Yellow Snake Dream

Yellow Snake Dream

In a snake dream, the color of the snake provides clues about how to interpret its meaning. Dreaming of a yellow snake symbolizes emotions and values associated with the color yellow. Typically, the meanings of a dream about a yellow snake are linked to representations of your intellect and intuition.

Dream Meaning Summary

  • Ability to think clearly, intellect
  • Your inner guidance
  • Intuitive or spiritual aspects of yourself
  • Blocked intuition, betrayal of your intellectual abilities
  • Any strong association you make with the color yellow

What does dreaming of a yellow snake mean?

Here are several meanings to help interpret your dream.

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Dream Meaning #1: Yellow snake, symbol of the intellect and intuition

A yellow snake in a dream could represent the intellect and how you’re using it to sort through tricky situations. wisdom. Another meaning associated with yellow snakes in dreams is about your intuition, your inner light or guidance,  opening to new insight and awareness. Yellow represents the color of the light of the spirit, of consciousness shining through. Dreaming of a yellow snake may be a call to step forward and use your intellect to resolve the a situation or issues in your waking life.

Dream Meaning #2: Betrayal and passivity in your life

Yellow snakes represent cowardice, betrayal.  The dream could mean that someone is betraying you or that you are betraying your own ideals by acting a certain way in your waking life. The yellow snake dream is an invitation to grow your self-confidence and ability to deal with a situation that requires you to analyze and make decisions based on a clear vision.

Dream Meaning #3: Shades of yellow and their meanings

If the snake has yellow and dark colors intertwined, it may symbolize both the conscious and unconscious parts of yourself and their dynamic interactions as you are going through life. If the snake has more golden color, the dream points to your relationship with spiritual matters. Bright yellow symbolizes positive feelings, joy, expression of optimism. Yellow green points to feelings of anger, betrayal, jealousy. Dark, muddy yellow associated with a snake has strong connotation with deceit, betrayal. Your intuition is constrained.

Yellow Snake Dream

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Next Step: Make your Own Meaning

To go further with the interpretation of your snake dream, ask yourself the following questions. You can get more help by looking at the Snake Dream Interpretation Guide.

  • Are you prompted to use your intellect and inner guidance to think more clearly about a situation or question in your life?
  • How bright or dark is the color yellow? What shade does it have?
  • What associations do you make with the color yellow in your waking life?
  • What’s your reaction when you saw the snake in your dream?
  • What is the snake doing in your dream?

Need Help to Interpret your Dream about a Yellow Snake?

Post your dream below if you had a dream featuring a yellow snake and need help to interpret its meaning. Other people passionate about dream interpretation have a chance to answer. You can look at other types of snake dreams in the Dreams Forum.

128 Responses to Yellow Snake Dream

  • Mica

    Tonight I dreamt of a snake. It was beige colored and lived in my house but I dont know why, Im afraid of snakes so id never buy one. But there was a friendly feeling about this snake he followed me around the house and tried to get close. I felt slightly uncomfortable and did my best to avoid it. I had many snake dreams but this was the least scary one.

  • Samir Shehadi

    Well my dream was about a yellow snake just following me around without any harm, untill i decided to get rid of it because it bothered me by cutting the head but as i remember there was no blood

  • Lilly

    I dreamed I was driving down a large busy Rd I looked in the rearview mirror and there was a large yellow snake crossing the rd.. Somehow I ended up at home and my daughter had that snake in the house as her pet!! I had also in my dream just won 100k for life.. the snake was not aggressive or anything it was just there!!

    • Nasir

      Yea in my own dream too the yellowish snakes were curled up on the bed and not moving nor aggressive. They seemed more like under my control and loyal to me or something. And wend I went forward to pick up one I woke up.

  • Kimmeco Spencer

    I attended a concert a few months back and in the middle of the night after the concert, I had a dream about a yellow snake in a green garden, not doing anything in particular but it was there. I recorded some of the performance and notice the lead singer was wearing yellow and on the news the next morning, I saw the current president with the same colored hair.

