What Does It Mean When You Dream About Snakes?

Dreaming About Snakes

When you dream about snakes, chances are that the meaning of what you just dreamed about is related to challenging issues and feelings that you’re facing in your daily life.

According to Freud’s classic dream interpretation theory, a snake featured in a dream represents a phallic symbol that could relate to a male figure, male energy or how you experience your sexuality.  Interpreting what your dream about snakes means does not stop there however. To fully understand its meaning, you need to look deeper into the interpretation of this rich symbol.

What Does it Mean to Dream about Snakes?

To get start interpreting what dreaming about snakes means, here are the most common meanings associated with snakes in dreams:

  • A snake is a symbol of the unconscious
  • Snakes or serpents indicate you’re in the process of healing and resolving issues
  • The snake is a symbol for an untamed part of yourself or an untapped resource
  • Snakes could represent your intuition or spiritual aspects of yourself; your instinctual drive, what moves you from the depths of your soul
  • Snakes or serpents tend to show up in dreams in times of transition and transformation
  • From the classic Freudian perspective, a snake or serpent is a phallic symbol

Generally, a snake featured in a dream means that you’re dealing with a difficult situation or unsettling emotions in your waking life. On the positive side of this dream analysis, dreaming of snakes could also mean that healing and transformation are taking place.

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A snake can appear in your dreams as an animal spirit guide or animal totem, bringing guidance about life direction and healing opportunities. >> Get more information about the snake as a spirit animal (Source: www.spiritanimal.info)

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3 Keys to decode the meaning of your snake dream:

  1. Look at general dream meanings.
  2. Translate the elements of your dream into meaningful dream interpretation clues.
  3. Connect the content of your dream with your daily life.

If you know how to interpret your dream, you may discover ways to resolve these issues and encourage your personal growth. Like the snake that strikes when it feels threatened, the presence of the serpent in your sleep symbolizes a wake up call to look at fears about your own feelings or a threatening situation in your waking life.

Dreaming About Snakes

Go further with the interpretation of your Snake Dream

Woman Dreaming about a Snake

What does it mean when I dream of a snake?

If you feel fear when you see the snake in your dream, it indicates that you are having difficulties facing the unknown or uncertainty in your life.


When the presence of the snake in your dream is neutral or friendly, it suggests that you are dealing with fears or concerns with assurance. It is an indicator that healing is taking place.

If you’re dreaming of a wild snake, it may denote negative aspects associated with the animal, such as worries, fears or concerns about something that going out of control.

If you’re dreaming of a pet snake, it could relate to an opportunity for healing or positive changes in your life.

When you are fighting with a snake, it means that you are resisting a change or struggling with a decision or feelings in your waking life. It may represent a power struggle in your intimate relationship or at work.

Being chased by a snake means that you are facing an intimidating situation in your life that is haunting you. Emotions that you have not dealt with are coming back at you.

A dream of being attacked by a snake, it could be calling you to explore a challenging situation in your life and how to deal with it.

If you are dreaming of being bitten by snake, it means that you need to pay attention to something that you’ve been avoiding because it was too intimating or uncomfortable.

If the snake spits its venom at you, it suggests that there’s a negative influence in your life that’s difficult to handle. It may represent a “poisonous” relationship or negative words or rumors around you.

Talking to a snake suggests that you are engaged in a process of understanding higher knowledge about yourself and your world. It indicates that you are open to receiving information of a more mystical nature.

If you have a dialog or if the snake talks in your dream, it signifies that your potentials are being realized and your opening up to new possibilities in life.

For more interpretation of snake dreams, consult the snake dream meanings section.

Connect your Snake Dream with your Life

Here are dream interpretation hints to guide the analysis of your snake dream. A general interpretation method consists in associating traits that belong to the animal you dreamed about with situations in your waking life or aspects of your personality. You may find that the following generic snake characteristics are present in your dream, as well as in your daily life.

  • Snakes are wild, untamed animals that cannot be trained. They are beyond our control.

Interpretation hint: Look if you are currently experiencing feelings or a situation that feel that way in your waking life; look withing to see if you need to pay attention a an untamed part of yourself that needs more space to express itself or develop harmoniously.

