What Does It Mean When You Dream About Snakes?

Dreaming About Snakes

When you dream about snakes, chances are that the meaning of what you just dreamed about is related to challenging issues and feelings that you’re facing in your daily life.

According to Freud’s classic dream interpretation theory, a snake featured in a dream represents a phallic symbol that could relate to a male figure, male energy or how you experience your sexuality.  Interpreting what your dream about snakes means does not stop there however. To fully understand its meaning, you need to look deeper into the interpretation of this rich symbol.

What Does it Mean to Dream about Snakes?

To get start interpreting what dreaming about snakes means, here are the most common meanings associated with snakes in dreams:

  • A snake is a symbol of the unconscious
  • Snakes or serpents indicate you’re in the process of healing and resolving issues
  • The snake is a symbol for an untamed part of yourself or an untapped resource
  • Snakes could represent your intuition or spiritual aspects of yourself; your instinctual drive, what moves you from the depths of your soul
  • Snakes or serpents tend to show up in dreams in times of transition and transformation
  • From the classic Freudian perspective, a snake or serpent is a phallic symbol

Generally, a snake featured in a dream means that you’re dealing with a difficult situation or unsettling emotions in your waking life. On the positive side of this dream analysis, dreaming of snakes could also mean that healing and transformation are taking place.

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A snake can appear in your dreams as an animal spirit guide or animal totem, bringing guidance about life direction and healing opportunities. >> Get more information about the snake as a spirit animal (Source: www.spiritanimal.info)

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3 Keys to decode the meaning of your snake dream:

  1. Look at general dream meanings.
  2. Translate the elements of your dream into meaningful dream interpretation clues.
  3. Connect the content of your dream with your daily life.

If you know how to interpret your dream, you may discover ways to resolve these issues and encourage your personal growth. Like the snake that strikes when it feels threatened, the presence of the serpent in your sleep symbolizes a wake up call to look at fears about your own feelings or a threatening situation in your waking life.

Dreaming About Snakes

Go further with the interpretation of your Snake Dream

Woman Dreaming about a Snake

What does it mean when I dream of a snake?

If you feel fear when you see the snake in your dream, it indicates that you are having difficulties facing the unknown or uncertainty in your life.


When the presence of the snake in your dream is neutral or friendly, it suggests that you are dealing with fears or concerns with assurance. It is an indicator that healing is taking place.

If you’re dreaming of a wild snake, it may denote negative aspects associated with the animal, such as worries, fears or concerns about something that going out of control.

If you’re dreaming of a pet snake, it could relate to an opportunity for healing or positive changes in your life.

When you are fighting with a snake, it means that you are resisting a change or struggling with a decision or feelings in your waking life. It may represent a power struggle in your intimate relationship or at work.

Being chased by a snake means that you are facing an intimidating situation in your life that is haunting you. Emotions that you have not dealt with are coming back at you.

A dream of being attacked by a snake, it could be calling you to explore a challenging situation in your life and how to deal with it.

If you are dreaming of being bitten by snake, it means that you need to pay attention to something that you’ve been avoiding because it was too intimating or uncomfortable.

If the snake spits its venom at you, it suggests that there’s a negative influence in your life that’s difficult to handle. It may represent a “poisonous” relationship or negative words or rumors around you.

Talking to a snake suggests that you are engaged in a process of understanding higher knowledge about yourself and your world. It indicates that you are open to receiving information of a more mystical nature.

If you have a dialog or if the snake talks in your dream, it signifies that your potentials are being realized and your opening up to new possibilities in life.

For more interpretation of snake dreams, consult the snake dream meanings section.

Connect your Snake Dream with your Life

Here are dream interpretation hints to guide the analysis of your snake dream. A general interpretation method consists in associating traits that belong to the animal you dreamed about with situations in your waking life or aspects of your personality. You may find that the following generic snake characteristics are present in your dream, as well as in your daily life.

  • Snakes are wild, untamed animals that cannot be trained. They are beyond our control.

Interpretation hint: Look if you are currently experiencing feelings or a situation that feel that way in your waking life; look withing to see if you need to pay attention a an untamed part of yourself that needs more space to express itself or develop harmoniously.

  • Snakes are unpredictable. They tend to strike by surprise; they appear unexpectedly and disappear as fast as they showed up.

