Dreaming of Snakes Everywhere

Snakes Everywhere Dream

Dreaming of snakes everywhere can have several meanings depending on the dreamer’s feelings and reactions in the dream.

Dreams with snakes crawling everywhere may symbolize an abundance of energy, opening to new possibilities in your life, but it could also mean that you are feeling overwhelmed and need to take gain a larger perspective to fully enjoy your life.

Meanings of Dreams With Snakes Everywhere

  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Exploration of possibilities for healing in your life
  • Abundance of energy, especially sexual, creative energy
  • You need more privacy, to make more space for yourself and how you feel

What Does a Dream with Snakes Everywhere Mean?

Here are several symbol definitions to help interpret your dream.

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Dream Meaning #1: Symbol of abundance

Seeing snakes everywhere in your dream can represent an abundance of energy that you have not yet fully expressed or taped into.

Snakes symbolize deep instinctual drives such as instinct of survival or sexual energy. If they are present in large numbers in your dream, consider what you have in abundance in your life that you have not fully acknowledged or expressed.

On the contrary, the dream may reveal what is lacking in your life and would be beneficial to have more of. Look at this possible meaning and see if it relates to feelings you had in the dream.

Dream Meaning #2: Your personal space is being invaded

Seeing snakes everywhere is a vivid image that calls your attention to a matter that you have ignored too long, probably because it was too difficult to handle.

To see snakes everywhere in your dream could mean that your peace of mind is being disrupted by overwhelming concerns. The dream could also point to a situation where your personal space is being invaded and your boundaries not respected. Look into environments in your daily life like home or work where you may experience that feeling.

Pay attention to the elements that you find particularly intriguing in your dream. They will give additional clues about how your dream connects to elements in your waking life.

If you see snakes everywhere in your bedroom, consider issues or situation associated with intimacy, sexuality, or finding a moment to relax. If you see snakes everywhere in your house, this may point to the feeling of having your personal space invaded. The dream means that you need to find a quiet space for yourself or define your personal boundaries more strongly.

Dream Meaning #3: Symbols for healing

Snakes can be powerful symbols for healing or a healing process that is taking place.

Depending on where you see snakes in the dream, you can complete your interpretation with clues about what is healing or needs to be healed. For instance, identify the place and look for its corresponding meanings. See which colors dominate the dream and what they mean to you.

Snakes Everywhere Dream

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Next Step: Make your Own Meaning

To go further with the interpretation of your snake dream, ask yourself the following questions. You can get more help by looking at the Snake Dream Interpretation Guide.

  • When you see snakes everywhere in a dream, remember the feeling you had in the dream and once you woke up. Does this feeling relate to a situation or person in your life?
  • If you are feeling overwhelmed, this may point to a situation or aspect of your life that currently is difficult to handle. Depending on how the snakes are behaving and the type of snakes you see, modify your interpretation to connect these qualities with a situation or person in your life that’s a source of concern.
  • What needs to be healed in your life? See how the snakes point to it.
  • How do you feel in the dream when you see snakes everywhere? What is your reaction? How does it relate to situations or feelings in your  waking life?

Need Help to Interpret your Dream about a Snakes Everywhere?

Post your dream below if you had a dream where snakes are everywhere and need help to interpret its meaning. Other people passionate about dream interpretation will have a chance to answer. You can look at other types of snake dreams in the Dreams Forum.

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177 Responses to Dreaming of Snakes Everywhere

  • Flora

    I dreamed I bought a new house. Outside the house are snakes. They are everywhere. I feel trapped. Can’t leave the house. I wish I hadn’t bought the house.

  • Ann Gabriel

    I got a dream this morning about snakes showed up everywhere I go and I just wondering why they showed up and I felt it weird when I woke up.

  • FancyFace

    Had a dream snakes were everywhere in my apartment to where me an my kids had to jump out the window they were so big an small hanging an crawling everywhere me and my kids were really scared

  • kalu david

    I had a dream where I saw many baby snakes on the ground and I started killing them what does it means ?

  • Vandana sikarwar

    This morning when i had dream , a snake bit me on two of my legs nd my bit my friend too ,someone said in my dream tht u must vomit if snake bit u , my friend did but i did not . And then there were snakes comming out from everywhere

  • S. Karthik

    All snakes were black cobras which has different patterns on back.

  • S. Karthik

    In afternoon i had jst took a nap sir. Them aftr some tym i got a dream where our cmplte family were im a room with coconuts then suddenly snakes were cmn out of all the places of room. No one was hurt the snakes were going out by fear. I was on the bed them with my mom and a small baby then finally a snake bike my brother and went crawling backside becoz he came on its way. I saw blood and snake bite wound. I woke up suddenly. Plz tell we is it any signal of anything in my life. Im feared plz tell me sir.

  • Nalin Bisht

    Last night I dreamt of 3 snakes, a yellow one, green and brown. I could clearly see a picture that these 3 snakes are in my room and are moving in various directions and then I could See Me trying to run but I’m stuck up in the same place.This is what I could recall when I woke up sweating.

  • Queen

    My friend had A dream where they were laying on the ground and they had snakes crawling all over them. And this individual could not move at all. They had this dream three times this week. What does that mean.

  • Amit

    I saw last night …three small younger snakes are kids of two of my good friend including my own kid but my kid is not visualise …and I m playing with these kids of snakes like a baby …and one of small snake is taking my hand fingure in his mouth ..like a small kids generally do ..and i m gotally surprised ..n in dream one of mother of these (who is good friend of mine ) snakes kids is saying tht these snakes cam change there shape n figure according to their requirement and sometime they become human also…it’s quite weird. .pls explain the meaning of dreams..

  • Allyn

    I’ve had this dream a few times now, spanning over several years. I was on the rocky docks that circle around a restaurant surrounded by water. Walking on the docks, away from the restaurant, I came upon a harmless snake. It looked calm so I walked past it. Then I came upon a sleeping rattler, so I skirted around it as best I could. Then I came upon a large bird (parrot? Macaw?) that was fighting a cobra. I flung something into the water so the creatures would be distracted, I got around them. The docks ahead had two venomous snakes blocking the path. I gasped, afraid to go any further, and woke up.

  • Sudarshan

    Dreaming of 3 indian cobras.I caught the cobra and I was keeping It in my hand holding it in the neck so that it cannot bite me and I mooved my left hand near its mouth and it spits in my forefinger and I woke up from my dream …….. Why?

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