  • Snakes are unpredictable. They tend to strike by surprise; they appear unexpectedly and disappear as fast as they showed up.

Interpretation hint: Can you associate these qualities with a fear you may be having or your own behavior when facing a challenging situation?

  • They primarily evoke aversion and fear in humans.

When snakes and humans meet, there’s a danger that the snake will attack, mostly as a reaction to fear or feeling threatened.

  • Snakes move close to the ground and are associated with the earth.

Interpretation hint: Feel into your own connection with the earth; whether you feel grounded, with your feet on the ground or not; how you relate to your primal instincts.

  • Snake shed their skin when they grow, leaving behind the old during their transformation process.

Interpretation hint: Snakes are great symbols for personal transformation; look at what’s changing in your life or in yourself or what you hope to change or leave behind in order to move on.

  • Some snakes’ venom is poisonous, even deadly, if they bite.

Interpretation hint: Death or the fear of dying in a dream is not to be taken literally. It’s often symbolic of the death of the old and the opportunity to leave behind what you no longer need. It could also represent grieving a loss of something or someone who was important to you.

  • They possess the antidote to their own venom.

Interpretation hint: Often, a challenging situation is also an opportunity to discover something new and take on an opportunity. Look at how this relates to your life right now.

Dreaming About Snakes

Conclusion: Key Points to Enhance your Dream Interpretation

Here are two key points to refine the interpretation of your dream.

Reconnect with the Snake in your Dream

The snake featured in your dream is most likely a transposed image or symbol of something that’s actually happening or preoccupying you in your daily life. It’s important to remember and recall the presence of the snake as it was in the dream.

For example, you can project yourself back in the dream, recall all sorts of details about what the snake looked like, how it was moving, how you were feeling. You could even imagine you can ask the dream snake questions about its intentions, what message it has for you, etc. This will get you started in decoding what the snake in your dream could symbolize.

Snake Dream & Call from the Unconscious

When interpreting a snake dream, a key point is to keep in mind that the serpent in your sleep means you’re symbolically receiving a wake up call from your unconscious.

Dreaming about a snake is usually an indicator that you need to pay attention to something important that you perhaps have been avoiding or that has escaped your awareness until now. Interpreting your dream will help you discover what it is and what you could do to about it.

When you’re dreaming of a snake, you can use your interpretation to encourage positive changes in your life. A snake dream can function like a two-sided coin: For each negative feeling in the dream, such as fear, apprehension, anxiety, or confusion, there’s an opportunity to realize something positive that will serve you in your waking life.

Bonus: Snake Symbols in Popular Myths and Traditions

The symbolism in a snake dream is primarily anchored in the personal life of the dreamer. Because the snake is a powerful symbol in many traditions and cultures, a snake dream can also be influenced by a wider meaning given to the snake or serpent in one’s culture.

In the Judeo-Christian tradition, the snake tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden. It is tinted with negative connotations and a symbol for temptation, evil, and sin.

In the Hindu tradition, Lord Siva wears a snake around his neck, as a representation of the control of dark forces and temptation. It also symbolizes the power of kundalini, the life force.

In ancient Greek mythology, Medusa is a Gorgon, represented as a woman with snake hair who can turn into stone whoever she looks at. According to the psycho-analytic perspective, it is a symbol for castration or repressed sexual energy.

Another popular Greek myth is about Aesclepius, Greek god of healing and medicine, who inspired rituals where snakes were used. Today, the rod of Asclepius is what we know as the Caduceus, symbol for modern medicine. In our dreams, it represents the opportunity for healing.

The feathered serpent from the Aztecs of South America is a symbol for the creator of life.

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Still Confused about the Meaning of your Dream?

If you’re still confused about the what your dream means after researching symbol definitions and dream dictionaries, don’t panic. You can post your snake dream below and get feedback from other dreamers passionate about dream interpretation.

Post Your Snake Dream Now!