Interpretation hint: Can you associate these qualities with a fear you may be having or your own behavior when facing a challenging situation?

  • They primarily evoke aversion and fear in humans.

When snakes and humans meet, there’s a danger that the snake will attack, mostly as a reaction to fear or feeling threatened.

  • Snakes move close to the ground and are associated with the earth.

Interpretation hint: Feel into your own connection with the earth; whether you feel grounded, with your feet on the ground or not; how you relate to your primal instincts.

  • Snake shed their skin when they grow, leaving behind the old during their transformation process.

Interpretation hint: Snakes are great symbols for personal transformation; look at what’s changing in your life or in yourself or what you hope to change or leave behind in order to move on.

  • Some snakes’ venom is poisonous, even deadly, if they bite.

Interpretation hint: Death or the fear of dying in a dream is not to be taken literally. It’s often symbolic of the death of the old and the opportunity to leave behind what you no longer need. It could also represent grieving a loss of something or someone who was important to you.

  • They possess the antidote to their own venom.

Interpretation hint: Often, a challenging situation is also an opportunity to discover something new and take on an opportunity. Look at how this relates to your life right now.

Dreaming About Snakes

Conclusion: Key Points to Enhance your Dream Interpretation

Here are two key points to refine the interpretation of your dream.

Reconnect with the Snake in your Dream

The snake featured in your dream is most likely a transposed image or symbol of something that’s actually happening or preoccupying you in your daily life. It’s important to remember and recall the presence of the snake as it was in the dream.

For example, you can project yourself back in the dream, recall all sorts of details about what the snake looked like, how it was moving, how you were feeling. You could even imagine you can ask the dream snake questions about its intentions, what message it has for you, etc. This will get you started in decoding what the snake in your dream could symbolize.

Snake Dream & Call from the Unconscious

When interpreting a snake dream, a key point is to keep in mind that the serpent in your sleep means you’re symbolically receiving a wake up call from your unconscious.

Dreaming about a snake is usually an indicator that you need to pay attention to something important that you perhaps have been avoiding or that has escaped your awareness until now. Interpreting your dream will help you discover what it is and what you could do to about it.

When you’re dreaming of a snake, you can use your interpretation to encourage positive changes in your life. A snake dream can function like a two-sided coin: For each negative feeling in the dream, such as fear, apprehension, anxiety, or confusion, there’s an opportunity to realize something positive that will serve you in your waking life.

Bonus: Snake Symbols in Popular Myths and Traditions

The symbolism in a snake dream is primarily anchored in the personal life of the dreamer. Because the snake is a powerful symbol in many traditions and cultures, a snake dream can also be influenced by a wider meaning given to the snake or serpent in one’s culture.

In the Judeo-Christian tradition, the snake tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden. It is tinted with negative connotations and a symbol for temptation, evil, and sin.

In the Hindu tradition, Lord Siva wears a snake around his neck, as a representation of the control of dark forces and temptation. It also symbolizes the power of kundalini, the life force.

In ancient Greek mythology, Medusa is a Gorgon, represented as a woman with snake hair who can turn into stone whoever she looks at. According to the psycho-analytic perspective, it is a symbol for castration or repressed sexual energy.

Another popular Greek myth is about Aesclepius, Greek god of healing and medicine, who inspired rituals where snakes were used. Today, the rod of Asclepius is what we know as the Caduceus, symbol for modern medicine. In our dreams, it represents the opportunity for healing.

The feathered serpent from the Aztecs of South America is a symbol for the creator of life.

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Still Confused about the Meaning of your Dream?

If you’re still confused about the what your dream means after researching symbol definitions and dream dictionaries, don’t panic. You can post your snake dream below and get feedback from other dreamers passionate about dream interpretation.

Post Your Snake Dream Now!

4041 Responses to Snake Dream

  • Tanya

    I had an awful dream that my father was holding me and dangling a small snakes over my head and trying to scare me with it.  I woke up screaming because i could not get away from him and i was scared that this snake would bite me.