  • tina

    in my dream, i was somehow riding in a circle around a large beautiful bed with tons of linen. it was very beautiful linens. this tiny baby yellow snake with dark yellow rings kept following me from within the bed. it was very pretty baby snake. it seemed nice, non scary. I’m afraid of snakes and decided to punch it away from making it actually to me. the snakes returned right away. the more I pushed it away, the madder and larger it became. i was terrified by the time I woke up. it was hissing and easing it’s head at me as I was pushing it away. very scary. before I was at that bed, I had been at a beautiful round pool, indoors with high rock boarders. very beautiful. a record player sat on the stone boarder. i played it but can recall the music. i was alone the whole time, everything was so beautiful.
    I’ve looked up pics of snakes and am unable to find the snake in my dream. i also can’t think of how I was automatically circling the huge beautiful bed, effortlessly and so gracefully. I’m going to think of a cute little yellow squirll now, so not to attract a snake !

    • tina

      i didn’t ouch the snake. i swatted the covers in front of it the first time, and by the end, i was actually touching the snake below it’s head to push it away. auto word put the word punched in.

  • Benjamin

    I dreamed about two yellow snakes under water bitting me on my shoulders.
    after blood spreading through the water they both disappeared.
    what’s meaning of that?

    • tina

      we both saw yellow snake in our dream, same night. I’m sorry you got bitten ! I saw only one. it never tried to bite me. it just got more angry each time I pushed it away.

  • Victoria

    I had a dream of three pythons, one was an albino snake. I was trying to cross a river with some people. I was the only one who could see them. the albino snake was in the middle of the other two pythons. they were moving slowly in the water to indicate their territory. I was scared to death.

  • Anonymous

    Last night I dream about lots of snakes smooth yellow snakes blocking my way to pass where I am going I dream my 2 year daughter is with me and I had a next baby which I don’t have real life but all yellow snakes are blocking us to pass what is that mean

  • Lisa

    I had a dream of a yellow and white snake crawling up and down the side of my bed when I woke up. What does this mean?

  • Renee Yates

    I was getting ready to move in a house and heard noise under brown rocks and saw the yellow snake slither out. His skin was shedding and he was long. I ran but he kept moving almost at my feet causing me to jump and then I realized he was not after me and continued to slither on until he was gone. I immediately sparayed bug spray inside and outside of the home in my dream.

  • Anna

    Alright, i had a wierd dream. I had a dream of what snake i WANTED to be and i chose a golden winged cobra. It didnt hurt me in any way, i was just going to become it. If anyone has an explanation, feel free to tell me cuz this dream is all I’ve been thinking about 😂

  • Luwi Linette

    I dreamed about been bitten by a yellow snake and I tried three times to kill it but it grew big….I really need interpretations

  • Ken

    I had a dream about a yellow and white snake trapped itself around me and bite me in the back and I woke up with a loud scream.

  • Sean

    I had a dream that I had a spot on my abdomen that was large. As I squeezed it there was a kind of shell to it in a black and white colour that broke. Next a snake appeared from my stomach that was thin. Brown with yellow stripes running down the snakes body. As I grabbed it’s head it bit me and was trying to eat my hand. What’s this all about? So messed up!!

  • Anonymous

    In my dream I was walking to my car with my 1year old daughter on the hip ready to leave the house. Next to the car a saw a big bright yellow snake with small black spots. Terified of snakes I ran back into the house with my girl, feeling very protective over her. In the house I saw the exact same snake, but a small one, almost like a newborn snake. My husband also feature in the house. I knew he would sort it out, but I did not dream anything further.

  • Kim

    I had a dream of an albino Burmese python (they are yellow) it was in a large cage and it was trying to escape.  Then at some point there was a man also in the cage who was also being held captive in the cage with the snake. My first instinct was to make sure neither of them could escape, but then I wanted to help the man escape, he needed clothing and transportation.  He was grateful that I was willing to help him. He and the snake were put there by my ex-husband who has been gone from my life for 18 years.