603 Responses to Snake Dream

  • Nabila Akter

    I saw the dream around 7-8am in the morning, in my dream i just woke up from sleep and laying on bed then i saw a snake enter into room from window, my mother was standing beside my bed, by the time i call her to move from the place, the snake bite her from back under the right feet of my mother, then i took a cloth to cover the snake face so that it can not attack me and bite me, so i cover its face and cought it. After that i was in so tension and about to cry because i was thinking my mother will die due to the serpant bite, then i woke up from my dream. Your reply regarding this will be great relief for me. Please say the meaning of my dream… thank you

  • Ana

    i dreamed that i quickly went into meditation mode and once i did i ended up on the ground swaying on the floor into a snake like movement

  • Ruth Joson

    Sitio Payong, Brgy. Dalig

  • Kitto

    Today only right now early in the morning around 4.30… In morning i had dream about two snakes…. They were very big aroung their length may b aroung 8 feets…. One was black in colout n another wS in whitishyellow colour….. I dnt knw why i alwyzs had dreM about snakes….. N after that i saw a tiger came n chased me.. Til i entered my room…. N i wake up

  • Aman

    Hi everyone,

    If someone can help me genuinely. I am constantly seeing talking animals in my dreams. I am 32 and I have never before experienced this. But since last 1 month, almost every 3rd or 4th night, I dream of different animals talking to me. Last night I dreamed that I am in a park and my mom is sitting a bit further from me. I can see numerous white peacocks but they dont have the feather fan. Then when I look at my mom, I see a while peacock there and also a green-blue one that actually has its feathers. As I started looking to my left, there is a dried river sort of deep path. A few meters in, I see this adult white retriever dog that has the MOST innocent features; all black eyes like they have kohl in them, black nose. It is standing peacefully and its aura is very ‘divine’ to me. I am immediately attracted to it and next moment, I am beside it and I want to take it home with me as I am smitten by its beauty and aura and that whiter than white coat. Next I see myself at another place with that dog and my mind tells me that I am outside my house. There is a duck next to me thats saying something to me and pecking at me to let the dog go. It is constantly hitting my feet and asking me to leave the dog and that I should not take it home with me. And I say that I really want this dog. I tell the duck that I seek permission from our family priest and I am sure that he will let me take the dog. Next, there is this red and black snake and I cannot see its mouth or face but I can clearly see 2 red tongues lashing out and I am thinking, it is a 2 headed snake! It is also talking to me and asking me to not take this dog with me. And I am telling the snake the same thing. I tell it that I really want this dog. The next moment, I am wiping my tongue and my hands are red and I am thinking, Thank god that snake didnt bite me and for some reason I am thinking that the red on my hands is snake’s venom. But I did not see it biting me or anything. All this while, that white dog stayed by my side and did not bark at all. It was standing very peacefully, right next to me.
    Can someone help me with what this dream means?
    I have been seeing talking buffalos that hug me and sharing its heart’s feelings. I have seen rats that I take from some place and leave them in nice, safe cages near a river and they were talking to me too. They thanked me. I have seen lion/tiger in my dream but it did not kill me, it did not bite me. I am seeing too many talking animal dreams. Am I missing something massive in my conscious state?

    Thanks in advance for help!

  • prachi shikher

    I want to know the meaning of 3or 4 beautiful snake seen in my dream.

    Any one here to know the meaning?

    • Beth

      I would like to know the meaning of dreaming many snakes of different sizes going in different directions while I was walking along the road with some kids. I mentioned to the kids in my dream to be careful as it was a windy day and snakes are falling from the trees.
      I often dream of snakes but this time I wasn’t terrified. I was avoiding them to not step over them.

  • leny lupato

    I had a dream of sleeping black cobra on top of the table. And I can see the whole face of the cobra, even if I screaming very loudy the snake sleeping. Until I cool down my self and watching the sleeping cobra on the table. Please can you help me to interpret my dream.