  • Samantha

    i had a dream about 3 different snakes. 2 were black with colored striping, one of which was blue, the other green. the other one was a tan/brown color. my dream started as i was trying to run after someone to help them. i started to step over a tree stump and the snakes appeared out of nowhere. they started wrapping around my right leg (i felt paralyzed by fear), but at first they were not violent. i tried to shake them off but they wouldn’t let me go, and one of them bit me (i don’t know which one) on the back of my right leg. i woke up immediately following the bite. can anyone tell me what meaning(s) this may have?

  • abbe

    i dreamed that i was lying down i think i’m about to sleep then I saw snakes crawling to me and my sister then it bite my sister and me in the ankle. Then I feel like I became half awake so I check myself and looked at my ankle if I was really bitten by the snake but its only in the dream.

    *Note: I’m a little bit worried about the dream but I am thinking that, did I just dreamed of the snake because I was afraid about the issue that in a house a little far from us, the snakes were troubled because the land where they were hiding was being dugged making them crawl everywhere. And I was afraid that some snake may get into our house and attacked or bite us.

    Hoping for a response. Thanks! 🙂

  • Janae

    In my dream there were three huge snakes about the size of three people. One was red (a king cobra), one green( an anaconda), and one yellow (a rattle snake). They chased me and some friends back to a big swimming pool that I live by and slithered into the water. No one was bitten but if we tried approaching the water the snakes would spit at us. I don’t understand what this is supposed to mean?

  • CM

    My dream felt soooo real… this is all I can remember.

    I was sitting in a light brown school desk in front of what looked to be an old white drain pipe, in a concrete blocked room, with a woman telling me “Don’t run away.” I just sat there starring in the hole of the drain and a orange snake with red stripes, and a V shaped head came charging out at me. I jumped out of the desk, to feel the snake bitting the top of my right forearm. It started swelling and I remember being in a panic to get to the hospital. Then I woke up. I have no clue what this could mean, and I hope someone does lol.




  • I had a dream about a snake

    I had a dream about a snake.  I picked up the snake and through it.  The snake came back, and i picked it up again and through it away again.  Next time it didn’t come back.

  • cdm

    I had a dream about 3 cobras and 3 mongooses. In the dream I wasn’t scared of them or threatened by their presence. I was cautious because they were snakes. I just knew they were cobras they didn’t have their hoods open or anything to identify their type; I just knew what they were. The cobras were black and white like zebras. The cobras were not violent or hostile they actually stood very still almost like guards, as did the mongoose. They were arranged in a square. Each cobra had their heads raised and was touching the tail of the next cobra where their bodies met the ground. Next to each cobra was a mongoose standing the same height as the cobra, they were side by side, shoulder to shoulder if you would. They were facing the same direction. I remember smoke that resembled a low lying fog. There was a cover, a sheet or blanket, and underneath it was a mound. When I pulled back the blanket there was a mass of black and white small snakes covering a child. I pulled the snakes off the child, but the more I pulled them off, the more there were. I was using a rake or pole to pull them off. As I pulled them off they covered the child more. They were intertwined like a yarn ball and all I could see was the child’s feet.

  • liz

    I had a dream that i was being chased by a flying snake , i didnt get the color much but i guess it was somewhat brown . The snake was capable of jumping up the staircase and before i woke up i found myself with a group of people in a room peeping through the window looking at the flying snake . Then all of us together started to pray in union ( as we viewed the snake as symbol of evil) and then the snake fell down and died . Everytime i woke up and went back to sleep i would dream of the snake again in that one night but in the monin when i woke up i felt renew in energy and as a victor . Tell me what does this dream mean ???

    • Ayush

      hi liz i had quiet similar dream last night. My mum todays few weeks ago that from 6th of june 2012 will bring about positive change in life. A flying serpent is the sign of positive change in life.

  • Mary

    I dreamt that I was swimming underwater in the ocean with a group of people during an instructional class. We were all able to breath underwater, as if it was completely natural and normal for people to do this. Like fish, we were able to just stay underwater without any difficulty of floating back up. Unlike the usual, I wasn’t really afraid of being in deep water (which I’m afraid of in real life too).

    Then from out of no where a (roughly) 15 foot python bit and struck at the back of my leg (my calf) then quickly swam off into the ocean. Someone swam up with me to a little boat so that we could get back to land and have me medically treated. I was bleeding so much that I was told I might die or have my leg amputated. I remember that people kept on telling me how I had lost 4 or 5 pounds of blood.

