Dreaming of Snakes on your Bed

Snakes In be Dream

Dreaming about snakes on your bed might stir up strong emotions. At best, the scene is intriguing; at worst, the dream comes with disgust, anxiety or fear.  This wild creature can be interpreted as a symbol for your sense of privacy, intimacy or the expression of your sexuality. Meanings for this snake  dream are influenced by what the setting in which the dream takes place, your bed or bedroom, and what this place typically represents for you.

Dream Meaning Summary

  • You’re getting in touch with your sexuality
  • Ambivalent feelings towards romantic or sexual intimacy with a partner
  • Your personal boundaries are being tested; need to define your private space
  • Need for rest
  • A healing process is taking place

What dreaming about a snake on my bed mean?

What does dreaming about a snakes on your bed mean? Here are several meanings to help interpret your dream.

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Dream Meaning #1: Snakes as classic symbols for sexual instincts

Dreaming about snakes on a bed may refer to deep urges, especially connected to your sensual desire or sexuality.The snake is typically considered as a phallic symbol. This meaning is emphasized in a dream where snakes are in a bed.

The snake dream could mean that you need to look within yourself to see how you relate with your own sexuality and its expression.

Depending on what the snake look like, you may interpret the dream as an indication of how you perceive your own sexual energy and desire. Is the snake colorful or dull? Does it move vigorously or is it slow? Is it big or small, aggressive or friendly? Your response will give additional clues to interpret your dream.

Dream Meaning #2: Intimacy and invasion of privacy

Firstly, the classic meaning for dreams that take place in a bedroom, especially if your bed or bedroom is portrayed, is associated with intimacy. It could be intimacy with a partner or simply how you experience your own connection with yourself. Seeing a snake or several snakes in your bed bring this meaning forth even more strongly.

Secondly, the bed or bedroom could symbolize your private sphere, a sense of your personal space or boundaries.  To see snakes crawling in your bed in a dream denote insidious feelings that are creeping. Perhaps you have been avoiding looking at a sticky situation in your waking life and the dreams is bring it to your attention.

Snakes in a bed can refer to a situation in your life where your private space is being invaded and your boundaries not respected. In the dream, you may be surprised by the presence of the snake in your bed, just like you may not be fully aware that you are being bothered by a situation or someone close to you in your waking life.

This type of snake dream relates to the need to look at guilt or an anxiety that is associated to the topics of private space or intimacy in general or in the context of your current relationship.

Snakes In be Dream

Dream Meaning #3: Exploring new ways to express yourself

If dreaming about snakes on your bed comes with a feeling of curiosity or fascination in the dream, this may mean that you are in the process of exploring new ways to express your own sexual or sensual life.

This snake dream  is a reminder of your own creativity and need to express deep, instinctual desires.

Dream Meaning #4: Seeing snakes in someone else’s bed

If you dream of seeing snakes in someone else’s bed, this could point to your desire or curiosity about someone who is close to you. It could mean that you would like to strengthen your current relationship or wish to renew it.

The snake could also represent your ambivalence regarding the development of the relationship and the deepening of emotional and/or sexual intimacy.

Dream Meaning #5: Unresolved guilt regarding a partner or your own feelings

Snakes in a bed could indicate that you’re feeling guilty about about sexual or romantic feelings you’ve been having.
Depending on the overall feeling in your dream, this may indicate that you are in the process of dealing with ambivalent emotions regarding your own sexuality or sexual desires towards a partner or potential partner.

Dreaming about snakes in a bed may point to a need to acknowledge these feelings more fully and explore ways to express them more respectfully and harmoniously in your waking life.

Dream meaning #6: Personal healing process is taking place

If a snake appears on your bed in a dream and you are not very afraid or not afraid at all, this may mean that you are involved in a healing process connected to your sexuality or a relationship with an intimate partner.

The snake could be interpreted as a symbol of deeply rooted sexual energy or desire that is trying to be expressed more fully.  The dream may indicate that you need to pay attention to sexual or romantic matters of importance to you and your intimate partner.

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Next Step: Make your Own Meaning

To go further with the interpretation of your snake dream, ask yourself the following questions. You can get more help by looking at the Snake Dream Interpretation Guide.