  • leny lupato

    west coast road #01-22

  • Anisah

    Today, i dreamt of an albino python, it’s skin was more white and its yellow patches were pale. It had belonged to someone but upon meeting me, it instantly reached its head out and wanted me to touch it. It grew attached to me the moment our eyes met and it would follow me to bed and sleep all curled up beside me. I loved it and i found it adorable. Most of the time it would try to innocently and wrap itself around me, but i would push it away. As time went on, i became more daring and trusted it, hence i would wrap the snake around my neck and nuzzle it lovingly. In return, the snake would do the same and never did it try to strangle me or cause me any harm. I felt loved, safe and comforted whenever i was with the snake. A part of me had a feeling that the snake was far more intelligent that meets the eye too.
    However nearing the end of the dream, i seemed to have left it at home while on a school field trip and felt deeply saddened that it was no longer with me. I missed the snake dearly and did not encounter the snake any longer. Then my dream ended ;-;

  • Sandeep

    In my dream i saw snake wrap in my right hand for few seconds and then it dimminished. It doesnot harm me but i feel scared.

  • Jessica

    I dreamed that my son was in my mother’s house and apparently came across a snake.  My uncle was walking out with a light reddish colored cookies snake about two feet wide coiled and taking it outside to release it in the yard.  As he’s walking in the yard I see a huge snake skin that had been shed.  About the width of a human body but the skin spanned across the yard for about 12 feet.  Then my aunt and uncle walk over to lift an opposing side of the head (a couple feet wide) and take a selfie.  I raised alarm that if there’s a big snake skin and a live snake in the house there are probably a lot more snakes.  I step back and it’s as if the grass and yard are raised several feet above a dirt cavern beneath that I can look into.  I see roots and expect to see snakes in there but don’t see any.  At that point I wake up.  This isn’t the first snake dream I had.  The last one was a couple years ago on the cusp of a separation.  I would greatly appreciate your interpretation on the meaning.

  • Gabriel

    So I had 2 snake dreams so far, but I can’t remember if I dreamt about snakes in 2 consecutive days or maybe 2 alternative days. I really can’t remember. I also cannot remember what color of snake I saw in both my dreams. But I know that in my first dream, I was on the floor next to my bed and scared because this one snake was next to my leg and I think that snake came out under my bed…. I really don’t know. But I was really terrified. I was NoT screaming at all. I just looked terrified staring at the snake. The snake was not staring at me at all. It just attacked and bit my ankle or somewhere on my lower leg and that’s when I screamed and that’s it, I woke up after that. Then the second dream I had was another snake, but I don’t know if it was the same snake as in my first dream or not. But this snake in my second dream actually came out under my bed as I saw it with my own eyes as I was standing next to my bed (right side of the bed). As it came out, the snake was trying to stand up, opening its mouth to attack me just like in my first dream, but this time I fought the snake. I faced my fear by holding its mouth opening still and I stretched its mouth until I broke or tear the snake in half and killed it. So with those dreams I had, what do they mean? I’m scared I might dream about snakes again.

  • Ravi Kumar Jha

    In my dreams last night I saw different types of snakes big, small, red, yellow, and they were nothing doing harm to me I was very much friendly to them and they were just appearing in one shot and disappearing in other and I didn’t feel any fear or anxiousness can u pls tell me that what is the meaning of my dream.

  • Meesha

    So my dream was of a huge yellow snake blocking the door I needed to go out of. This yellow snakes head was adnormal, big and shaped almost cartoonish. It stood high and dormant with it’s head directly under the lock.

    I needed to get out the door and decided to carfuly try to unlock the door without waking the big yellow snake. As I was turning the lock in fear carefully the snake all the sudden bobbed up slightly hitting my hand with it’s rubbery head. It turned and looked at me. I panicked and ran away.

  • Crystal McKinley

    Ok so I actually had two dreams about snakes this morning. I’m pretty sure they are about different situations. This one started in a waiting room or somewhere I was sitting in one of those chairs with a stranger sitting next to me. A couple of boys came in with a very large Styrofoam cup. The one holding it threw it in my direction. It landed on it’s side without spilling more than just a few drops of water. Of course there was hardly any water in it to begin with. I looked inside and immediately recognized the two small snakes as non poisonous but wild. They both bit me a few times each before I could return them to their habitat.
    Dreams usually have something to do with recent activities or in my case new information about a situation in my life. I do know it is about feelings I want to avoid thinking about because I don’t see the point. The new information surprised me by invoking a feelings based response (jealously).But now what?

  • Crystal McKinley

    I dreamed I bought a snake for a pet and it came with an elegant snake shaped metal box. The snake itself turned out to be the equivalent of an AI. It was an elaborate computer.