    It ended up I was never treated and was fine… just I had to be careful for my leg not to get infected.

  • pres

    I had a dream of a black snake crawling on top of me & is like am running away from it got t lost in the bush Rbut finally icame to a place wethe waz light and i saw a little boy who gave me directions.

  • Barbie Aida

    i just had a dream about snake.
    this dream was at noon time when i took my rest time about 1 and half hour,..
    the snake was not colored, almost white but a bit transparent,…
    i saw it on my bathroom, and 1st time i saw it’s just very small one,.. but when i saw it clearly,.. it moved and climbing my bathroom wall and becomes bigger,…i was shocked to see it,.. but suddenly i woke up,..
    all friends, please help me to find the meaning of my dream,..

    thanking you…

  • C.C

    a leaf green snake was coiled around my left arm and i felt kind of scared but i didn’t throw it off or anything, it was kind of like my pet in the dream. and then we went downstairs to the garden thingy and i put the snake on the ground and it slithered beside me like a pet dog. we reached saw this old man sitting on a bench with a rattlesnake on the ground beside it and the rattlesnake reared up and stared at me, the old man picked up the snake by the tail but the snake kept staring at me. i was kind of afraid and then i picked up my snake by the tail and ran with it back to my house. when we got back to my house i set it on the floor and it slithered beneath the couch that my dad was sitting on. he pulled the couch out and the snake was lying on a bunch of plugs in their sockets. i remember myself saying:’snakes are cold-blooded animals, they like the warmth’. and then i picked up the snake again and it coiled itself back around my arm and the dream ended. the wierdest thing was that the dream took place in the house i’m living in and the garden… every detail was the exact same.

  • YR

    I had 2 dreams about snakes, in the past month….

    First dream: I was standing in an office, and their was a lady that I know typing on the computer, and I was standing behind her and all of a sudden I turned around a I saw a long brown and black snack crawling up the ceiling and I told the lady that there was a snake in the office and that she needed to hurry so that we could leave the office, then all of a sudden I saw another snack crawling on the ceiling, and I told the lady again, that we needed to hurry and leave the office because I saw another snake and she just sat there on the computer saying yeah, yeah….”Like she was so busy”, then all of a sudden one of the snakes dropped from the ceiling and I jumped, and I woke up…..
    Second dream: I was with the same lady, and we were waiting to cross the street, and all of a sudden 3 big black snakes were actually walking across the street, and I asked the lady, “do you see those snakes walking”? and she replied with Huh!!!!! and I woke up!!!!!!
    So, I am not sure what the meaning of the dreams are, one of my friends told me that I have to kill the snakes in my dream next time, but the snakes are not bothering me in the dreams…..
    Can anybody decipher these dreams for me??????

  • Kris

    In my dream I was taken into the woods by someone and sudddenly there was a big black snake.  The person I was with told me as long as the snake didn’t have a diamond shaped head it wouldn’t be poisonous and it wouldn’t hurt me.  Right after I was told that a diamond headed snake appeared and both snakes kind of coiled around my foot and I was so scared that both of them were going to bite me.

    I’m terrified of snakes and I’ve seen three of them in my yard recently so I’m not sure if maybe that’s why I’m dreaming about them or if there’s some other reason?

  • Kenon

    I had a dream with multiple black and greay snakes in my bed a few nights ago. I wasn’t afraid, in fact I knew I was dreaming because of the lack of fear and unfamiliar surroundings. I don’t really recall seeing the heads of the snakes, and after being bitten in the right leg I began to uncoil them from my body and throw them on the floor. After I got rid of them all the dream ended, as far as I can remember?

  • Aji

    This morning i dream of a big snake on a tree which is held by three people, seeing it so shocked i ran to the next street and saw another big snake on the lane. However managed to make a big leap escaping it.

    What it could mean?

    Please e-mail to me at fazlur2aji@yahoo.co.uk

  • Ian

    This morning, before I woke up I dreamt I was in my families old house with my mum and dad. There was a long thin dark coloured floating snake outside, that I could see through the window, pointing outwards. The snake then turned and slithered inside through an impossible gap, still floating. It floated round the room, circling the dinning table, and I felt fear. My mum and dad were frozen. I wanted a weapon, I found a shoe on the floor. The snake then began to strike the shoe as I held it. This floating snake felt very powerful to me, and I woke up!

