Dreaming About a Snake Attack

Snake Attack Dream
Last Updated on March 20, 2020 The meaning of a dream about a snake attack is tinted by the emotions felt by the dreamer, whether it’s fear, anxiety, surprise, feeling constricted or trapped.

Where in your life do you feel this way?  How you feel while you’re dreaming about this wild animal attacking you will give important clues to understand the meaning of your dream. The presence of an aggressive serpent  can be interpreted as a symbol of tension or resistance you experience in your waking life and need to acknowledge more fully.

Dream Meaning Summary

  • The instinctual part of yourself is being constrained; need to open up, express and channel it in more conscious and harmonious ways.
  • Threat whether perceived or real, worry; threatening feeling that is coming back at you after being avoided or cast out of your awareness; time to explore and face it.
  • Fear of taking risks; navigating moving waters, uncertainty.
  • You are in the process of becoming more aware, conscious.

What does being attacked by snakes in a dream mean?

Here are several definitions to help interpret your dream.

Dream Meaning #1: Facing a threatening situation in your life

A wild animal like a snake that attacks you in a dream could point to a situation that feels unsafe or threatening in your waking life.

The dream may be an expression of a strong discomfort, worry or even fear as you are being confronted with a challenging situation. Dreaming of a snake attack signifies that you’re not fully acknowledging these feelings or the situation and need to pay more attention to it.

The snake attack is an indication of the need to take care of whatever is triggering resistance in a more conscious manner. In other words, one of the main meanings of the dream is to face and explore what in your waking life is perceived as a threat and find ways to deal with it before it strikes.

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Snake Attack Dream

Dream Meaning #2: Fear of taking risks

Dreaming of a snake attack could be an expression of the fear of taking risks in an uncertain environment. The serpent represents the fear of risking too much and getting hurt.

The attack is an expression of the hesitancy, inner resistance towards making a move in a sensitive situation where you fell that every move on your part could be perceived as an attack by someone else or, in turn, trigger an attack towards you.

You need to examine if there’s a situation in your waking life where you need to take action and move carefully in order to bring a resolution. The dream may point to a relationship where you are “walking on egg shells”. It may also indicate that you need to take some risks and perhaps get “bitten” in the process in order to move forward.

Dream Meaning #3: Expressing an unresolved part of yourself

Snakes are untamed animals and as a dream symbol, they could represent a “wild”, untamed part of yourself that you or others may judge as socially or morally unacceptable.

Typically associated with sexual or sensual expression, the presence of the serpent in your sleep is associated with deep instinctual drives. It can be related to aggressively, expressing your primal energy, creativity.

A snake attack in a dream indicates that you are in the process of becoming more aware of that aspect of you, whether you want it or not. The attack reflects the inner tension between what has been hidden or repressed and is challenging your world now. The dream points to your resistance to change or to a fuller expression of a part of you that is being avoided or neglected.

Next Step: Make your Own Meaning

To go further with the interpretation of your snake dream, ask yourself the following questions. You can get more help by looking at the Snake Dream Interpretation Guide.

  • What kind of snake is in the dream?
  • Is a part of you like the snake in your dream?
  • Is a person in your life like the snake?
  • What aspect of yourself or deep desire do you secretly wish to bring to light and reveal to the world?

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84 Responses to Dreaming about a Snake Attack

  • Margie

    First I went up to a room saw a snake on the dresser and snake skin on the floor.  I didn’t feel scared or threatened. When I went back up stairs to the room later the snake on the dresser was moving. And there was an even bigger snake on the floor .if I had to pick the type of snake I would say like a 4ft python. Anyways my two cats and a dog ( I don’t have a dog ) were jumping in panic from the floor to the bed to the floor. I tried coaxing them out and all of a sudden the snake jumps at me but I caught it at it’s head. It would open it’s mouth huge but I wouldn’t let it go. .I was waiting for someone to come help me but woke up.