  • Bianca

    I keep having this dream over and over again. It doesn’t happen all the time but it will pop up every so often. I’m at a park and I’m around 14. I’m playing and having fun and then I see this goldish giant snake with a few scattered white scales on the monkey bars and I start freaking out. I start to run in the opposite direction to warn someone, and I always end up finding someone to tell like a friend or officer or my mother, but everytime I get the answer “sorry kid, that’s not in my jurisdiction” despite them being just as terrified as me. And the snake finds me again by popping up behind them or under my feet or something and attacks me and I’m back to running. The dream usually ends when I gather a large enough amount of people (4-5) to prove that the snake is there then the snakes finds us, attacks us again, I start running again then I wake up.

  • myra rodriguez

    last night I dream my husband standing in front of a white and light yellow snake that look like a boa constructor, I couldn’t see the snake face but the snake was curl up just lying there with no movement at all. I yell at my husband to look in front him and he pick up his head and look at the snake and turn around and walk away from it. I woke up but ever since then I don’t feel right ad I am worry and thinking a lot. currently me and my husband are separated but we still talk from time to time.

  • Shante

    I had a Yellow snack dream i walked in to the back porch i see a Yellow snake white small strips i try to make it in side the door then it trys to attack me i kept hiting with differnt objects i remeber a chair but it was a very big snake all i can remember is waking up after that dream with my chest pounding.

  • Onyinyechi Agnes

    so many black snakes in the house and i and my husband were busy chasing and killing, but the one i discovered was a big golden snake and i killed it by striking through with a sharp object the head.

  • Lance

    last night I dream that I was walking with a small child, saw the snake an walk on and take the child in the house and told him not to come out of the house that he must stay there. I went out an saw the snake next to the house .the snake was white with yellow, more white than yellow. the snake attacked me I through it with stone but it was really fast and I was also very flexible , it came for me and I jump over it I through it with stones but it just moves so fast that I miss it every time it pass me and turn it as if it were gliding in the air than I realize that me stones is getting up in I saw me balancing on n wire fence cant see the snake and i wake up

  • Fiona

    I had a dream that my mom and I were cooking something outside in our outdoor stew pot. It was dark and I saw the flashes of orange from the fire. My mom told me to go stir the pot so I did and when I stepped closer thousands of yellow baby snakes encircled me and the pot and the fire. At first I wasn’t afraid but then my mom said that they will eat the stew that I am making so I started to step on the heads of the snakes but there were so many of them that it did not matter. I woke up right after I saw that my efforts were in vain.

  • douglas

    My mother, who died about 6 years ago, was with me and she appeared to be about 20 years younger than when she died. we were strolling through some small trees, maybe an orchard, and she calmly said that she didn’t want to startle me when it had happened, but a snake had crawled onto me as I brushed against a tree branch. I looked at my chest and shoulders to see a small, 2-3″, bright yellow and gold snake resting; not coiling or agitated and I was not at all afraid. I was just content and calm and thought the snake was beautiful.

  • Shatakshi

    Today early morning I saw the dream about snake biting me!
    In that I was in home where I used to live when I was child, I saw my present age there. I was with my family, my mom, dad was around. We are having conversations to go market, I was saying “I want to go wid dad” but I got to go to the loo and I was started pooping. And suddenly I saw a bright yellow water snake with red-pink marks (that was some kind of design) over it. I didn’t feel any fear that time,I was happy and smiling to see him. The snake came closer to me that was clearly in front of me. And I streched my hand to catch him and during that he bit on my right hand’s middle finger, down the nail. Then despite of being bitten I caught him for a moment but after that don’t know where he’s gone.. or vanished. But even after getting bitten I was not afraid I was tolerating the extreme pain and came outside from the washroom and I showed that bitten mark to my mother. There was no blood just the mark. And I was trying to squeeze the venom out! My finger was swelled. And after I was woke up because of alarm clock but eveb after waking up I was feeling something in my finger where I was bitten in my dreams!

    Can you help me out to decipher it’s meaning!?

  • Tasha

    I had a strong dream Bout a snake 2 nights ago, can anyone give me some insight?

    A small black line was wriggling on a white Sheet? There were people around but no one else noticed.
    When I pointed it out and was concerned it would get bigger, everyone around me ignored it and wasn’t bothered.