    Because I felt fear, I presume this means I am facing difficulties facing uncertainness in my life, and I presume this is to do with “what to do with my girlfriend” whom I struggle to trust. I am also opening up a new business, so maybe its the 2 combined. But why was the snake floating? Why were my parents and old house involved? mmmmm….? And why are their so many people having snake dreams!?!

  • Sheila

    There was a black yellow snake crawled over me in bed. I grabbed it’s mouth and crushed it. What’s the meaning of it. Pls pls whoever there who got excellent knowledge about interpreting dreams pls pla REPLY

  • LL

    I dreamt of colorful snake. in my dream, me and a young girl saw the snake and its not moving, we thought it was dead. i sprinkle some water on the snake’s face to ensure it was a dead snake but suddenly, the snake attack me. i was so fast that i was able to catch the part near its head with my right hand to prevent the snake from biting me, however its my right arms was wrapped by its body. ive been trying to get rid of it at first, but i cant take pull out my arms. while struggling to pull my arms, i noticed the snake face is tame. i felt the snake was very comfortable with its position in my arms. i wasnt afraid at all, but i wanted to get rid of it. there were people helping me pull out my arms, but its like there’s a magnet between my arms and the snake body. With the help of some people , my arm was freed, and i run so fast and hide…. but just like a paperclip and magnet, it was so fast that the snake was in my arms again.
    its weird… coz I really felt the snake was so comfortable with my arms and as if im its mom! so weird.
    i woke up feeling so tired and my right arm is numb…

  • HK

    I dreamt that I’ve been wounded in the leg and have a gun, then a rattle snake from nowhere came in and entered my body through that wound in my leg and when I got scared and shot my leg with the gun I have to kill the snake, it bit me and then we both die…

    Extra details : the area of my wound in the leg is my Thumb
    I shoot my thumb to kill the snake
    we both die.. I die to snake bite and the snake dies because I shot it.

  • shivani

    i had a dream of a thousand headed snake who was cooming towards me and i could see everything behind it crushing into pieces. it was as if i was seeing the end of the world. also i saw snakes falling from the sky,sort of like raining of snakes. damn it was so scary n whenever it strikes my mind i’am like shivering…can anyone please interpret this dream oof mine …thanx

  • Hannah

    Last night I had a dream that I was laying on a bed and people were scrambling around looking for a snake. I did not feel scared, until I realized that it was slithering across my neck. At the sametime I felt content because I truly do not like snakes. I woke up with intense . I don’t recall ever dreaming of snakes before.

    • Yahya

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  • aleli

    I had a dream last night a clear snake from our silling down to our house when i see one i get a stick and tried to get one but this snake doesn’t bite .What does it mean?

  • jm

    I have dreams about these snakes every now and then but this dream I just had the snake was so friendly to me but I was so scared of it and it just keep following me every where ..

  • Linh

    last night I dreamt of snakes lying dead… dead snakes everywhere… well in my dream they were snakes, but in fact some didnt really look like snakes at all, for example there was one that looked like eel.
    Can anyone help me with this? Thank you so much…

  • christine

    my dream is about a child and a snakes inside my shirt, what does it means? please help me to understand it….

  • christine

    my dream is about a child and a snakes inside my shirt, what does it means? the child is in my back, and the snake is in my right side inside my shirt….please help me to understand it….

  • TJ

    I had a dream about a black and red snake chasing me every where ,could not loose it, finally at the end my 3 year old son caught the snake for me but I could not grab it , kept on bitting my hand, and then I woke up

  • melissa

    I had a dream that I was standing in short, brown, dead grass and a rattlesnake lay in the grass menacing and spitting at me, aiming at my exposed heels (i was wearing shoes without socks so that my achilles tendons were exposed). My feet were firmly rooted to the ground and every time I tried to lift a foot, the snake would try to strike. There was a grey wall in front of me with a ladder on the left side. At the top of the ladder, coiled around the handles on both sides, there were two more rattlesnakes that tried to strike at my hands if I reached toward the ladder. I remember noticing how distinctly triangular their heads were, and most of all, I felt terrified that my heels would be bitten and I would be crippled. My significant other stood a few feet away from me, unnoticed by the snakes, and he was completely indifferent to my dangerous situation. Might anyone have an interpretation?