  • V. Bright

    I had a dream that someone knew I was afraid or fear snakes and in the dream a man said to me , look what I got for you and I looked into the bed of his truck and there laid a snake (blackish brown) I jumped. I was carrying one grandsons who is 6,8,10 don’t know exactly which one the grandson in the dream was small enough for me to carry. Anyhow I left from seeing the snake in the back of the Man’s truck proceeded to walk on I looked to the left side of me and saw in a small ditch 4 more big size ones. I thought I better leave away from here now the man might get one and send it after me. Sure enough he did just that. Somehow my oldest daughter appears in the dream but younger and she saw what the man had did , she walked along side of the snake but it paid her no mind. The snake was on the path to get me. I was in a lot of mud trying my best to walk as fast as I could and looking back and the snake was gaining up on me real fast to the point it finally grasped my left ankle with his mouth I shouted oh Jesus! I didn’t feel a bite and I suddenly woke up. Just wondered what that dream could be?

  • Kyle

    Okay… Well… I had a really weird dream about a snake. In the dream, an anaconda, or more likely a giant boa or python (it was sort of brownish-tan in the dream but I don’t remember the eye color even though the snake and I met gazes at one point), grabbed someone. In the dream, it basically grabbed the person and started to squeeze on them while holding them up in the air as it’s head was hung over a pole with the rest of it’s body hanging down and constricting the person it was attacking. In the dream, the person was calling out for help, but I couldn’t figure out how to free this person from the snake because I wasn’t strong enough to hurt it. It was someone I’d never met (at least to my knowledge), and in the dream, I knew it was an enemy of mine that was being attacked. The snake didn’t move when it saw me, and just watched me as I tried to figure out how to free this person, at one point we even locked eyes. During this whole sequence, it made no effort to attack me, and just watched me. Even though I knew it was an enemy of mine in the dream being slowly strangled, I still tried to help her, mostly because I’m a pretty compassionate person that I will even help an enemy if it means saving someone’s life. When I did put my hand on it, my hand got stuck for a moment before I managed to pull it away like somehow I got glued to it by touching it. When I managed to pull my hand away, I realized that the snake was still trying to hold this person, cause she was still begging for help. However, it wasn’t trying to kill her anymore (at least it didn’t look like it), but was just holding her as it watched me. At no point did it even occur to me that the snake could well attack me if I threatened it, nor did it ever seem like it even wanted to attack me. But before I could figure out how to help this person, I woke up. After I woke up, I had the idea that I could have reached up with a large enough knife and probably cut the body away from the head, but in the dream that idea didn’t come to me. And it was almost immediately I had that idea when I woke up. If I had been in the dream for even a few moments longer, I’m sure my dream self would have looked for a knife I could have used to cut the snake’s “neck” so I could free this person. I’m rather curious what this dream means. I don’t remember the stuff leading up to that moment in the dream, cause it was a pretty long dream, but I only remember that moment when I heard someone calling for help and saw the giant snake.

  • Dylan

    I had a dream about a Cobra attacking and spitting venom in the face of my father.

  • AIZA

    I have a dream about black snake. Theres a baby crying inside the blanket and we dunno why. So I open the blankey ang I saw the snake tail and the snake jump in my back and I was so scared and run. But I didnt the snake.

  • Kaz

    I had a dream I moved house with my partner and 3 children it was a rough place to live we were not happy I walked out the back door with my partner right behind me he was talking to mei was a but distracted but as i turned around i seen a big brown snake and I whent to quickly tune around and get back in the door but it came right at me but I caught it but I fell to the ground it was so close to my face my partner whent to help me but he wanted to get a picture and made me lay there for a while

  • Kristen McCormick

    I just had a very upsetting dream.  I dreamed O was attacked by a large rattle snake.  It was male and very aggressive.  Somehow it ended up on a shovel or stick or something was holding.  It startled me as I didn’t see where it came from.  I threw it away but it didn’t go very far.  It hissed and taunted me knowing in order to get away, I was going to have to go by it.  I pushed my body against a truck and slid by.  It snapped at me. Just barely missed.  I was wearing cut off shorts and flip flops.  I could feel the Air move and tiny drops of poison hit my ski as it just missed me.  As I slid past, it tried to strike again and started to come after me.  I was just trying to get some distance between us.  Then i woke up.  I can’t remember if I started to fight back. Part of me feels like I did just as I woke up.  Very startling and felt very real and vivid.

