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Snake Dream Advice

Snake Dream Interpretation in 3 Steps

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Snakes or serpents in a dream can symbolize:

  • The unconscious.
  • A time of transformation or transition.
  • The Freudian interpretation says it’s a phallic symbol that represents how you experience your… >> Read more

Enhance your Dream Interpretation

Here are two key points to refine the interpretation of your dream.

Key Interpretation Tip #1

The most important point to remember when interpreting a snake dream is that the presence of a serpent in your sleep means you’re symbolically receiving a wake up call from your unconscious.

Dreaming about a snake means that you need to pay attention to something important that you have been avoiding or that has escaped your awareness until now. Interpreting your dream will help you discover what it is and what you could do to about it.

In conclusion, when you’re dreaming of a snake, you can use your interpretation to encourage positive changes in your life. A snake dream can function like a two-sided coin: For each negative feeling in the dream, such as fear, apprehension, anxiety, or confusion, there’s an opportunity to realize something positive that will serve you in your waking life. Use this dream interpretation guide to decipher the precious clues that your dream is giving.

Key Interpretation Tip #2

It’s important to recall the presence of the snake as it was in the dream, so you can get information about  qualities that could remind you of a situation, a person or your emotional state in your waking life. This will get you started in finding out what the snake in your dream symbolizes because this reptile is most likely an transposed image or symbol of something that’s actually happening or preoccupying you while you’re awake.

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Dream Work Basics

The following dream work basics provide instructions that can be applied to any dreams, but are particularly useful to interpret dreams about snakes. A series of questions specifically tailored to analyze snake dreams will help you interpret this symbol and define its meaning in your own terms.

When a snake dream comes, you’re receiving a message that probably leaves a strong impression. Whether you are being bitten by a snake or see snakes everywhere in your house, it’s time to pay attention to the message your dream is giving you in the form of images and symbols.

Here are a three simple steps to keep in mind to start your dream interpretation:

  1. Record your dream.
  2. Look at dream meanings in dream dictionary.
  3. Personalize the interpretation of your snake dream.

Snake Dream Advice

Record your dream

Whether you are dreaming about a snake or any other symbol, it’s useful to record your dream before you start interpreting it. Write it down or record it on a voice recorder. Take notes about what you dreamt about as soon as possible, preferably just as you wake up to minimize the loss of content as the memory of the dream quickly fades away.

Look at dream meanings in dream dictionary

To get started with your dream interpretation, look at possible explanation for the symbols in the snake dream meanings section or your favorite dream dictionary. This ambivalent dream symbol is often hard to interpret, so take a look at all the possible meanings to gain different perspectives.

Personalize the interpretation of your snake dream

Go further by connecting the dream interpretation with your waking life. To finish interpreting your dream, you need to create your own meaning for the symbols and images, especially if you are dreaming of this wild reptile. To further analyze what your dream means, ask yourself the questions given in the snake dream interpretation guide below.

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Specific Dream Interpretation Questions

Snakes or serpents are rich dream symbols with a plethora of meanings that vary depending on what’s happening in your life, your feelings, cultural background and much more. In addition to the main dream meanings you can find in a dream dictionary associated with this reptile, you can figure out what your snake dream means by personalizing your dream interpretation.

Discover how to figure out and interpret the meaning that best suits you. The following questions guide you in interpreting the images and symbols associated with snakes and broaden your understanding of the hidden message in your dream.

  1. What do you know about snakes in general?
  2. What is the snake like in your dream?
  3. What role does the snake play in your dream?
  4. How do you feel about the snake you dreamt about?
  5. What symbolic meanings associated with snakes grab your attention?

Question #1: What do you know about snakes in general?

An accurate dream analysis will emphasize generic associations you make with snakes or serpents and connect them with elements in your waking life. Look at the general characteristics of the snake as an animal and see how they relate to your dream and your life right now. For example, a common interpretation is based on the fact that snakes shed their skin when they grow. This characteristic is associated with transformation, leaving the old behind, change taking place in your life.

Questions to further interpret your dream: What do you know about snakes? How do you feel about them? How do the traits you attribute to snakes relate to your personality or a situation in your life? Are you undergoing a radical transformation in one area of your life? What is changing?

Question #2: What is the snake like in your dream?

Whenever you want to figure out the meaning of a snake dream, try to connect with the animal that showed up in your dream. Invoke the snake’s characteristics, what it looked like, how it behaved, if it had a specific intention, etc. Look at the qualities of the snake in your dream and if they correspond to qualities you may have or aspects of situation or people in your life. The hypothesis behind this interpretation technique is that the snake represents a part of you or experience you’re having in your everyday living.

Questions to further interpret your dream: What does the snake look like? How does it behave? How does it move?

Question #3: What role does the snake play in your dream?

A common interpretation for the presence of a snake in your dream it that this reptile represents something or someone who has a strong influence in your life, whether it’s someone you know, a belief system, or a situation. You can also interpret the snake in your dream has a potential warning about an adversarial person or situation in your life.