  • Nichole

    I had this dream i was at my grandparents(who are dead) cabin in the mountains and it was me and my family and there were like thirty snakes…A Raddle snake, a red, yellow, and black snake…. All kinds of snakes..EVERYWHERE! My family like wanted to hunt them or something.. I wasnt trying to do it… In one point in my dream i think i was being chased by a snake and in another i killed a snake… I need help figuring this out… PLEASE. I have recently decided to join the navy ive been having somewhat of second thoughts… I still really want to go.. Im wondering by ready some stuff if this dream has anything to do with it…

  • vall

    I dreamt that a yellow n black snake came into my friends house and all of them trembling and loosing control while i was the only one keeping them calm nad telling them not too move or run,just stay calm and asking them to close their eyes at least,while im cool and not shivering at all,but then the snake came too me and bit me on my cheeck while in my heart im thinking am i going to die,n i can hear my friends saying things like’ she stayed calm and nt moving and yet she got bit and dying’..what does this indicate.
    pls anyone help me ,its so unlikely for me to dream of snakes,but seriously im nt someone who fear them too,i’ve touched them in a exhibition.

  • Me

    A snake bit me in my dream as i was half asleep and then bore into my skin(Not a fun feeling) i wanted to move to pull it out but saw frozen. The snake was a cobra it opened its hood then bit me when i woke up i didnt really feel it but from the dream i knew where it should have entered. could you tell me what this could mean. Less than 3

  • Christine

    Me, my brother and my mum and dad were out. Suddenly a poisonous black and white sea snake attcked my mum, it bit her just ontop of her eye. We put ice on it straight away and it eventually went away. We all said how we cant beleive she is fine beacuse it is a deadly snake.

    The snake then came back, and i chopped its head off with a knife, and it was still moving trying to get my mum, so i chopped off its tail and it then died.

    I looked up snake meanings, and most of it explained what a snake meant to the dreamer, but i am wondering WHY it attacked my mum? and she survived a dealy snake attack.?

    Hope someone can help with their knowledge


    • amarilis

      my aunt has a book of dreams n it has a different meaning for snakes .. in her book it says that snakes are enemys ..people that are wishing the person bad.. when i was preg i had alot of dreams with snakes when my aunt told me what it means i was lost cause here it says different ..it turn out my aunt was right i had 3 people who were jealous of my baby n were wishing me bad

  • E

    There was a thin bright red snake in my bathroom. I was barefooted. when I went to tell someone and show them where it was the snake was gone. I was frantic searching for it. I went into my bedroom where I looked under the bed and there it was… I cut it in two using a knife but it changed into a person trying to struggle toward me with venom wrapped around it but it soon died!!

  • MoonMaMa79

    MoonMaMa79May 12, 2012

    Hello, I had this dream last night and in my dream I was with my family outside, and my husband was behind me and slightly to the side, and the kids were playing slightly to my left side and behind, then there was this little snake that was vibrant green and fat, but as I approached it, it became very long and revealed a rattle like a rattlesnake, and then it headed it towards a fence and my cat was on the other side of the fence and wanted to protect us so it jumped up to jump over the fence and the snake jumped at the same time and the snake bit my cat on its face, and then both fell back on their sides of the fence, then the snake slithered under and around the kids things and the kids were screaming there it is! Over there! I was yelling get back I got this get back, and they moved behind me, I was searching franticly for a sharp object to kill the snake, and found a reaper type blade thing, and was searching the stuff for the snake, then it went under our porch(we dont have a porch a snake or any animal could go under) then ALL these other snakes were coming out from under the porch, vibrant blue one, HUGE, then other small black and red and black snakes, and that HUGE blue one was sooo long and was taking the longest to get gone, and then I kept searching for the rattlesnake, and I rememebr that my cat was injured and messed up but it would live and be ok, and I continued searching for this snake to kill it, and then I woke up….its left me feeling weird and anxious not knowing why I dreamed this, I don’t dream anywhere as much as I used to…

    • Mel

      Wow last night I had a very similar dream!! I was outside with my family and I saw a tiny green snake blending into our shrubs. All of a sudden the snake grew into a fat blue snake and was trying to attack my dog and family! It was petrifying. I have never dreamt of snakes but woke up disheveled because my dog is like my baby!

