Dreaming about Being Bitten by a Snake

Snake Bite Dream

Dreaming of being bitten by a snake is one of the most common and striking snake dreams. While the dreamer is likely to wake up scared or confused about the meaning of such a dream, a general interpretation considers snake bite imagery in dreams as a precious warning or wake up call regarding your waking life.

A snake biting you symbolically signifies that you need to pay attention to a challenging situation or emotion that has not yet been completely acknowledged and dealt with.

Snake Bite Dream Meanings

  • The snake bite symbolizes a wake up call
  • Warning about a situation, activity, behavior or thought that are “poisonous” in your life.
  • Warning about something that paralyzes your ability to make a choice in order to take the next step in your life or a relationship
  • Resistance to what is perceived as a “temptation” or a situation that challenges your beliefs or values
  • Sign that you’re on the verge of a deep personal transformation

What does being bitten by a snake in a dream mean?

What does dreaming about a snake bite mean? Here are several meaning definitions to help interpreting your dream.

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Dream Meaning #1: Pay attention to something you’ve been ignoring

Dreaming of being bitten by this wild reptile can be interpreted as a painful reminder that you need to pay attention to a situation or relationship that has been challenging or difficult to deal with in your waking life. A snake biting you in a dream symbolizes your own guidance system or unconscious trying to get your attention through a wake up call.

You’re becoming more aware about an issue or aspect of yourself that you’ve been ignoring. The snake bite has the effect of prompting a reaction on your part, whether it’s pain, surprise or fear. Often, the dreamer will wake up right after the snake bites her in the dream. The attack from the serpent can therefore point to the need to wake yourself up, in your life too, from a situation where you have been compromising too much.

A dream of a snake bite reminds you that you need to resolve or come to terms with a situation or behavior that is paralyzing your ability to make a decision or move forward. Getting bitten by this wild creature is an invitation to examine what is currently “poisonous” in your life and to remedy it.

Dream Meaning #2: Meaning of the body part that is bitten by the snake

The dream interpretation will vary depending on what part of the body is being bitten. Consider the meaning you give to the part and how it related to what is challenged or needs to change in your waking life.

For instance, a snake bite to the right hand means that you are conflicted about taking action or making the right choice in your life; it could suggest that you are preoccupied with acting in fairness or maintaining a healthy transparency in a relationship whether it is intimate or related to work.

Being bitten by a snake in the back could indicate that you need to pay attention to ill words or deceitful actions of people around you; it could also mean that you need to resolve issues from the past or concerns that you have been carrying with you for a long time.

Dream Meaning #3: You’re holding back your wild, untamed side

When you dream of a snake biting you, the animal may reflect conflictual urges or desires you have in waking life and that are hard to grasp or control. Dreaming of a snake brings to your attention, through the image of this animal, to a part of you that you or possibly others consider as “wild”, untamed, perhaps even “out of control”.

Snake Bite Dream

This inner conflict may have escaped your attention or you may have seen it looming over you, just like the animal in the dream before it strikes. The fact the snake is biting you indicates that you are in the process of becoming more conscious of what you need to do to take control of a situation or matter that has been creeping in

Dream Meaning #4: Transformation is painfully taking place in your life

The serpent is delivering the antidote to numbing yourself and avoiding what needs to be done to get to the next step in your life. The snake bite may point to a shift occurring in your awareness, a transformation: You are on the verge of becoming more aware about a matter that was previously hidden or avoided.

This radical shift may be experienced in a painful manner at first, but will be beneficial in the long run. This wake up call is part of your growth process.

Dream Meaning #5: Struggle with temptation

Dreaming of a snake biting you may represent the archetypal presence of temptation in your life. Just like the serpent in the Garden of Eden in the judeo-christian tradition, the animal in your dream could connect to a “temptation”, desire or situation you feel conflicted about because of it does not fit in your usual beliefs or ethical values.

The snake bite is a wake up call to face whatever is causing tension, perhaps even challenge some of your core beliefs or values and get a fresh perspective.

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Next Step: Make your Own Meaning

To go further with the interpretation of your snake dream, ask yourself the following questions. You can get more help by looking at the Snake Dream Interpretation Guide.

