Dreaming about Being Bitten by a Snake

Snake Bite Dream

Dreaming of being bitten by a snake is one of the most common and striking snake dreams. While the dreamer is likely to wake up scared or confused about the meaning of such a dream, a general interpretation considers snake bite imagery in dreams as a precious warning or wake up call regarding your waking life.

A snake biting you symbolically signifies that you need to pay attention to a challenging situation or emotion that has not yet been completely acknowledged and dealt with.

Snake Bite Dream Meanings

  • The snake bite symbolizes a wake up call
  • Warning about a situation, activity, behavior or thought that are “poisonous” in your life.
  • Warning about something that paralyzes your ability to make a choice in order to take the next step in your life or a relationship
  • Resistance to what is perceived as a “temptation” or a situation that challenges your beliefs or values
  • Sign that you’re on the verge of a deep personal transformation

What does being bitten by a snake in a dream mean?

What does dreaming about a snake bite mean? Here are several meaning definitions to help interpreting your dream.

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Dream Meaning #1: Pay attention to something you’ve been ignoring

Dreaming of being bitten by this wild reptile can be interpreted as a painful reminder that you need to pay attention to a situation or relationship that has been challenging or difficult to deal with in your waking life. A snake biting you in a dream symbolizes your own guidance system or unconscious trying to get your attention through a wake up call.

You’re becoming more aware about an issue or aspect of yourself that you’ve been ignoring. The snake bite has the effect of prompting a reaction on your part, whether it’s pain, surprise or fear. Often, the dreamer will wake up right after the snake bites her in the dream. The attack from the serpent can therefore point to the need to wake yourself up, in your life too, from a situation where you have been compromising too much.

A dream of a snake bite reminds you that you need to resolve or come to terms with a situation or behavior that is paralyzing your ability to make a decision or move forward. Getting bitten by this wild creature is an invitation to examine what is currently “poisonous” in your life and to remedy it.

Dream Meaning #2: Meaning of the body part that is bitten by the snake

The dream interpretation will vary depending on what part of the body is being bitten. Consider the meaning you give to the part and how it related to what is challenged or needs to change in your waking life.

For instance, a snake bite to the right hand means that you are conflicted about taking action or making the right choice in your life; it could suggest that you are preoccupied with acting in fairness or maintaining a healthy transparency in a relationship whether it is intimate or related to work.

Being bitten by a snake in the back could indicate that you need to pay attention to ill words or deceitful actions of people around you; it could also mean that you need to resolve issues from the past or concerns that you have been carrying with you for a long time.

Dream Meaning #3: You’re holding back your wild, untamed side

When you dream of a snake biting you, the animal may reflect conflictual urges or desires you have in waking life and that are hard to grasp or control. Dreaming of a snake brings to your attention, through the image of this animal, to a part of you that you or possibly others consider as “wild”, untamed, perhaps even “out of control”.

Snake Bite Dream

This inner conflict may have escaped your attention or you may have seen it looming over you, just like the animal in the dream before it strikes. The fact the snake is biting you indicates that you are in the process of becoming more conscious of what you need to do to take control of a situation or matter that has been creeping in

Dream Meaning #4: Transformation is painfully taking place in your life

The serpent is delivering the antidote to numbing yourself and avoiding what needs to be done to get to the next step in your life. The snake bite may point to a shift occurring in your awareness, a transformation: You are on the verge of becoming more aware about a matter that was previously hidden or avoided.

This radical shift may be experienced in a painful manner at first, but will be beneficial in the long run. This wake up call is part of your growth process.

Dream Meaning #5: Struggle with temptation

Dreaming of a snake biting you may represent the archetypal presence of temptation in your life. Just like the serpent in the Garden of Eden in the judeo-christian tradition, the animal in your dream could connect to a “temptation”, desire or situation you feel conflicted about because of it does not fit in your usual beliefs or ethical values.

The snake bite is a wake up call to face whatever is causing tension, perhaps even challenge some of your core beliefs or values and get a fresh perspective.