    Then not long after a big yellow bellied black snake was slithering around and I was very afraid of it. The yellow was half of the snake colour and very bright and vibrant. I knew this is what the little black wriggle would turn into. But no one listened.
    I feared it would bite me and was trying to figure out ways to safely pick it up and remove it.

    Others wanted to kill it but I would not allow them too. I was afraid of it but Also very protective.
    I could not figure out how to safely pick it up and then I woke up. During the dream I felt anxious and concerned, and was so worried that someone would kill the snake.

  • sharon chepkirui

    can someone interpret this for me! I dream last seeing a huge big yellow snake with a big white spots but the yellow color was somehe how vaded .the snake was tamed by my Sister in law so as to use to control my brother. but when I saw the snake it rashes to his hiding hole .I when a call someone to come a witness . when my sister in law found out that we are already know his damn secret she commanded the snake to attack us but fortunately we manage to escape and we exposed her to everyone

  • Shebreca

    I had a dream of a yellow bright snake wrapped around a bunch of eggs it was laying on my bed and I was walking out the door and it was my pet snake in my dream what does that mean

  • Mae Bañez

    Hi! I had a dream last night about a yellow snake but its head was red. It swims in the flood in front of our house. It scares me.

  • Thandah Mhlongo

    90 De waal Southlands
    De waal

  • Brooke

    I had a dream of a bright yellow snake and I was with the father of my children in the dream. We have been split up for 3 years but still on and off while he has been involved in a some what serious relationship with another girl during those years I have remained single. The snake bit me in the dream. The following day my grandma called to see if I remembered the “snake tree” we use to have at our house when I was younger and of course I do. It was random for her to call the following day asking about something we haven’t talked about in years?

  • MaTsh

    I dreamed that when I reported at work the office seemed different like a new office but with my previous office mate and I was with my classmate. Then on our way out of the office I saw two snakes in the door one had black and yellow stripes and the other was just yellow but the one which started chasing us was the black and yellow big long snake. It failed to bite us as I started praying very much.

  • T. Jones

    This portion of dream, there were several large envelope boxes(at least 3-4 ft legth and width) addressed to Prince (yes the deceased icon) with his symbol and purple decoration, The animals were delivered to a school like building. A lot of people around…adults and children. Marked as “exotic animals” for him, Prince! One box was rattling loud noises revealing a turtle with a broken shell and was aggressive. All the animals I saw that got out of the envelope boxes were aggressive. One other I remember was a flat yellow snake possibly lighter yellow or mostly white markings that was stepped on accidentally by a teacher in the building/school. Then the snake sawed the lady in half.

  • Damudai

    I show a yellow tick with black snake in morning dream. The snake is in hurry disappear somewhere may be my house. What’s the meaning?

  • Michelle

    I had a dream of two small size black and yellow snake in my house me any my sister trying to catch it we catch the black one but the yellow small one run away and it’s in my living room my baby sleeping too and iam more scare what if the snake bit my baby and I woke up

  • Lashonda

    I dreamed that I was in the hospital and I had just given Birth to twin babies a boy and a girl next thing I know there where big bright yellow snakes in all the babies bed what does that mean

  • Gayle T

    I had this dream of a yellow snake with black streaks wrapping itself around my niece. She called out to me and I kind of acknowledged her but kept doing what I was doing and it crushed her. This was not my initial dream I can remember that as well this just pop in and woke me up.

  • Casey

    I’ve never had a dream about a yellow snake until last night. I was in building with an open floor plan, all wood walls with simple carpet floor. It almost seemed like a mom and pop pet store. As I was leaving the building the last open top aquarium held a yellow python that came out to me and wrapped himself around my left leg. He wasn’t squeezing or ominous in any way. I walked into a side room and showed a lady what the snake had done and the snake kept wanting to come towards my face to ‘greet’ me…? I went to touch it a number of times and the lady warned me not to. I can remember it vividly…many of my dreams I quickly forget after I wake up…..I know that I did not feel threatened and I was slightly annoyed that the lady kept telling me not to touch the snake even though I felt compelled to.