  • How afraid are you of the snake and/or the bite in your dream?
  • Which part of your body does the snake bite? Look at the corresponding meanings.
  • How are you resisting change in your life?
  • Has a fear of making a decision paralyzed your ability to stand for yourself or move forward in your life?

Need Help to Interpret your Dream about a Snake Bite?

Post your dream below if you had a dream featuring a snake biting and need help to interpret its meaning. Other people passionate about dream interpretation will have a chance to answer. You can look at other types of snake dreams in the Dreams Forum.

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629 Responses to Dreaming about Snake Bite

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like an abusive relationship

  • Alyn caballero

    The snake bitten my left knee, what thus it mean? Thanks

  • SB

    I had a dream last night that a was with a group of people and I was sitting on the ground in an area that was full of leaves and mulch. I started moving my heels in and out of the mulch. A big cobra came out and bit the woman next to me on the leg. Next a baby cobra came out and bit my right hand and right leg. The other woman was healed but I did not know if I would survive or not.

  • Tabatha Snyder

    My dream is about a small white snake probably about two ft in length it was pure white with black eyes. I was playing with it at first but then after a bit it started getting aggressive and I picked it up and it would wrap itself around me and then it kept trying to fight me, luckily I had a thick white sweater on and it couldn’t penetrate my skin. But after a bit of me trying to get this snake away from me it would just keep getting worse and more aggressive. So, I finally got it and I kept squeezing its head but it kept making its way to biting me and every time I would throw it out it would come back. Eventually I ended up wrestling with it again and it bit my finger on my right hand and I finally got rid of it but, my finger was bleeding and then I woke up.

  • Mali

    I had a dream last night…i first heard a hiss… Then I saw 2 snakes..they probably were mating IDK… I caught the 2 of them with my right hand and they both bit me at the same time on my right hand..

  • Jo Rodriguez

    I had a dream of a snake biting the upper back part of my left arm and when I woke up my arm was burning in the exact same spot where the snake bit me. What does it mean??

  • Dipanwita chakraborty

    I dreamt it last night. Nd also frequently from last two months.. But yesterday night I saw that a rattle snake.. Which is dangerous venomous snake. Nd it had bitten me on my right hands fingers nd I just woke up at that moment when it bite me.

  • Jas Wade

    I had a dream. I was at a weddin g ceremony in a lagoon outside of a place of worship and a boa constrictor attempted to bite me , but my daughter jumped in the way and she was bitten instead on t the left shoulder arm pit it area.

  • kristine

    I dreamed that i was holding a snake and playing it with my hands the snake likes it,it was a friendly snake, and in my dream i realized that it is dangerous. So i did tried to throw the snake twice,but the snake won’t fell off, at the third attempt of throwing the snake it did bite me three times in my right arm and it is swollen. As i wake up.I was very nervous.

  • Melanie

    i had a dream that i was swimming in a pool with my mother and my leg stings and then i found out that it was a snake that bit me a hugeeeeeee snake python

  • h

    I had a dream last night where I was bit or stung by a bug or something and I ran over to this snake that I guess I knew was friendly? It rushed to take out the venom or what ever I was stung with by sucking it out, which worked and I thanked it? I remembered wanting to look it up earlier but almost forgot luckily seeing an ad of a Jake Paul video reminded me.

    • Lindsey Alexander

      I just had a dream that a bunch of family and friends showed up at my house for my son’s first birthday (we live far from our homewotwn) I was talking and greeting everyone and then i was walking in a part of our house (that doesn’t exist) alone a huge snake was right in front of me. I began to back up then it lunges at me and i put my hands up so it bit my fingers both hands i believe. I could feel the venom spreading and knew i needed to get to an area with people so they would find me. I stumbled to the kitchen and began hitting my elbows on the counter and i kept trying to say yelp but the words wouldn’t come out correctly. Then i woke up.

  • Billie Jean

    I had a similar dream. Snake was curled on a tree branch and struck around about my mouth. At first I felt like it didn’t bite me but later on I felt like it bit me in the mouth. I immediately awakened.