  • Ethel Marie

    My dream last night involved a baby cobra light pink and red in color pacing back and forth.  It just disappeared and then I woke up.

    I wonder about dream interpretation it entails.

  • Paris Morrison

    I’m a teenager in the 8th grade. Last night I had a dream that I was leading my friends through a storm and the road had flooded up to where it looked like a pool so I laid out two gigantic leaves for everyone to sit on and I got into the water to see if there was anything in it and I saw a bunch of cobras but 2 cobras came out and sat of each leaf, one of the cobras were so close to my face so I told everyone to go out by the sidewalk slowly as I got out of the flood water the first snake propped up and let me get out of the water. When I stood up it bit my leg and of course I was in pain but I kept walking then the second cobra just let me pass I walked out to where my friends were to go look for the nearest, safest shelter as I’m walking to find one the first snake that bit me went back into the water while the snake that let me pass followed me and looked really sweet, as I was walking I called the reptile services to let them know about a bunch of cobras on the loose. As I found shelter the snake that was following me stared as I went into the building and propped up then just turned around. I called my mom and told her to pick me up and take me to the hospital because I’d been bitten by a poisonous snake then I woke up. Also I have a pet snake named Axel so I wasn’t as afraid of the snake and know what to do if I came in contact with a wild snake

  • Yvonne

    I am going through torture at the moment
    I set a honey trap for my boyfriend to which he bit,I walked out but now wishing I had never done it,as i am heartbroken and miss him.
    My dream last night, was a man that looked like he was gling to be sick, as he turned around towards me,
    His mouth was full of liquid and a white snake with either dark red or brown large spots came out of his mouth, hissed at the and slithered away.
    Never dreamt of a snake before, any help to explain would be brilliant.

    • Dinesh Audichya


      I hope I can assist you in interpreting your dream, kindly communicate by fining my blog on google as below:
      snakeindream dinesh audichya


    • Crystal McKinley

      That one is easy enough honey. The snake represents the lies. The fact that it slithered away tells you that you averted any further lies.

  • Mary Jane Simmons

    I BAD a dream last night about a very long snake and it was moving very slow.. in my dream it was my auntie’s pet and it seems to be an props or a use in a movie that my auntie was directing in my dream and I have to direct this snake to do something but I was afraid and all of a sudden it come out of the room and I immediately talk to the snake and direct it back to the room which the snake obeyed me with no hesitation… and went back to the room.. and waited for me.. then I wake up in my sleep… What is that suppose to mean… ????

  • ali

    Hi I saw that I am in my old house and there was a big tree from some distance which I believe was the biggest tree among all. There was this huge snake coming out from the top of the tree like a branch. It is growing by the time. I am thinking this cant reach to this house. this is far but he reached to my house. He was about to land in my house but my father made his face outside the house and he goes outside the house.
    I cant remember after what happened. but this was like pretty big snake like in cartoons or some sci-fi movies
    What could be this about?

  • Ketu

    I saw a black crawling serpent snake in my dream which disappeared after sometime…. But then shocking:O I was walking
    bare foot on live small snakes…
    Can you tell me plz what this interprets

  • CJ

    In my dream, I saw a white and black snake crawled around me and it was getting near my grandkids. I grabbed the snake and it bit my hand, there was two marks bleeding on my left hand. I tried to hold it down so I could cut its head off but I couldn’t get it to to stop squirming around, and it woul not leave my hand. I tried to get someone to help me but no one would touch it. I was terrified because I didn’t know what kind of snake it was.  I thought I was going to die because I thought it was poisonous, so I kept waiting for the sickness to come in but it didn’t.  The first night I had this dream I didn’t get bit. But last night I did I woke up the morning terrified. I do not understand these dream.  They are really freaking me out. My mom tells me that I have enemies. But I think it’s more than that I’m just not sure what it is. I am always home, I date no one, I have no drama. So I don’t understand why I am having these dreams. I want them to stop.