  • Gina

    I was in a public market place, the location was not familiar. I was walking around and one of the girls, full of snakes around her neck, walking along with me.

    Then we saw more snakes on the ground and they’re all green, a very nice shade of green. The snakes on the ground are just there, not moving, non-threatening, but just looking at us. The snakes on the ground are much larger than the snakes around the girl who’s walking with me. I asked her if she’s not afraid of the snakes around her neck, and she replied, no, they’re harmless and they don’t bite. She took one of the snakes around her neck and held it around the head and showed me how harmless it is.

    What impressed me the most is that I’m terrified of snakes, but when I saw those large, beautiful green snakes on the ground, I wasn’t afraid at all. I just thought to myself how beautiful they all look in shade of green.

  • RAJ

    I had a dream about snake yesterday night.Initially i was in a room a saw snake it was approaching me and raised its hood.But i bitten its head and spit a side still i was wondering whether it had a bite on my foot.I was frustrated and waiting whether venom may attack me.My family Doc who is going by the way,saw my problem and turned to me.He was simply laughing and concluded that there was a nail in my foot.He removed it and said no problem what could be the meaning of this…?

  • Khai

    I had this dream. . . it was sort of “i don’t know”. Well, i was just lying in my bed sleeping and suddenly, i woke up and saw snakes near the window just beside me and then there were three of them. i ran downstairs and told my parents and one of the snakes chased me. i ran as fast as i could and i lied down beside my mom. the snake chased me up to my mom’s bed and then it almost bit me. good thing my mom rebuked it and said, “In Jesus’ Name”. So it went away and never came back because i tried to awake myself ‘coz it was kinda a scary dream. 🙂 Oh well. As i was reading the interpretations, I thought those three snakes are struggles or maybe emotions that must be dealt with. Currently, I’m facing three situations that are kind of not okay. Well, it’s all about relationship but. . .relationship with my bestfriend, my boyfriend, and myself. So three. 🙂 I think that’s the case! Anyways, thank you! But just an advice. . to further interpret your dream, read the bible. Maybe God is telling you something! 🙂 God bless you! God’s word is the right interpretation!

  • Tabitha

    I was walking along with a man talking when a boy ran pass us yelling there’s a snake. We didn’t see it at first, but then we spotted it in the grass in front of my parents’ home where I grew up. I began yelling for my dad to help me over and over. The man who was with me asked why was I calling for my dad when he was there, and I replied, “Because my dad always help me and I know he will kill the snake.” At that point, the snake began crawling toward their front door. I saw my parents coming to the door, and I yelled don’t open the door, there’s a snake. My dad opened the door, and calmly said, it’s just a snake, I will kill it. He killed the snake, but he cut the snake up, putting the head in a ziploc bag, and the other pieces in a jar. He went on to try to show me what I could do with these different parts that would be of good use for me.

  • den'ae

    My dream started off as a regular dream a girls day out with the friends going to get our nails done. So I was going to cut between two trucks and sitting on the sidewalk staring dead at me was a snake I got scared and turned around. As we are getting closer to the door the same slithers past me I move let it by. We walk in we are talking you things girls do, so the door opens and noone walks in and I happend to look down and there’s that same snake snakes jump on the sofa the people have and the people I am with pick of the snake and are playing with it they toss it around the room like a toy I’m scared ish less
    And I’m screaming and going crazy they throw it my way I also it and it bites my right hand veterans thumb and index finger I scream and I try pulling it off but it only gets tighter and my hand gets numb I’m scared. My fiance and his friends come to get us and I’m crying historically he can’t hear me and I say clearly that snake bite me (I pointed at it) he laughs at me and says you’ll be okay and I started breathing fast in my waking life and my breathes got shallow all of a sudden and I woke up scared. And I tried to shake that dream re adjust Muskeg but I couldnt shake that snake dream. Please some tell me what this means

  • Anonymous

    I had a dream that my son came up the stairs holding a lime green snake about 3-4ft long. He motioned it towards my girlfriend as if he was going tho throw it on her. She jumped back telling him not to do that. He did the same to two of my other children. I was in my bedroom getting dressed, watching these events unfold. As he approached me I told him, “Don’t do it, don’t do it!!!” He lunged the snake towards me and when he did, it bit me on my forearm, then latched on to my hand, fangs in my left palm. I ran into the bathroom and I told him the snake was biting me but he said it wasn’t. I snatched the snake loose from me and hit its head up against the side of the bath tub. I awoke startled with a pain in my left palm as if I had really been bitten. Seemed so real…what does this mean?