  • LUCY

    A snake bit my index finger on my right hand and it really hurt in the dream and I was trying to free my hand.

    • Cherry

      I had the same.. Is everything ok with u so far?

  • Crystal Lei

    I dreamt of a lot of golden snakes went into our house but we were able to get rid of it but then there was one long and huge golden snake who came to our house and as I try to approached the snake, it bit me in my right foot.(just right infront of the ankle)

  • John Doe

    In my dream, i found a snake in my house and it was going towards my brother so my dad picked it up near the head but it was still able to move around so i went to try help but it noticed my hand. It felt as if there was a force hold my hand in place as I tried to yank my hand away. my dad kept telling me to pull my hand away as the spider bit the side of my hand. My dad then became mad that I’d gotten bitten as i kept yelling to get an ambulance before stumbling away and blacking out.

  • Dan p

    I last night had a bite dream. I was just cruising along in an open desert rocky terrain. Saw pile of snakes. In dream apparently felt it was right to run them over, suddenly I was exposed and a rattler bit me in the right knee. Suddenly surrounded by grass I wrap my belt around my upper thigh as my knee area purpled and swells.

  • Alexia

    Once I had a interesting dream. I was in a city but not a normal city, this city was in Spain. I had lived their for a while so I knew lots of the buildings. Anyway, there was this large tunnel that was not familiar. It looked Greek and very old. Next to the opening of the tunnel were hundreds of snakes. I don’t know why but I went over to the snakes and went to look at them.(for some reason they were in lush green bushes) As I went over I clearly saw all the different colored snakes. They were beautiful and super colorful. Then I saw this one black snake. The creature lunged at me but I didn’t even flinch. It grabbed on to my arm and stayed their. I just stared at it. I was kind of mad that I didn’t catch it. I went and grabbed the snake of my arm and dropped it. It didn’t bite me again but if I stayed their it might of. Then I turned and looked at the tunnel. I didn’t go in but I did admire it for the great architecture of the odd building. I wanted to go in but I realized it was a dream and woke up.

  • Phyu

    In my last night dream, I’m the one who started trying to press the white snake’s head. And it responded quickly by biting to my right hand,I was freaking out when I see two holes. The terrible feeling that I’m about to die still remain until now.I still feel the warm and painful feeling of ny hand and the venom.

    • Alexia

      Was their any other things in the dream? Like buildings, plants, or any other animals?

  • CK

    I’ve been having this dream in which there are many snakes but their body’s are crushed however their mouth is normal and they are trying to bite me and then by the end of the dream there is a huge white snake that tries to bite me before I wake up…

    Please someone help me by explaining this

    • Phyu

      So do I. White snake.

  • David

    In my dream I was in a desert. I wasn’t necessarily bit, but the rattle snake struck and it was going right towards my face. I shot out of bed, and was extremely scared. Any feedback would be appreciated.

  • Aj

    In my dream i found a snake in the laundry and it got out. I told my husband and he chopped it up but was bitten and fell unconscious. Our daughter was sleeping next to him and my son running around. When the snake was chopped up a bunch of tiny snakes came outof it. They were everywhere and i was freaking out. Every time i tried to wakr my husband and get my family to safety i was chased by them and they tried to bite me, hissing coiling up. I dont understand the dream but couldnt wake from it, know it has value as a warning premonition, as ive had these dreams most of my life. Usually i understand them. They always end badly when i dont understand them or dont heed their warning. Can anyone please explain?

  • Happiness

    I had a dream in that i saw a snake i was so afraid of that he was in front of me but somwhow he came to my back side i have birthmark over there and he bite on that mark at that point of time i was feeling pain but later it was nothing and no pain at all
    Actually i am not geeting it please tell me tha meaning of this please

  • Sagarika Deb

    I had a dream of 1 particular large snake is trying to bite me. Everytime I find a place to escape it comes from nowhere and tries to bite me. In my entire dream I was surrounded with my family who were trying to protect me from that snake.
    In the end of my dream I c my family bids a good bye post my marriage so that I can stay safe in a new place.also, seen my ailing late dad in the dream crying .

    I seriously didn’t get the meaning of it.

