Dreaming About a Snake Attack

Snake Attack Dream

The meaning of a dream about a snake attack is tinted by the emotions felt by the dreamer, whether it’s fear, anxiety, surprise, feeling constricted or trapped.

Where in your life do you feel this way?  How you feel while you’re dreaming about this wild animal attacking you will give important clues to understand the meaning of your dream. The presence of an aggressive serpent  can be interpreted as a symbol of tension or resistance you experience in your waking life and need to acknowledge more fully.

Dream Meaning Summary

  • The instinctual part of yourself is being constrained; need to open up, express and channel it in more conscious and harmonious ways.
  • Threat whether perceived or real, worry; threatening feeling that is coming back at you after being avoided or cast out of your awareness; time to explore and face it.
  • Fear of taking risks; navigating moving waters, uncertainty.
  • You are in the process of becoming more aware, conscious.

What does being attacked by snakes in a dream mean?

Here are several definitions to help interpret your dream.

Dream Meaning #1: Facing a threatening situation in your life

A wild animal like a snake that attacks you in a dream could point to a situation that feels unsafe or threatening in your waking life.

The dream may be an expression of a strong discomfort, worry or even fear as you are being confronted with a challenging situation. Dreaming of a snake attack signifies that you’re not fully acknowledging these feelings or the situation and need to pay more attention to it.

The snake attack is an indication of the need to take care of whatever is triggering resistance in a more conscious manner. In other words, one of the main meanings of the dream is to face and explore what in your waking life is perceived as a threat and find ways to deal with it before it strikes.

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Snake Attack Dream

Dream Meaning #2: Fear of taking risks

Dreaming of a snake attack could be an expression of the fear of taking risks in an uncertain environment. The serpent represents the fear of risking too much and getting hurt.

The attack is an expression of the hesitancy, inner resistance towards making a move in a sensitive situation where you fell that every move on your part could be perceived as an attack by someone else or, in turn, trigger an attack towards you.

You need to examine if there’s a situation in your waking life where you need to take action and move carefully in order to bring a resolution. The dream may point to a relationship where you are “walking on egg shells”. It may also indicate that you need to take some risks and perhaps get “bitten” in the process in order to move forward.

Dream Meaning #3: Expressing an unresolved part of yourself

Snakes are untamed animals and as a dream symbol, they could represent a “wild”, untamed part of yourself that you or others may judge as socially or morally unacceptable.

Typically associated with sexual or sensual expression, the presence of the serpent in your sleep is associated with deep instinctual drives. It can be related to aggressively, expressing your primal energy, creativity.

A snake attack in a dream indicates that you are in the process of becoming more aware of that aspect of you, whether you want it or not. The attack reflects the inner tension between what has been hidden or repressed and is challenging your world now. The dream points to your resistance to change or to a fuller expression of a part of you that is being avoided or neglected.

Next Step: Make your Own Meaning

To go further with the interpretation of your snake dream, ask yourself the following questions. You can get more help by looking at the Snake Dream Interpretation Guide.

  • What kind of snake is in the dream?
  • Is a part of you like the snake in your dream?
  • Is a person in your life like the snake?
  • What aspect of yourself or deep desire do you secretly wish to bring to light and reveal to the world?

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Need Help to Interpret your Dream about a Snake Attack?

Post your dream below if you had a dream featuring a snake attacking you or someone else and need help to interpret its meaning. Other people passionate about dream interpretation will have a chance to answer. You can look at other types of snake dreams in the Dreams Forum.

168 Responses to Dreaming about a Snake Attack

  • Worried

    My family members were working on some vehicles and then mom was burning some stuff and caught the vehicles on fire (a friend guy who wants to date me) ran and put out the fires…next thing u know he is gone and my family start driving off in their vehicles but me…I look and my bedroom window there are two rattlesnakes one light green and the other dark brown almost black…I yell to my mom and nephew to move away slowly and the two snakes begin to fight….then they see me and give chase… I tell my mom and nephew to get in the car….next thing I know I’m on top of th car swinging at many rattlesnakes as they are leaping from everywhere attacking me….I was about 6 snakes all different colors but the one who gets on my skin first is a black one…the others just attached themselves to my clothes somehow…

  • eenoylove

    I dreamed last night (02/17/2017) that the black snakes attacked me and I shout and glared at them (in my dream) and they went far away from me and never disturb me again then I woke up.
    can anyone explain my dream for me?

