Black Snake Dream

Black Snake Dream

There are several possible meanings for black snake dreams. The most common dream interpretation is about dealing with dark emotions, such as sadness or depression.

Black can also represent the unconscious or the unknown. The presence of the snake in a dream may point to significant changes that are taking place in your life. When interpreting your dream, it’s important to remember that this symbol has both negative and positive connotations. Serpents symbolize threats and challenging situations, but also the emergence of new insights and transformation.

Black Snake Dream Meanings

  • Sadness, grieving, depressive emotional state
  • Deeply rooted instincts, drives
  • Significant transformation, changes in your life
  • What is unconscious, unknown
  • Any personal associations you make with the color black

What does dreaming of a black snake mean?

Here are several meanings to help interpret your dream.

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Dream Meaning #1: Black snakes represent emotional darkness

Dreaming of that animal dressed in black denotes the quality of your mood in your waking life. The appearance of a black snake suggests that you are experiencing deep changes in your life and are involved, consciously or not, in a grieving process as you are leaving the past or old ideas behind. These changes may come with feelings of sadness, loss, depression.

Dream Meaning #2: Transformation and important life changes

Black snakes in dreams are associated with  the power of deep transformations that rise up from the unconscious as symbolized by the darkness. This animal may indicate that you are facing a lot of unknowns in your life, whether it’s in a new relationship or taking on new responsibilities at work.

Dreaming of a dark snake is likely a call to grow, transform, as you move from the unconscious and unknown to more awareness about yourself and what matters in your life.

Dreaming Meaning #3: Symbolic representation of the unconscious

This black animal can also be a symbol of rejected aspects of the personality of the dreamer. The dream points to a dimension of yourself that has been avoided and need to be exposed and dealt with.

The black snake suggests that you are dealing with unconscious drives and hidden desires that are disguised as temptations. Dreaming of a black snake is then a call to discover what is driving you and get in touch with deep longings that you may have ignored until now.

Black Snake Dream

Dream Meaning #4: Black snakes as representation of threat

If a black snake shows up in your dream, you may be facing a situation in your daily life that is perceived as a threat. It may be very challenging and you’re avoiding it. The presence of the black snake points to the fact that you may be unaware of a threatening situation.

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Next Step: Make your Own Meaning

To go further with the interpretation of your snake dream, ask yourself the following questions. You can get more information in the Snake Dream Interpretation Guide.

  • What is causing you grief or sadness?
  • Where in your life do you feel unfulfilled?
  • What aspects of yourself do you prefer do keep in the dark?

Need Help to Interpret your Dream about a Black Snake?

Post your dream below if you had a snake dream featuring a black snake and need help to interpret its meaning. Other people passionate about dream interpretation will have a chance to answer. You can look at other types of snake dreams in the Dreams Forum.

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204 Responses to Black Snake Dream

  • ramadhan yusuf

    i had a dream of big black snake blocking my path,I started running toward a wall so to escape but on top of the wall I saw small back snakes.I found a space to escape on other side of the wall children were playing other black and red spot snake appeared it started smelling those children when it reach at me it told me to run it end there.

  • Nicholas Martin

    I had dream that I was alone in the dark and I saw a black snake coiled on the ground in front of me that flicked it’s tough at me then I woke up.

  • Mars Mint

    i dream about black snake together with my friend …
    while approaching me the snake I can escape, then after a minute my friend killed a snake he tapped on the head then she said “it’s such that” then i woke up in my dreams.

  • Deepika Parmar

    7-12-2018. Today morning abt 7 am I dreamt of black snake. The dream begins like me and my husband were going temple and we were draging that black snake along with us. He is alive. My husband was holding his head and I was pushing the snake from his tail. Half way that black snake rolled himself on his own and we continued walking. Then I woke up suddenly.

  • Slindile Mkhize

    I dreamt of a big black snake in the river but couldn’t see it head,and it was more like I was with some girls practising in the river for ceremonies like umhlonyane…..after that cant remember a thing.

  • Donna

    I thought I woke up and was sitting on the edge of my bed looking at the floor and saw a very small (about 12 inches) black snake curled with it’s head up. It was heading under my bed. I jumped out of my bed, and then realized I was still half asleep when I was seeing this.  I dream half awake alot, and sleep walk sometimes. What would this dream mean?

  • Balaa

    In my Dream In front of my house I heard goat baby sound around but I suddenly peeped in window that Black king cobra killed another snake and pulling on road very long as passers shocked by looking at this.and it was very bad smell i felt in dream when i woke up at 2 : 05 a.m and i had severe back pain in the night

  • Hansani

    i dreamed about my grandmother and my father who were passed away.and the dream location is our old store riom but it is not now.in the dream father passed away but grandmom still alive and she pray for my father’s photo with the Jesus photo.but behind her there was a very big photo of my father and it wrapped a big white cobra.i thought cobra may bite grand mom and i tell her about it.but after i run around my house and then a black snake bite me.it never giveup me after my sister try to kill it.

  • Michael

    I dreamed of a black snake with half its face missing (it looked injured), it had 3 fangs 2 in the bottom of its jaw, one in the top. It was biting my finger and the top fang was piercing my fingernail which caused the most pain – the pain was INTENSE! It was shaking and tearing at my finger and I couldn’t open its mouth to get it off. A couple of people tried but they didn’t try very hard and gave up quickly. I laid the snake on the ground hoping it would relax and let go (pretty much what you’re supposed to do if really bitten) but it kept frantically tearing at me. I tried to use a knife to pry open its jaws and my uncle tried to use the same knife but gave up pretty quickly (he called me that morning in reality, we don’t talk much I hadn’t heard from him in months). I eventually struggled the top fang out of my thumbnail which decreased the pain significantly, but it was still a big struggle to get the 2 bottom fangs out. Afterwards, I was lying across 2 chairs, facing down, surrounded by my immediate family but a younger version of them. My sister is 25, in the dream she was maybe 10 or so and we were in the old family house (we now all live separate in different areas). I was laying there asking to be taken to hospital but no one would listen. After some time I got up and walked around, I looked at the bite and it was oozing with a foamy puss. I started to feel dizzy and quickly couldn’t stand. When I fell to the ground I woke up.

  • SkyGaze

    I dreamed of a big snake infront of my gate and it was hit by a car.. It looked like it was dead then it slowly started to regenerate, but not moving. While looking at it several black snakes appeared around the yard, they weren’t offensive or angry, as if moving away from me.. They just came out one by one, some through the roof even.. I was not afraid, but amazed at the number of snakes just coming out.. I called my brothers to look at them and we all watched as they just came out slithering away from us.. Then as the black snakes were coming, a green one came up and slithered away from us and the others just sort of went to its direction. The one on the road,just lay there and didn’t completely form back.. Then I woke up.. I woke up worried about the dream, but in the dream I was not afraid of them.. Can anyone try explain this dream to me..

  • Karyn

    My brother dreamed twice that a black snake trying to bite me. On his second dream I was attacked by many black snakes. What does it mean?

  • McKayla

    I had a dream that I was just going about my life like any other day, I was just walking around what seemed to be my house in the dream (looked nothing like my real house though)but then all the sudden i look down and there is a black snake with the head of a cobra but had a rattle at the end and it was pitch black with a white stripe on its head and a white belly. It was wrapped tightly around my leg and i tried very hard to shake it off, it moved a bit but i had to struggle alot to get it off of me. It never bit me, it was just wrapped on to my leg and i feared it deeply.

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