  • Rick

    I was trying to get away from someone or somewhere and was bit by cobras a few times in my left hand and once in my back. All at different points in the dream. One of the cobras had a fish print on his back. It was odd. Also it never really injured me. I didnt get sick or really feel the bite in the dream.

  • Shaun Palmer

    Was dreaming that multiple baby snakes were crawling up my leg and body eventually around to my back behind my neck. I was trying to stay calm and remove them with my left hand and I got rid of a few but was repeatedly being bitten in the hand when I did and started to feel the affects of their venom. I was experiencing pain in the dream and went through about four snakes before I actually woke up in a panic and still feeling as though I was in physical pain for a couple seconds as well as feeling dazed as though I was actually poisoned. I then searched my bed making sure something wasn’t actually biting me lol.

  • Starshine

    I woke up from a dream where a weird looking snake bit my female private parts. I screamed and tried to crab walk away before being bit. I was terrified. Once bitten I screamed and noone heard me and people were around. I heard the people..I didn’t see them until later. I am NOT a snake fan at all. Once this dream was over, I had a pleasant dream of me and my boyfriend hanging out and laughing. Weird!!!

  • Deze

    I had a dream I was on a bus holding a snake. Everytime it went by the window it would shrink and curl like it withered. Then it came back to life to bite me on my hand. I could see the venom in my hand bubbling. Then I tried to suck the venom out for fear of dying. What does this mean?

  • Greece

    I had dream of a cobra snake(I don’t remember very well) but the snake flew right towards me I caught, but I just could tame it the snake bit my left hand by my thumb when I threw to he ground it came back and bit my left leg on my ankle. At the end I don’t know what happened to the snake, but I remember being in the shower in my dream looking down the drain and hearing hissing after that I woke up in panic also I had pain on my right hand, but not my left foot. I find this strange.
    Anyone had answers due to what I have to look out for?

    • Emma

      I had a simple dream yesterday, and am worried about it.

  • Ruth


    Today morning I had a dream that I am going somewhere in my two-wheeler and then suddenly somebody throw a snake,snake is small in size but he bite my feet.Suddenly I shake my leg and I saw that after a biting me that snake died.I tried to remove the blood from leg I cut the wound so that the bleeding start and poisonous blood will come out.Suddenly I went to one of my very old friend home with whom i am not in touch for so many years..and there again same type of snake but little bigger than previous one bite me in my left leg little finger and after that second snake also died but I had seen a small piece of green colour apple in his mouth.

    • Warren

      I had one very similar and I can’t find out what it’s trying to say

  • Cynthia Salazar

    I had a dream a Snake Bite me directly in the left side of my face and I coverd my face w my jacket hat n he was,bitting my whole head to

  • Willow

    I dreamt that i was in the passenger seat of a car with a bunch of people I did not know, then out of nowhere the driver pulled out this snake from a bag at my feet. I was scared and asked him to not wave it in my face suddenly it bit my knee and held onto it just ingesting poisen we then drove to the hospital and you could see this line of poisen just slowly going up through my body, it didn’t hurt… can anyone help?

  • Jamie

    I was out on some jet ski looking invention with a few friends (don’t recognize any of them). I told dude I wanted my own so I hopped on and the girl kept saying “I’m not getting in there. There’s sharks.” Me not caring smiled and took off down this water channel. I didn’t look behind to see if they followed or not. I never saw any sharks but I did see alligators swimming below me. When I parked on this random embankment and walked away, I turned around and noticed an alligator was coming after my ski but decided to turn around and swim away. I noticed all these rock formations so I decided to climb to get a better view. Once I got to the top and stood up, I was looking at the beautiful view. Randomly something touched my foot and I looked down to see three snakes slithering around. The black snake and the yellow snake just ventured off on their own. The baby red one who had a horn on its nose started to slither away but came back and started climbing up my leg. I panicked and tried to fling it off and it bite me on the toe then it bite me on the right hand and arm before I was able to remove it from me. I instantly started feeling nauseous so I started to climb down. Got to the bottom to great my mom and check out my bites. My toe was an entire blister and my arm was turning yellow and black. I freaked stating we have to get to the doc before I die from the poison and I woke up terrified.