  • Julia

    I dreamt of a white snake just after moving into our new home. In my dream i was scared of the huge snake under my bed and because of its heavy and huge form it was moving very slowly. I ran out of my bed and locked the snake inside. I was then peeping through the key hole and found that it was not there under the bed. I tried scanning the whole room through the key hole and eventually found that the snake was inside the mattress and his head could be seen outside. It was weird dream and as i opened the door of the room and looked intensely on the snake there come out a pigeon and flies away. I was scared throughout the dream but seeing the pigeon i felt relieved. It was an early morning dream. I opened my eyes then and i could remember everything.

    • Dinesh Audichya

      Any luck for interpretation of your dream, yet?

  • Amanda

    In my dream i was walking around in my childhood neighborhood and i was feeling a bit ill and someone i know in life came up to me and gave me pills (thinking they were Advil or something)to make me feel better. I was basically crawling on the sidewalk at this time and to mention my boyfriend was also with me also basically crawling and we end up seeing another person we know who has three dogs (in real life only two) the dogs are friendly at first then start biting me. I get up because i start feeling better and I’m trying to walk away from the dogs but they kept following me (i have no fear of dogs in real life) they just wouldn’t leave me alone so i start walking faster,getting a bit angry cause the guy couldn’t get his dogs to stop. By this point i was almost at my child hood house and the dogs have backed off a bit. I looked down and see what looks like hundreds of snakes all different colors and sizes all heads up staring at me. I was so shocked at first afraid i had stepped on some or that they were waiting to attack me but they did not they just were watching. Then i notice something extra weird when i lift up my pants because i feel something is wrong like injured from the dogs but when i look the bruises were fading fast but i get to my thighs and they are a rough green scaly like texture instead of my skin. I look over and my boyfriend is having the same thing happen to him. So i said “are those pills making us into reptiles” then i think that’s why the snakes didn’t attack and the dogs were attacking.

  • brenda butler

    today is may 28th 2018 its the second night of dreaming of snakes…this time a person was helping to get the snakes out of my body ..one came out at my neck it was small…the other came out of my vagina it was bigger and they were green snakes…the first one was also snakes coming out of my body ..if anyone knows what the hell is going on with me please let me know..

    • Paris Morrison

      From what I have heard, when I snake is coming out if your private area it could mean 2 things: 1. You long for sexual desire 2. Something has happened that left some sort of uneasy feeling on you. For the first part if you’re asexual, sorry 😐

  • D DeGenova

    In my dream I walked into a room saw a black snake going towards Tim Allen and his wife(cast of last man standing) I yelled Dad there’s a snake. He turned around picked it up and gave it to me to take it outside, ( I love snakes) as I went to grab the snake behind its head it turned and latched onto my index finger of my left hand. I was yelling Dad its bitting and won’t let go he cam over we stuggeld for a while when it finally let go I tossed it outside. I then looked down at the top of my finger to see huge holes. I then woke and again looked at my finger to see nothing. My Dad died two years ago.

  • D DeGenova

    In my dream I walked into a room saw a black snake going towards Tim Allen and his wife(cast of last man standing) I yelled Dad there’s a snake. He turned around picked it up and gave it to me to take it outside, ( I love snakes) as I went to grab the snake behind its head it turned and latched onto my index finger of my left hand. I was yelling Dad its bitting and won’t let go he cam over we stuggeld for a while when it finally let go I tossed it outside. I then looked down at the top of my finger to see huge holes. I then woke and again looked at my finger to see nothing. My Dad two years ago.

  • Jason

    If you dream with snake, probably you’ll get a big black mamba .

  • Justine

    I just woke up. I dreamt of snakes a lot of them mostly color yellow, very long ones. I was walking by where the place I used to grow up and live before, I was walking calmly and asking my self why are there lot of snakes? Snakes were calm too just passing by. My uncle in my dream told me that if you won’t do anything, they won’t do anything too. Just leave them. But I was worrying in my mind if how are my little brothers and where they are cause I want them to know there are snakes everywhere so just ols be extra careful. Then here comes my nannies, telling that snakes must be killed or else they will multiply. If there are big ones, that means it’s too late cause they’ve multiplied and we can’t get rid of them anymore.