  • Mary Jane Lightfoot

    I dreamt that a snake came up out of the ground and was chasing me, my ex husband told me that he’s going to get you and by then I turned around and saw the snake’s mouth wide open and he grabbed my whole hand in his mouth. I was waiting for it to hurt but it didn’t and that was the end of the dream.

  • Brianna

    n addition to rocking, we designed our product to have five legs instead of the common four. Since most classroom floors are not perfectly level, four legs can easily become unbalanced. This means realistically only at least three legs will be touching the ground at all times. This creates a triangular base, instead of the square base that was intended for floors that are actually level. With five legs, 4 legs will be touching the ground at all times. This will create a trapezoidal shaped base instead, creating greater distribution across the chair. It can be analogized to the base of office chairs with the rolling wheels. These typically have five wheels, and it is harder to notice when one of the wheels is not on the ground. Creating this stability for the chair was one of our key concerns in order to keep distractions to a minimum, keep the user safe and stable, and minimize our costs as much as possible (additional legs would not add significant value due to diminishing returns – five is found to be the most efficient number of legs). This allows it to be more stable while still being fluid enough to allow for subtle movements from the upper sections of the chair.

    • Brianna

      I accidentally pasted something that i had copied on my clipboard here is what i meant to post:

      I don’t really remember the whole length of my dream but somehow it went from eating at a local restaurant we have here with my mom and sister to us taking a drive into the woods and then into a lake. The car was somehow supposed to float and be able to drive out but didn’t and then I was by myself in the lake swimming to the edge as I had seen my sister climb out that way. For some reason I couldn’t get out like she had as the river edge was too tall and the water wasn’t high enough and I started to get scared of being in the water as I started feeling things bite me. It turned out to be a lot of little snakes bitting me from the bottom of the lake and they started to swarm me and bite me. Somehow it went from that to me back in my own house in the bathroom as I was annoyed and frustrated because I had to pick the snakes off one by one and literally like peal their fangs out of my body because they were almost stuck to me like leaches.

      I really don’t understand why I’m having dreams of snakes of of a sudden cause they don’t really scare me but I’m not like fond of them either but this is the second dream I’ve had I know but I don’t remember the first I just know it had snakes as well.

  • Silvia

    I dreamt about a red and white snake whose tail was tied to its mid body n was struggling to get itself free . In this attempt it jumped on my house window n tried to attack my mom and when he couldn’t it tried to fit inside a hole in the window which was surrounded by lots of small spiders

  • Danielle

    I dreamt I heard noise from a cardboard box and the closer I got to it, the more I could hear it was chirping.  When I opened the box it was a nest of helpless baby birds, 2 thin small snakes trying to attack and a mama bird trying to defend her babies.  I ran and grabbed my father for help.  He put seeds on some change in his hands to distract the birds while he grabbed the snakes and (I think) killed them.  Then I woke up.  Not very often my dreams are that vivid.  Anyone?

  • Martin

    I was in an army style tent, think canvas, no windows. A small black snake came from the side of the tent and tried to bit me, I managed to get hold of it behind its head and killed it by cutting its head off, this was then repeated with another snake. There was then a 3rd snake which came in through the open door and it was much more difficult to handle, it kept on slipping out of my hands every time I reached for the knife and I had to strangle it in the end

  • Paromita Chatterjee

    I was dreamed that my husband is playing with a wild snake. He is showing it to me and saying it wont do nything. But I was in a fear. Suddenly that snake bites me very wildly and I woke up.please tell me what does it mean?

  • Priyanka


    In my dream, I was at a sea-shore (given a choice that would be my to-go place).

    Suddenly spotted a white & red stripped snake approaching me from a distance. I was supposed to walk a bit further and turn right. My anticipation was that the snake would block my path so I ran in its direction to take the turn but eventually slowed down while the snake reached that turn and blocked my path. It was risky to walk backwards so I decided to dodge and run from the other side however that snake actually chased me and dived onto me. It flew across my shoulder to harm me but I wasn’t hurt at all though it built up great amount of fear. I was extremely scared and that’s when I woke up. I was afraid to sleep again but somehow calmed myself down and tried to sleep.