  • Amechi Kingsley

    I dreamed about snake biten my left hand ND hold it for some minutes before leaving it

  • magda

    A bright turquoise snake crawled around and sort of puffed out in shape on the ground, irritated by the obnoxious humor of the people nearby. It was right by my feet when I looked down. I jumped back but as I did it bit me right on too of my left foot. No pain. But I was worried. I looked around. There was a celebrity doctor watching. I felt like I might be fine because he must know how serious it was. I felt sure I’d get the help I needed soon. I collapsed forward on to a friend, my arms resting on their shoulders.
    They’ll understand, surely.
    The friend lead me in a waltz as I curled my feet under so the tops dragged behind me.
    Later we pulled out the fangs from the swollen, softened skin. There were 4 fangs.

  • Erica

    I dreamed about a snake biting my left thumb as I was walking out of a grocery store I believe. It was a cobra, because something in my head(in my dream) kept recognizing it as one. The bite was painful at the beginning and I knew that I was going to die so I started telling people to call 911. I ended up collapsing near the door entrance, some women came and nelt down beside me then I died. When I woke up my whole left hand and arm were numb.

  • Nathan

    It isn’t the first time I’ve had this dream, it’s been several times in different ways but results the same way. I own a pet Ball Python who is a pet snake I adore fondly and only have been bitten by accident when he mistook my hand for food.

    My dream often is me handling my own pet snake and he would bite me out of being annoyed at me or angry. My reactions are always nonchalant and dismissive since I’m so used to it. I’d smile at him anyway have no ill regard or fear to being bitten by him. Though often people around me are shocked or afraid and I have to explain to them that it’s not painful at all and looks a lot worse than it is.

    Don’t know if anyone can interpret anything from that. I’ve just had that same dream now and then and it came back to me yesterday.

  • Carol

    Wednesday morning I woke up from a dream of being bitten by a brown snake with black spots. I could see my sister in the dream and then her husband was guiding me saying come and he would take me to the hospital.
    The snake was among some items I had picked up in my left hand. It was small enough to call it a baby snake.  The snake bit me more than once above my left hand on the inner wrist I don’t recall the bite being painful, only a numbing feeling.

  • sarah tembo

    I dreamt I was at my mum’s house as I was about to enter the house saw a snake and bite me on my forehead then I was screeming that the poison had to come out then the blood was coming out.

  • Gabriel Gurirab

    I dream of brown snake bittting at my left hand but the pain was not painfull .awake up and feel slight numbness in hand.pleas interpreted or translate this dream for me

    • Rachel

      I dreamt of a green viper biting my left hand last night too. I knew it was coming. It was very slow and I wasn’t surprised. It didn’t really hurt either just the initial little sting of the bite. I’m usually terrified of snakes but this time I was not afraid.

    • Erica

      I just had this same dream, literally. I was in the grocery store the snake was mines but it kept chasing me for some reason. While I was walking out it bit me on my left thumb, I could feel the pain or tingle in my dream. When I woke up my hand was numb

  • wallace

    i dreamt of a snake biting my left leg.a puffadder and i had to be calm in the dream and i wasnt scared of death.

  • Gladys

    I dream when I was at rural areas where I grow up and my aunt was performing a ritual holding a snake.She started doing the incantations while she was hitting the snake on the ground and the snake become angry that she could not control it.the snake jump and bit me on my right hand.I went to the clinic nearby but they were reluctant to help me ,what they only did whascto remove the skin of my hand and then I woke up

  • Mel

    I had a dream that my bf and I were surrounded my a snake and 2 crocodiles all while we layed on the floor as soon as I saw the snake getting closer to me I told him let’s get up and run and we got up and ran. The snake started chasing me and caught up to me opened his mouth and bit me and as soon as that happened I woke up. I woke up scared and confused. The dream seem so realistic and is If was trying to tell me something

    • Mel

      *Same colored snake as the one pictured on this forum.