  • Naomi

    I had a dream that a snake come out from under my bed it scared me then it just looked at me moved a round my bed room then went back under my bed so I lifted the mattres it was hiding in a little cardboard box what looked like a cereal box the snake didn’t fully fit in box it was sticking out abit but was still didn’t move then it come back out the next night moving round my room my fella then appears in my dream trying to catch the snake we managed to move the snake to the shed what dose this dream mean it felt so real

  • Karlo

    In my dream I saw a lot of snakes coming to our house. The situation is there was a typhoon & floods everywhere & since my house in my dream was elevated all of the snakes come to my house.

  • kinshu

    i dreamed that m in my hostel (which is dofferent from one i m currently living in) i saw i was washing my clothes in washroom at 3rd floor m suddenly from the pipe snake (a python) suddenly i stand up from there n screaming mumma mumma and then my mom came it ws very big n leanthy n we both came out from hostel room and closed the door after sometime my mom opened door i ws scared like hell bt to ur surprise snake ws disappered then suddenly in middle of room my mom have a rope in his hand n she saw a dog (i guess german shepard) she drags him out the room with room n suddenly one more dog appeares near my mom n den wen we drag him out of room he (the dog) starts talking n saying that he killed that snake n throws it out of window

  • Prashant sinha

    I dreamed that i am in acottage in jungle like a safari. In the night snakes came and talked to me like theatening me that he is more powerfull than me and attached but I fought with a stick and he went in a hole after being defeated and left his skin outside. Then a king cobra appered in bushes showed his fins but at the end I won talk and went into my room. Having feeling of being saved. In my life I am going through a job tranfer to a new place where I have never been.It is uncomfortable but for career growth and finances I have to go there.I am going to live alone first time and my wife is going to give birth to my child. Plz interpret my dream

  • Revathy

    I obsessed with somdeone . I wanna be with herbut she doesnt care or acknowledge my affection for her. She doesnt even talk. Now she married and settled in california with her husband. In my dream i saw a samll black poisonous snake under my bed with harness. One girl who was my collegemate long ago disturbed the resting snake with a stick and tried to control it. I watched it sitting the bed. Snake was trying to bite soemone frm nehind who was standing near it. Is this dream related to my obsession for my lover? Is it a good sign or bad sign to see balck snake?

  • D Jones

    I had a dream I’ve been chased by small snakes as they’re we chasing I was killing them throwing them in a lake
    Also in the dream I was talking to a woman she acted like she was my friend and at the end of the conversation she stated to fight with me but and I bit her so bad Dan – when she took a bag of black bag of snakes and release them and he started chasing me and as they were chasing me like I said before I was killing them

  • garanganei4@gmail.com

    It was surprise for me at night when I saw snake moving around me
    look like is going to bite me but at atlas, am safe from that when
    it didn’t. I wake up this morning in order to understand what is going on in my
    life for that kind of dream whom i didn’t experience in my life. Anyway, I it is great experience
    in my life since i got interpretation and the meaning of it.


    I saw a white cobra in my dream and i was trying to say something to it. The snake was relaxing. Then when i came back to see the snake it has moved to another place from the original place. To me it did not showed that it was aggressive. Till i got up from the dream it was relaxing at the same place and basically playing with my cats without showing any danger. First time in my history i saw a big white cobra and wanted to know why i saw it in my dreams

  • Jessica

    Not only one time I dream about snakes but I wonder it was a cool dream they dont bite ther just moving around me n I was so scared when i saw them… Maybe someone can share the meaning of this dream?  Just conscious about this dream…

  • Robbartz

    I dreamt I was walking on a footpath by the side of a road. There were many green snakes hunting for prey and a large number attacked a bird that had landed. They were all over the road and footpath and I was trying to avoid them. A car went past and I thought it should be safe to quickly cross the road to get to the other side where there were less of them. As I was crossing a large green snake lunged at me, I kicked it away a couple of times and then woke up while diving across the bed to avoid being bitten.

  • nel

    A red snake fighting with blue green snake and the red snake was defeated

  • Tex

    It was a bowl of snakes basically but this one brown kinda snake looked more detailed like a real snake & I’ve dreamed of this scene before. I wasn’t scared or anything I was calm just confused why the other people taking the same “food” weren’t freaking out.