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Next Step: Make your Own Meaning

To go further with the interpretation of your snake dream, ask yourself the following questions. You can get more help by looking at the Snake Dream Interpretation Guide.

  • How afraid are you of the snake and/or the bite in your dream?
  • Which part of your body does the snake bite? Look at the corresponding meanings.
  • How are you resisting change in your life?
  • Has a fear of making a decision paralyzed your ability to stand for yourself or move forward in your life?

Need Help to Interpret your Dream about a Snake Bite?

Post your dream below if you had a dream featuring a snake biting and need help to interpret its meaning. Other people passionate about dream interpretation will have a chance to answer. You can look at other types of snake dreams in the Dreams Forum.

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397 Responses to Dreaming about Snake Bite

  • Robin Worthington

    Hello, I dreamed of 2 rattlesnakes biting both my feet. I didn’t wake up from the dream I did go to the hospital and my whole body but my head got completely numb them I woke up. Any ideas… Thanks

  • Sylvan

    I dreamed about a long bright green snake biting both my hands, you could see the bite holes and on my right and a large lump. I didn’t wake up from this dream however an instead did things to heal the wounds like puting cream on it and taking a cold bath. Could I please have some help interpreting this dream further?

  • Sylvan

    I dreamed about a long bright green snake biting both my hands, you could see the note hopes and on my right and a large lump. I didn’t wake up from this dream however an instead did things to heal the wounds like puting cream on it and taking a cold bath. Could I please have some help interpreting this dream further?

  • Kakuna Ngunaihe

    Good morning, I live in Namibia a country in the South-West Africa. The night before last night I had a dream whereby I was bitten by a black, short and fat snake with a pointy/sharp tail. In this dream I was with my cousin’s five years old daughter and baby that I did not know of. It seemed like my cousin’s daughter was playing with this strange baby and strangely out of nowhere this snake came in and bit the baby. And it seemed like the baby became unconscious immediately and then my cousin’s daughter was bitten too she fell but she was moving like she was struggling for her life and the snake was ready to strike her again and that’s when I stepped in and in bit me on my arm. I really can’t recall which arm it was by I am slightly sure it was on my left arm. After that I woke up scared and I never went to sleep again. This dream happened around five o’clock in the morning.

  • Sanghamitra

    I see some strange function, people who are actors in real life but in dream my known people, friends of the different stage of my life talking about each other whereas in real life they dont know each other at all. I see a two feet long baby pink venomous snake in that party hiding in gifts room and attacking smartly. This continues and next in that so called known people who are actors actually on their marriage anniversary the man is in water filled ground three of those snakes are there and one bites his foot and he is dying gradually, his wife faints crying and we juat watch helplessly. I keep watching this stupid dream.

  • Winnie Cwera

    A snake bite me on a ring finger. And this happened very fast and the snake was gone.But after a while my right foot was affected out of the snake bite. I woke up running to hospital.

  • JD Jacobs

    Hi. I live in South Africa. I was just woken up by a terrible snake dream. I was playing with the snake as if it was a pet. Then I realized I have my dogs and fiance in the house and if they were to be bitten by this poisonous snake I would be very sad. So I decide to take the snake with my right hand by its head to keepbit from bitting me and I walk through my dark home in the middle of the night from our bedroom to the kitchen to grab a knive to cut its head off. I try to turn on a light so I can see but the lights doesn’t work. Fumbling through the dark, looking for a huge knive, I found a large meat cleaver. I grab hold of it with my left hand but as I was struggling to find the meat cleaver the snake in my right hand wiggled itself loose and it bites me in my right hand repeatedly. I couldn’t hold on to it anymore because of the pain so I let go and it falls to the ground. It slithered away underneath a couch. My smallest dog came running to see what all the commotion was about and the snake starts to chase her. Then I realized I need to get the lights back on. I run to the fuse box and saw someone has cut the electric to my house on purpose. And I saw my security gate was broken into. Then I saw the dark figures with masks on coming towards the door to enter my home. They were armed. I tried to quickly lock tge doors and I yelled to my fiance to warn her, but I couldn’t manage to scream loud enough. Only little whimpers came out. It is then that I woke up in bed, still screaming her name. She tried to calm me down but I jumped out of bed with a flashlight, cell phone and a weapon to check outside if all was locked and safe. After smoking 2 cigarettes I decided to Google the meaning. Now I am writing this. Please help. I am scared for the ones I love. Thanks.