Question #4: How do you feel about the snake you dreamed about?

A useful dream interpretation tip that is applicable to any types of dreams is to pay attention to the general feeling or atmosphere in the dream.

Consider also the feelings you have about the snake you just dreamed about once you wake up. If negative, you can interpret your dream as a call to look at how you may be deceiving yourself or others in your waking life. If positive, look at positive transformations in your life, changes that are coming you way with opportunity to grow, expand.

Question #5: What symbolic meanings associated with snakes grab your attention?

Look at the symbolic meanings of the snake coming from spiritual traditions, religion, myths you are familiar with. This can help you interpret the archetypal meaning of your dream.

65 Responses to Dream Interpretation Advice

  • Maneesha

    I have a dreaming about snake 3rd time. at first time it was running so fast towards me ,and when it comes nearest to me it is just staring at me can I know what it indicates? and at the second time also it haven’t done any thing to me it is just seeing at me . I cant understand why the snake is seeing at me always. And the third time I saw a big snake(In Telugu we actually do puja to snakes) which have so many heads .I saw it in my big mom’s old house. In dream when I was showing the snake to some one it saw me and it touched me at head with its tail. and it can clearly see another person besides me but it touched my head. and I can say that when it touched me after that it raised its head,(which have so many heads) I thought of it is looking for me to do something .but it is just seeing me at this time also .all these are brown snakes and mainly at third time the snake that’s come to my dream was worshiped by us in this place. it is very big and with so many heads .can you please say me what the dream is about?

  • DragonQueen

    I had a dream of I was in a house with people I know and I was taking a nap. I woke up flipped back the covers and a large sized python laid sprawled out in my bed. Ok in life I’m somewhat scared of em. So i left the bed went to the living room laid on the xounch. Well for some reason my cousin was in the room it but her. A guy that was on the love seat went to go save my cousin after asking me why I left her. The snake came up to me while I was laying on the couch and looked me in the eyes. Just staring at me. I didn’t feel at ease and I didn’t feel fear. I don’t know what i was feeling. I’m now awake and can’t stop shaking. Please explain this to me aomeone.

  • OSMAIR HENRY A00128177

    Good morning, this morning when i woke up i recall dreaming of seeing a snake under my sofa, peeping at me and as I move to get a broom to knock it , it went out quickly. the doors of the three rooms were open, ut he chose the middle room and he dashed itself through the window on the side of the screen door. i am wondering what this dream means. thanks.

  • Maria

    Last night I dreamed about a poisonous snake that had invaded my house, and slithered along the baseboards in each room, over and over again. I was afraid to fall asleep in any of the rooms, for fear the snake would bite me if I didn’t keep constant watch.

    In reality, I am being treated for Stage 4 cancer, and also work for someone who is rather thoughtless about my situation. She cannot legally dismiss me, but I believe she would like to see me retire, so that she can hire someone younger and “healthier. I must keep my wits about me, daily, and work as productively as I can, but its stressful.  I need the employer’s health care insurance for my cancer care until I qualify for Medicare.

  • Rebecca Canady

    Have never dreamt of a snake before. This one was hughe, first visual was it’s belly turned up twisted in a knot, no fear associated. Then noticed it’s trail around a Sandy floored room I was exploring with someone. Upon exiting the room, glanced back. Snakes red scaled head watched us exit ,it was drooling . That was all.

  • Heather

    I had a dream last night that I was in a big building full of people young and old and sitting on a Sofa there was an old woman who had a snake wrapped around her, it didn’t bite her but it started slithering towards a child looking as if it was ready to bite it, so I pushed my way through everyone and grabbed the snake by its head holding its mouth closed. I ran outside with the snake but by grip on its head was week, I was not strong enough to press hard enough and the snake managed to open its mouth and bite me. I got a hold of it again and shouted out that it was a black mamba and I would be dead within but 30 mins , I needed to get the antivenom, I was shouting out to everyone please tell my family I love them, I’m going to die as I won’t make it to hospital. I was taken to hospital. The person who took me called ahead so they would be ready for me. I went to a desk still holding the snake head which was dead, there was no body left to it. I knew it was dead but I can’t remember how it died. (I think it’s head was chopped off while I was still holding it) at the reception desk there was a man who immediately injected me and I was saved. Then there was a discussions about how I saved all those people and that I lucky to be alive and then there were discussions about taking photos of the snake head and the man who gave me the injection wanting to keep the head for their records. I got the feeling I was a police officer or something like that and it was up to me to save the people especially the children and older people.

    • H,G

      I have a real sandboa hes tame and a really friendly snake,, i dremt that he had escaped and split into 2 snakes himself and a smaller version off him, i kept trying catch him with tongs as he kept trying to bite me missing each time, every time i put him back in his home he would escape the 2nd one was easier to catch and only escaped when the 1st snake did? In the last part of the dream i thought i was putting himnto his home but i didnt i put him in the fishtank? Which confused me in the dream as i didnt realise id put him into the fish tank? Then i woke up.

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