    After reading this article, I can definitely say there are many fears especially to express myself, to bring out the hidden creativity as I’m an artist with good potential, to take the first step in exploring that side and that I’m afraid of few people I work with in a different industry fearing they aren’t leading me into right direction.

    Have I correctly interpreted my dream is what I wish to understand from you. Looking forward to your response.


    I was cleaning a table then when i was cleaning under it. A violet snake bitten me in my right hand.

    • Blessing

      You don’t have to worry about the this. Just be careful of close allies who know some depth aboutl. It may be a time you need to be more careful so that you are not betrayed without a defense.

  • Vayileng vang

    So I dremt that I was hearing a dude talking about how there was a good warrior he fought and there it was him standing there in this murky water it was like a pond and when I went to it it fell over and then crocodile or alligators idk started emerging from the water then I see snakes near the bank as I try to get out but I was unable too as they were trying to bite me but I would catch them before they bit me and I remember catching one of the snakes with my left hand.

  • Ari

    I dreamt I was at some kind of function walking around there were people there that I have either not seen in a long time or don’t speak to anymore. At one point I’m walking into a room (wooden dark wood like a museum exhibit). Walking out of the room are an old friend, who I have not been friends with in at least 15 yeard, and her mom. I pass them, they are on my left. I can’t recall if we spoke but I didn’t feel animosity or anything.  As I walked in on my left as well is a snake display and a reddish little snake comes out and attacks me. I have on a long winter puff coat so although it hits my leg and I feel it it’s more like just the sheer force of it’s head that hits me but it grabs onto my coat. I stop and scream but not panic. It falls and I start to run and the same thing happens. The third time I’m screaming bloody murder and someone (can’t remember if it was the old friend I passed or the cleaning lady that was also in the hallway) comes in and sprays the snake with fire extinguisher and hits off and its head breaks appart when it hits the ground. Almost kind of unphased I say thanks and walk out back to the function. I’m walking around with the cleaning lady who I know but not sure ffom where or how. And people know that I’m the one who the snake attacked. I remember she and I walked past a big group of guys taking a group pic and one of the guys was an ex that we had a complicated/not nice breakup. After we pass them shes no longer with me and I’m back at the room where the snake attacked me and I walk right in. There are some older professor like men in there investigating. They question me about it and I tell them I’m fine just sore on my leg. They’re trying to figure out the kind of snake etc to see if it’s poison and I walk out. When I walk out there is a guy there. This is guy is the president and founder of a company that I interviewed with almost 2 years ago. The interview process was horrible, the recruiter had to idea what he was doing the neither did the hiring manager. I did 1 phone screening, 2 phone interviews and an in person interview. I was finally offered the job only to be called the following day by thr vp, who I actually know and was part of the in person interview. He informed me that they were rescinding the offer!! Anyway, I reintroduced myself to the president and he asked was I ok as he heard about the snake. He looked haggard, which is very uncharacteristic. I told him I was ok and walked on. That’s when my leg started hurting and I noticed imthere were three lumps forming where the snake hit me…then I woke up.

  • Pratyarpita

    I dreamt of a big snake hissing from the bushes. After listening the hissing sound my father replied may be the snake is trying to kill your guinea pig. Then I jumped to my house. The snake was right in front my home it doesn’t made any harm. Bt i slammed the door and locked it. Then afterwards i called some neighbors informing about the snake they came through the same door and said to walk with them as i was very afraid then I denied because My guinea pigs were there in the home.

  • Rachel Compton

    I had 3 separate small dreams, I was outside my parents house with my brother and we leaving we were being attacked and chased by a diamond back rattle snake,I was bit in the arm but my brother was bit more then my brother left and I was alone with the snake. the situation change me and my daughter we sitting in the car waiting for her bus and I grab the snake but he bites her a bunch of times then the situation flips I get her on the bus and standing on my car trying to get away from the snake then I woke up

    • Lyn

      Hi, I had a similar dream. My daughter and I were getting attacked by a poisonous snake. It bit me on my arm and it swelled up like a huge pus pocket really disgusting and then it was attacking my daughter biting her all over and the same thing happened. We were trying to find a hospital but the snake kept appearing and trying to attack us. Really confused by this!?

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