  • Jasmine

    I recently dreamed that a snake bit the top of my forehead by my centre parting of my hair line, it is really strange and from the comments, I haven’t seen anyone else has been bitten there ? I actually hate snakes in person I am scared of them.

  • Alexandria

    I had this dream like 3 nights in a row but me and my daughter were in a room sleeping and a snake came from under the bed we were in and the 1st 2 nights I fought it off as well as the 3rd night but the 3rd night after I knocked it away from me it came back immediately and bit me in the right index finger and I could feel it then my dream went to something else please what does this mean?

  • christina martinez

    I dreamt I was in my grandparents old house in their kitchen I saw a light brown object coming out from their cabinets from the bottom. I looked again and saw that it was a snake. I called to my brother and my brother went over and took the snake outside and threw it in my direction but first got bit on his thumb. He was bleeding- pressed on it and blood shot at me.

    Then I woke up. My brother (who the snake bit) passed away 3 yrs ago.
    Just trying to see what this could possibly mean.

    • Liz

      Maybe somewhere you are feeling guilty(not so much) a guilt not like you feel guilty directly but just feel bad because it happened as anyone would about his passing. I don’t know how to explain it. I’m sorry. . Or you have unresolved feelings about his passing. Honey I’m so sorry you had to go through that. Prayers be with you. Do you think a lot about the situation and “what if’s” in the situation? Maybe that’s what’s happening.

  • Nupur Sahu

    In my dream i saw that im working in kitchen and below platform something is there n there was white snake i started shouting n turn back suddenly snake bite to my left leg calf. I also saw bulk of snakes are there in my house and im finding solutions with my family that how to remove them all. Then i had fight with my husband n then i woke up.

  • Natasha Catchpole

    In my dream it was my friend that had this huge snake as a pet but it kept escaping from the vivarium and she didnt mind…but i was trying to get her realise that he could be dangerous and kill and eat us but she loved the snake and trusted it. So i got my son and went to leave…tgen the snake bit me in the foot. I got out her house i ses the fang bites on my foot and what looked like poison seeping out i was really scared.

  • Nwosu Amarachi Glory

    In my dream, I was with some friends when a snake( I didn’t see it clearly) passed me and bit me in the process. I didn’t notice it bit me until I felt the action of the poison. Then a friend cut the spot open and removed the poison.
    Please I need to know the meaning cause this is the second time.

  • Robyn

    I am standing on the edge of a cliff looking doen at the ocean. I am with friends. We are joyous. We are watching the dolphins jump from the water. I look down to see a snake in the grass near my feet. It is big and light peach and green in colour. I am not afraid, just merely notice it. I take a tiny step forward to peer further down the cliff. The snake triples in size and strikes me fast in the right side of my waist. I do not wake up. I ask for help. The people around me try to help me by identifying the snake. They tell me I am going to be okay and to get ready for the poison. I close my eyes and feel the poison rush through my body. I am not afraid. I wake up.

    Any help you may be able to give me with the meaning of this dream will be so greatly appreciated! I am a young woman on the verge of a new chapter in life.