  • Nitesh kr Rai

    I dreamed on 17/02/17 night; tht i hve thrown a stone to the green snake ; by a intension of killing it! And in revenge snake cuts in my hand very hard; but i don’t fear or cried ; I beat tht snake after bitting me; till the snakes death! What does this dream mean…………………………..

  • Stephen Burris

    Right before I woke up. I open a car do to get inside, because it was raining. When I open the door, their was a snake on the floor. It kinda look and hissed at me. Then all of a sudden, jump at me, but I’m in for sure if it got me or not. I woke up Right then and that was it.

    I’m not sure what it was trying to tell me but any clues would be helpful.

  • Anonymous

    My dream was of two snakes one was red an the other was black. I had a bird an the snakes were determined to get the bird. Everywhere i went the snakes found a way in.The red snake was the most determined he was floating off the ground trying get the bird an ended up biting my heel on my left foot. What does this mean.

  • Crystal Havard

    I’ve been having serious conflict with roommates of my mom’s & a little tension in my relationship today things got really serious & there was some mies told behind my back & a lot of indirect degrading remarks towards me, my mom says “oh they don’t mean anything by it & they’re just grouchy” then tonight we closed our day all laughing & joking (except the roommates who was in another room still mad) then I wake up in the middle of the night after dreams my apartment was under attack by a giant spider & giant snake then I was in a plane with a silly dinosour…during the attack in my apartment I kept saying I WANA GO HOME, I WANA GO HOME as if I had another home somewhere then everything was fine in the plane with the silly dinosaur….. What is this dream telling me? Should I go home & keep my distance for a while from my moms house?

  • Monalisa sinha

    I just saw a dream of two snake in bath tub .Both of they were black.then after with the help of some rod I pulled one by one on floor and killed them with the help of some thing that we call jadhoo in Hindi.
    Jadhoo is used in India to clean floor made up of wooden very thin sticks. I saw blood of snake . I was killing it with back of jadhoo.

  • amber

    I dreamed I was in my backyard, and it was full of tall plants, so I went down because my sister and her friend were there. Then when i wanted to go back up there was a green red snake, it was curled up and kinda thick but it was facing me then my dad told me to kill it with an object encouraging me to but I was scared and nervous toward this snake. the dream ended from there.

  • Jade

    I had a dream about lots of snakes this morning and i felt scared in the dream.i havent had this dream in about 9 months since i was was a mwmber of my last church.At the end of the dream it was like a python that i had to defeat.I ended up cutting his tail of to free the people it had swallowed already and they fell out with normal size snakes unto a bucket.I had to get the people and my kids out the bucket ,separating them from the snake before the bit them.after that i went to a airport ready to take off on my plane.In my dream i had defeated the snake.”But when i woke up i had a text from my old pastor from my old church”.I trust him but i don’t know what this dream was telling me.i dont even know if it was about him or someone close to him.PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME TO MAKE SINCE OF THIS DREAM….TY

  • triciabm16

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  • Ameera

    I dreamed that a few snakes are coming towards me from a hole in the wall of my bedroom while I lay down in my bed(but in reality there’s no hole in the wall). I couldn’t see which species of snakes they were, because it was dark and the lights weren’t on, but I could see that their eyes were red in colour. And I also saw that the snakes were coming through a rope which was coming from the same hole.

  • Esté Joubert

    I dreamt about 3 snakes almost attacking my baby daughter. The first snake was a “pretty” snake, almost cartoon like, that was going for her while she was on a swing. The 2nd snake looked like a viper that went for her while she was sitting on a blanket on the grass, but I covered the snake with sand or ash and it became petrified. The 3rd snake was a long red and yellow snake which I pulled and pulled by the tail and then I woke up from the dream.

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