  • James Jimmy. Pravato.

    ZFIRST TIME IN 30 yrs i dreamt of a dragon or baby long neck dinosaur with two bat like wings. I awoke in my dream world. I feel calm and comfortable. The sun glares down on my hat. And the hat makes a shadow for me above my hands as i slowly put my hands in and out of the sand tending to my crops and vegetables. I stand. Wipe the sweat off my forhead and walk straight down beside my crops. A small baby long neck dinosaur with strong back legs and long front legs walks beside me. Almost as if i was his owner. Almost as if this yellow baby dinosaur or dragon is like a pet to me. Like a dog. As i turn and go into my home i take one last glance at my pet and i see the long neck yellow dragon stick its head into the ground and begins to play in the sand beside my crops and vegetables. This whole entire time i feel comfortable and at ease. This is when i realise the yellow baby dragon had wings because it was rolling in the sand.

    • Mary Lynch

      I’m not sure when you posted this or if you have been dreaming more…
      The way your explaining your dream feels like what I’m experiencing. I have been sick for a year. My intense dreams began then. I have a ton to talk about with them. It’s very hard to get anyone to listen. I don’t feel like I’m just dreaming. I feel like I’m awaking to an alternative reality.

    • tina

      that dream sounds sweet.

  • Kim

    I had a dream that there were several giant bright yellow snake heads only under my bed.  They were still trying to bite even though somehow their bodies had been cut off and were out almost in the other room.

    • Bright

      Me too had the same dream

  • Brooke

    I had a dream I was by the sea shore and all of a sudden a yellow long snake with like black marks appears from the ocean and started chasing me.I started running very fast, and all of a sudden I saw a ladder appear but then I thought about how the snake could slither up the ladder, thinking that there was no solution, I woke myself up. This dream was kind of scary but kind of resembled something but I’m not sure what the message was..

  • jenny tan

    I saw a man taking care of a light yellow phyton/boa snake in his backyard.I reported it immeidately to he neighborhood officials. When we came the light yellow phyton was on the tree and then theres this time that i can see the snake looking ag me face to face. and my husband woke me up. the snake face was so kind and gentle.

  • penny

    i was standing on a gate and next to me the were a yellow snake with his head up and two other small animals i dont remember

  • Meagun

    my dream was,that I was sleeping and a bright yellow snake came into my bed and bit me and I shouted mommy and I woke up.what does it mean please.

    • jenny tan

      I dreamt a snake before that bit me as well. and after w mos my friend betrayed me. take care. be always aware of your friends. how ever in my dream the snake is black and no yellow. take care.

  • DWS

    I dreamed this morning of a tiny bright yellow snake I was keeping as a pet. She was able to wrap around my fingers and I bought a small box perfect for keeping her in. I named her Dora and I was very entertained by her.

  • Vikas

    I had a dream of 3 yellow baby snakes (soothing yellow) almost dead in three separate bowls of kheer( pure white color) in front of me. I was not scared but was just looking and asking myself what the snake is doing here and if it is dead. The dream was on Friday early morning not before sunrise.

  • Mary

    Hey , can somebody explain this dream to me?
    I was dreaming this morning that I was in my boyfriends house and my granny and grandad where there. Myself caught a fat long snake with white and big yellow dots all over his body and brought the snake into the house ( I dont remember why I brought it into the house). I remember at first the snake was very calm when I was holding it but then after few seconds it got very agitated and bit me in the middle of my palm.i got scared obviously thinking that I could die so I dropped it. I remember running upstairs and all the vein was in my mouth but I didn’t swallow it. I went back down stairs my granny got but too she was telling me that the snake jumped into her head. I remember asking her where the snake was but she was telling me it was some
    sort of a plate in the house I kept telling her why she didn’t throw it out but she said she couldn’t he was too fast. Can somebody explain this to me I’m very confused and scared ☹️

    • Ronald Limbago

      I had a dream of pure yellow python big snake inside the big cellophane bag. I never knew that it is a snake. I was bringing it when I arriving from airport. It’s my first time to dream of yellow snake. People was really afraid but I’m not because it is inside the plastic bag

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