      • Anonymous

        So did i it bit me three times

  • Leearna

    I had a dream that a snake bit my hand and wouldn’t let go I had to grab its neck and break it to let go

  • Mike Hollis

    My husband was holding a beautiful snake and I went to pet it, when I walked away the snake bit me on my right arm, it did not hurt. The guy who owned the snake came over to remove the snake from my arm and tended to the wound. I then bragged about the snake bit to everyone I met that day and showed them the bit marks. I was kind of proud about it.

  • Tiara

    I dreamt that a brown thin snake from brown water bit my left hand. I’m right handed

    • Latesha

      Me too and the person was trying to get the snake to but me on purpose , and the snake that bit me on my left had by my wedding ring.

  • Em Gee

    I dreamt that my friend had a pet snake. It kept biting me hard and it was vicious. It but me on the hand, back, shoulder, and even my finger. It was ugly and it was painful. But it did not wake me up. So weird.

  • Salie

    I was dreaming that my third son saw a reddish orange snake and he tried to put it away by a stick. I tried to get the stick from him but I was bitten by the snake on my right hand. I was lying on the floor then I felt numbness slowly then I woke up.

  • Sam

    I woke up in the middle of the night because I had a dream. I was playing a dangerous game/hiking with my family. At first, we were doing well and winning as I was guiding them.

    Then, we started encountering pythons. I almost got bitten once because of a family member, I dont remmber which, but I didnt. Then, my sister started hugging a yellow python and then carelessly dropped it. The snake got angry and chased me onto a table. I danced trying to avoid it, and then it bit me on the middle top of my foot.

    Meanwhile, my family just had a normal convo as if nothing was happening. I kept telling them to make the snake bite me again because it would reverse the effects of the poison. But they did nothing. Next thing I know I’m in the hospital and I just woke up.

    Something kept telling me to Google the meaning, but I hesitated. When I turned my phone on, it was 3:33.

  • Lalaloves

    My dream was a bout a snake biting my right foot and it wouldn’t let go.. a very painful and frightening dream!

    • Deedeedee

      Me too!  It was a snake with a weird shaped fat head, and it was very long and big, and it was in an old house where I used to live.  There was a pile of dirt coming up from the ground below where the table used to be, in a large mound, and other snakes of the same where laying stretched out there on the dirt.  The I felt one bite my right foot, feeling like it was maybe 3/4 of the foot it was clamped onto, and it would not let go.  I was terrified to move and even look down for more than that one second, and I’m screaming to whoever was with me (I forgot) to stop talking and look down and see there’s a snake that won’t let go of my foot!  I then turned around later and started sliding the foot across the floor to get out the door, and I was dragging it, then I saw one little patch of green grass right outside the door in all the dirt that was somehow now there and I slid my foot over it and the snake let go, like I was wiping dog poop off my shoe.  I was mad after that for some reason because no one was helping me.  The snake was dark with crooked orange stripes going crosswise.  The head looked like a toad or something with three colors, like a dark green, a yellowish, and then an orange part.  It was very scary because I can still feel all that pressure of the snake clamping down on my foot knowing I was doomed.

  • Alexia

    I dreamed that my nephew was going to get bit by the snake so I tried to fright it off. I tried to kill it but it bit my right arm. While it was in my arm I ripped it in half and killed the snake.

    • Doris Hilton

      I dreamed I was walking in a big stream. All of a sudden I was being bitten all over even my head.I woke up feeling scared and prickly all over.

    • Charlie

      I was also protecting my nephew. At first it was pleasant to identify snakes in the yard. Then they slithered inside; the red and yellow markings were intriguing. A short yellow one bit my right index finger. I was calm. I called 911. Then my finger started going numb and oozing a dark color , brown. I went to the sink and the brown coffee-colored liquid sprayed out so strong. My finger suddenly started to foam and the tip fell off. I was on the call with 911 still. Then my mouth started bleeding. It was a waterfall of blood. My nephew was screaming and I was looking at him still telling him not to be afraid that I’m ok, not in pain. I apologized to my mother. I kept bleeding out. All I remembered was being calm. I prayed and I woke up. I woke up with the most calm I’ve had after a horrific dream like this. My nephew did yell, “Daddy” while he screamed. He never knew his father; his father was killed before he was born.

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