  • What does the snake look like in your dream? What are its characteristics, qualities?
  • What is its behavior in your bed: Is aggressive or friendly, fast or slow?
  • Are you feeling guilty about something you did recently, especially as it relate to an intimate relationship or someone very close to you?

Need Help to Interpret your Dream with Snakes Everywhere?

Post your dream below if you dreamed of seeing snakes everywhere and need help to interpret its meaning. Other people passionate about dream interpretation will have a chance to answer. You can look at other types of snake dreams in the Dreams Forum.

33 Responses to Dreaming of Snakes on your Bed

  • Ang

    I dreamt of a snake while I was asleep in bed. I was sleeping face up with my left arm out of the blankets and towards the edge of my bed. The snake crossed from my elbow towards the palm of my hand. When it reached the palm of my hand it stuck its tongue out. The color was brown,it was a big snake.
    I woke up very scared.

  • jet

    I dreamed last night that snake was laying on beside me. the color of the snake is red and black. Please help me to interpret that.

  • Bridget

    I had a dream that a small snake was on top of me. I jumped up out if my sleep.

  • Nicole

    I dreamed of .. 3 snakes last night..! Like my mom nd dad were sleeping n next to my mom one orangish snake was sleeping and a table was their beside the bed and another dark color snake was sleeping on it..! N i was afraid of them and worried that it might not bite my mom or dad.. Then.. A small snake comes and the orange snake sleeping next to my mom.. Goes and kills that snake..! Which was not too dangerous and they went .. I mean both the snakes gone.. But didn’t harm any of my family member is this a sign? Or not?

  • Can’t Sleep

    I had a dream that my deceased Mither came and cut a hole in the middle of my bed and black snake covered in white crawled out and I threw outside and it claimed a tree and was trying to come back in. Like it was lost.

  • Shive

    Mujhe ek bht ajeeb dream Aya ki Meri sath snake intimate ho rhye h bht sari es dream ka Kya mtlb h

  • Maria

    I had a dream that a red, black and white striped small snake was in my bed. I killed it and when it died it somehow was wrapped around a dead rose. What does it mean?…

  • Cherise

    I had a dream there were 20 deadly snakes in my bed. The tiny ones were red and black, green and another was bright red. The largest 2 were yellow, red and orange. And the other one was blue, black. I felt terrified inside but let trying to contain where they went to protect my daughter in another room. When I questioned myself where they came from they started to escape the bed. And when I realized someone had given them to me the frenzy of escape escalated and they would climb walls or go into my closet. Always together and always passive aggressive. When my daughter came in she was fearless and picked them up and put them on the bed. When we covered them we heard a snap and realized they had broken through the bed and wooden floor and started doing weird movements on the sand. I then panicked and realized I needed to call someone because New Zealand doesn’t have snakes and this many would cause chaos. When I called for help no-one knew what to do.  When I drive to the police station I stopped to see 2 snakes, one black and one white, fight eagles and seagulls. Only to die. When those birds started to chase me, a huge crocodile crossed our path. Flashed it’s teeth and the birds were gone. When I arrived for help everyone was calm and taking their time desire the urgency of the situation. I heard a knocking to my right and when I looked the snakes were outside the window all looking at me then as they hiss in unison. They crash threw the window and kill me.

  • Yash kulkarni

    I had a dream that I was awake standing besides by my bed and then I saw a big snake unimaginable in length approaching towards me. I was just looking at it and meanwhile it crawled upon my body covering my upper part. I quickly jerked off the snake and the snake was not seen.

    • florence

      i dream two snake. lst snake very big crawl out from a small bag.after that its crawl out from my hotel room..2nd snake stick on the cling with many lizard n had a fierce face. after that people chase it away

  • waheed khan

    i had a dream that i am playing with a big black snake but inside m little scared but m trying to hide that i tried to lock that snake in other room but the snake tried to push the gate and i opened the door then snake came to my bed and became a beautiful but naked girl started seducing me…please reply me on this

  • Rhonda

    My dream was of 5 dead rattlesnakes 2 on my bed one on each side of my bed on the floor one at the foot of my bed on the floor.one of the 2 dead snakes on my bed was belly up with the jaw looking 4 inches in width

    • Linda

      I had the same dream with one snake dead on his back with fangs showing

  • Rhonda

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