  • Molly

    Anyone wants to tell me what this dream means.

    I had a dream that a blonde colored cobra stood up. I grabbed it to shut it up. Trying to grab by the neck avoiding the bite the cobra bit me but I did not die. I did manage to cut the head off, but I never died.

  • dean

    in my dream i went to my camp an i see snakes i come home an im in bed sleeping an my bed is full snakes

  • Draile16

    hi! Ive dreamt about snake a few hours ago. In my dream, i was in a room and carefully transferring the snakes on another container that is filled of water. I was acting like im know what Im doing although i know i am feeling anxious and scared since im dealing with snakes i keep going. After putting d last snake on d hole, i thought i was done but as i step back i saw one snake slithered on the hole and was trying to scape. So what i did is to get some cover and a stick to poke it back on the whole which was a bad move since I saw how hes head move towards me and on d position to attack. Scared as it is I still try to poke it and push it towards tha hole when suddenly it felt on the murky water sorrounding the container and stay hidden. Afraid that im not seeing his head I stepped back and tried to secure myself a pointy stick as if waiting for its attack any moment. I woke up when the water starts to move. And when I woke up I feel worried not on my dream but on something I can’t explain. Can anyone interpret this to me? Thank u

    • Dinesh Audichya

      Hi Draile16,

      I can help you in interpreting your dream. It has been long time since you post this message but it still make SE SE. Also, is anything abnormal that you would like to discuss.

      Anybody feel free to contact for interpretation.


  • Manu

    I dreamt of lots of snake lurking/going towards our house. There’s lots of them of diffrent species. One of the stand outs is the black cobra and somehow it struck my older sister. I hurridly went inside our house and told my mom about the snakes. To my surprise, my mom was too complacent about it, she did’nt bother at all. I find myself devicing things to use against the snakes, like a knife(blazing one). I saw them entering the house, most of them are colored black. There is this old man who helped me along the way. I was able to fight the snake with a blazing knife and to my notice the snakes are gone. I continue talking to the old man and seems like he knew my mom.

  • Shane

    I was dreaming that I climbed the tree at my school campus. I hold the black twig of the tree and it’s seems smooth so I cut it. When I’m already on the ground I saw a snake above the tree where I just I climed it off. The snake was facing on me with it’s showy tongue. And when I look to the twig that J just cut it off, I was surprised that the twig became a black snake. The snake that I was holding facing also to the snake above the tree. The snake on my hand is seems sweet because he don’t bite me at all rather he stare with some anger to the snake above the tree. But because I don’t expect that I was holding a snake all the time, I throw it away from me. And the sweet snake before become an angry snake now. Now, he seems angry to me too and he looks he want to eat me. Suddenly, all the black twigs on trees became snake too. So I decided to run, but no one was chasing me. But along on my way there’s always a snake. So when the snake hinder my way I killed them with an axe which I also hold, wondering where it comes from. What was my dream means? Please reply, I need an interpretation.

  • ar

    I had no luck finding a good interpretation for my dream, did not find the experience scary and was not being attacked or bitten…

    I was talking to someone in my living room when I saw a huge anaconda coming out where the electric plug was supposed to be, right towards me. I was not afraid, I grabbed it by the head and drew it’s venom out, for some reason was wondering how I would use the venom. When i drew all venom out on a tissue, i let go of it and it went away. The snake wanted to go through another electricity plug but it’s body was way too thick and I thought it just might get stuck midway.

  • Jamar

    I dreamed my nephew had a snake in his car. The snake was cool. I was talking with the snake. My nephew started to spray air freshener in his car. Then the snake rose up and tried to strike the right side of my neck repeatedly.

  • Jen

    In my dream I was confronted by an Albino diamond back rattlesnake.  I was traveling with family and the snake was in the car, it wasn’t until the snake fully came out of its hiding place that I was able to identify it.  At that point it did try to attack, but I was able to secure the snake and release it into the wild once we got to a place that the snake would be safe.  The whole time we were driving though I had to hold the snake tightly to keep it from getting loose and striking me, I felt bad because the snake was in obvious discomfort.once the snake was released there was a feeling of great relief.

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