develop?
  • What aspects of yourself or parts of your life to you need to heal the most?

Need Help to Interpret your Dream about a Green Snake?

Post your dream below if you had a snake dream featuring a green snake and need help to interpret its meaning. Other people passionate about dream interpretation will have a chance to answer. You can look at other types of snake dreams in the Dreams Forum.

177 Responses to Green Snake Dream

  • Rose

    I had a dream about a green snake, very friendly and it could talk. The snake was like my friend, it curled itself around my body at some point. I walked with a friend of mine and I left it there but I kept on looking at me as I walked on.

  • sofia hernandez

    i had a dream that i was standing outside during the evening when the sun was beginning to go down and i saw a light green snake come at me and it bite me on my middle finger on my right hand , i had managed to get away but i had to be rushed to the hospital because i was beginning to lose feeling in my legs and in my hand

  • Ruma Debbarma

    Today I got bitten on my right hand by green snake n bloods came a lot. Plz tell me the meaning of it I wants to know so much.

  • fatama

    for the past two days i have kept dreaming about a snake with dark green and yellow strips yesterday i dreamt the snake bite me at school, and today i dreamt i was in the mall with my family running away from the snake to reach the car. what does this mean?

  • timi

    In mine I went outside my house to get something at night,then I saw two of them at first trying to get at me then I saw like five more defending me….it was so scary…I was caught up in the middle of these snakes

  • Dianalyn

    In my dream i was in the kitchen of my sister and i water the space of the dining chair for it has a hole and soil.The middle body part of snake comes up and i turned my back on it and it follows me with a coiled body pushing my back so tightly that i cannot breathe.

  • ankita

    i just watch a green snake in my dream just for a moment …….

  • Keyana

    I had a dream that a bright green snake was chasing me and my friends. I’m scared of snakes so initially in my dream what I did was run. It seemed to have gotten bigger and the ways to escape the building we were in got smaller. I wasn’t able to escape I had to face the snake. Then I woke up.

  • Ma. Fatima damasco

    In my dreams a green snakes in the water coming towards me was threatening and trying to bite me

  • vivian

    I dreamed that I was laying on my right side in my bed along with my deceased mother facing the same direction and then a green snake with a yellow strip around the eye and down half of his body with a little bitty red eye came crawling up between us and wanted to cuddle then I covered it with the bed sheet and moved to a beige couch where it came at me again like a dog looking for me to pet it then I woke up. what this mean?

  • Okechi modestus

    The green snake I saw in my dream was threatening and trying to bite me?

  • Koko

    I dreamt of a green snake trapped in a cage that’s finding numerous ways to get out. I was so terrified by it even if it didn’t do anything harmful except for trying to get out. In my dream, I was screaming and running even if I also knew that it wasn’t a threat. It started with a small green snake then it got bigger and bigger along with the cage. These three transformations of the snakes had the same agenda–it was green and it wanted to get out of the cage and I ran away from each of them. Any idea what it means?

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