  • James

    I had this dream or nightmare a couple of times now. It starts at a house I grew up in when I was younger and I’m out side walkin in the yard when I see something move in front of me I stop and grab a stick to move the leaves to see what it was and it’s a rattle snake but it’s black in color. I start to back up and run but as I’m running the same snake keeps showing up in front of me then when I think I got away from it there are a bunch of snakes all red and black in color. I turn to run again but when I turn around that black rattle snake is right in front of me and it strikes to bite me but I wake up right before it ever does. I have this dream very often and always starts and ends they exact same way.

  • kimi

    i dad a dream that me and my sister and her kids and my mother and a nother sister and her little girl where sleeping im one bed a big snake came in swallowed the the little girl up

  • Nathan

    I had a dream of snakes, my family adopt the brown color snakes ranging from baby to adult snakes. It was left in the home and the snakes were everywhere at home. I am not a big fan of snakes and snakes are certainly not my pets. In the dream, I was running around the house because I was scared…. Not sure what this imply?

  • Nic,

    I had a dream that a snake the width of a pencil crawled out of a hole on the side of my neck. It had paw feet like a salamander and was yellow, red, and black triangles and diamonds on its skin. when it got half way out it had difficulty as its tail was attached to its side backwards, so that its tail was pointing twords its head from the mid point of the body. Another tail become present on the other side of its body slightly lower than the other tail, coming out of its mid body pointing to what should have been the snakes tail. When it got all the way out there was another head where its tail should have been and it had feet like the front of the snake. I was horrified and disgusted as the snake came out of my body but when it was finally out all the way I was relieve and felt much better. I felt a connection between the snake and myself as if we were talking but didn’t use words. It then crawled onto my shoulder and then into the air. The area around me darkened and turned black the snake enlarged and made specific “S” type shape or almost swastika like with the addition of the two backwards tails. It became a type of symbol and it disappeared.

    • Nic,

      The wound never bled and healed after the snake came out.

      When I woke up I had a sense that it was very real.

      • Nic,

        Any interpretations?

  • don't remember my dreams often but...

    I had a dream that my house was being over run by snakes and they were everywhere…in my dream I was a little fearful but just at the fact that they were snakes and ore unsure than fearful, but none ever tried to bite me and I became comfortable kind of but kept thinking I need to call housing and have them exterminate…in my dream I remember sleeping in my bed knowing they were all over the floor and woke up to just kinda kick them off my bed…again not really afraid of them…I don’t really understand it at all someone please help me on this!

  • Ron

    I dreamt of giant snakes that were under my control and ate my neighbors then I decided to hunt them with a shotgun before they turned on me lol

  • Kelsey

    I dreamed that there was something on my right leg. I thought it was like a long mole or something(started on the left side of my knee) but then it started to disappear in my leg I tried to pull it out but then on the other side of knee something started to come through. I really started to pull it and this huge snake cOmes out of my leg. I was scared and my mom and dad was there too, my mom who in real life is scared of snakes grabbed it and it tried to attack her but she through it outside. My dad just stood there and did nothing to help. What could his mean?

  • Gail

    I had a dream which I call a nightmare because I was afraid. Ok, the dream starts with me being outside on a nice day. I saw a tree with big cashews (peanuts) under it. I love cashews. I laid down under the tree and thought I have never seen cashews this BIG. As I laid there I felft something moving under me. I looked to my side and saw that I was lying on a big snake. The snake moved slowly and it was the color of the cashews (tan) but had black spots on it. I did not see the snake’s face just a portion of the body. I jumped up to get away from the snake then I woke up trying to understand why I had a dream like that. I realize later that in the dream the snake was not attacking me but I did not realize that while in the dream state. What do you think this means?

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