  • Koy


    I was at home in my old apt but as if part of the roof was missing. I spotted 2 greish snakes in d gap in d ceiling and I heard someone exclaimed they are good size meaning big. Same time a sif I was in my living room and another greish snake just rushed out from under a piece of furniture and they all attacked me. It was as if my mom was around also but the focus was still me and we both tried to elude the snakes. However two of the snakes latched on to my left arm. One above my elbow one below. And r 3rd latched unto my right arm jyst below my shoulder. In the dream i was conscious that snake means enemy and i panicked as i was bitten by three. I hastily contemplated what to do and suddenly snapped each of their heads back from their grip on my arm one by one. I started wondering if they were poisonous but recalled that as I lived in the Caribbean their are only about 2 poisonous snakes on my island. However I hastened to a makeshift clinic. There the people seemed fed up that I had come as I had hoped they would rush me to he hospital. Instead I ended up by a counter where a young girl tried to sell me piece of blue fancy ribbon as the cure. When she told me the price I realised it was higher than if I had just bought the ribbon not as the cure so I quarrelled and walked away. I found myself by a drug store whereview I was given a medicine and only then I realised the snakes may not have been poisonous after all. I was told the name of the ointment but couldn’t recall when I woke and I was reading the instruction which was written in blue writing with a red caption. It highlighted the dosage based on the number of bites. I also remember when I saw the initial bites they were like big chicken pox that burrs and after I place the ointment I saw the individual teeth marks and the area around them were purple. I was then in conversation with a cousin of mine who exclaimed that the one on my right arm will hurt the most.

  • Nickesha

    I had a dream of a snake being hold by someone Bite me on my right hand in my sleep…and I would like to know what’s the meaning…

    • Kim

      i had exactly the same dream…….

  • Joy

    I was walking in the grass. As I was walking I saw a snake to my right.  It was big and if I recall it was reddish, brownish with triangular shapes. It lunged and I could see it’s large fangs as it bot my lower right leg. The weirdest part about it is the snake just looked directly at me after it had its fangs in my leg. I don’t recall screaming. Just the fact it looked me in the eyes and stayed there. I don’t recall waking up but I’m sure I did.  I’m sure rhere is a very deep meaning?

  • Kaylan Flowers

    I had a dream last night , a black mama snake bit me multiple times on both hands mostly my fingers as I was trying to get ahold of its mouth to obviously stop what it was doing. It was almost like we where wrestling. I was not scared i was calm and i know the snake is poisonous (weird) and so i continued through my dream and then all of a sudden i was no longer in that dream..

  • Cheryl Stubblefield

    I had dreamt that I was weed wacking long grass saw a rattlesnake I taunted it. It bit me twice on top of my right foot. So I walked to the hospital struggling, sweating, it took forever to find the entrance somehow I ended up on the 6th floor and used the phone page to ask for help on the stairs on the 6th floor. However, I got on the elevator and a Burnett woman came with the anti venom and a smile. Then I woke.

  • Justin

    I had a dream about a white snake that has two head..I was taking a walk and on my way it jump on my right hand and bite it once I was trying to pull it away from my right hand using my left hand it bite my left hand again. .(a snake with two hands that bite borth of my hands ).


    I have a recurring dream of being bitten on the leg by a non venomous snake. Last night it was a bright green hognose snake. There was no fear in the dream. I knew it was non venomous. None of the previous dreams had any fear in them.

  • NN

    About 10 years ago I was going through a break up and moved back home. I had a dream that I was being chased by a snake. I was running all over the house and hiding behind my family and no one would help me and the snake only wanted me. Few days later my ex beat me and pulled out a knife and tried to kill me. I told my family about the dream later on and they all freaked out and said that if you dream about a snake chasing you then its warning that someone is going to try and kill you. I had no idea. Fast forward 10 years and I had a dream last night about a big snake. I am terrified of snakes but in my dream i seen it and knew what had to be done. I knew it would bite me but i knew i had to grab it. So i grabbed it behind the neck and it bit my right hand, it hurt but I felt like the worst was over and I carried the snake away. What does this mean!?!?!?

  • Constantly dreaming

    All my dreams are weird, but this one was dark. I had just watched a play, on the way out I left with someone I didn’t know in real life but knew them in my dream, they told me about issues they faced in their life. We were walking/ driving floating as he talked. Then right before entering “the road” there was a guy fixing a broken light on his smashed car, he made us feel unsafe.  We turn into a road to lead us where we need to go, it is a dirt road with potholes and surrounded by trees that have a golden sun peeking through them, lighting the road.  As we start driving down this road I start seeing dead animals everywhere and then live animals start appearing, kangaroos, donkeys, deer and wolves, we’re weaving around them to avoid hitting them.  We’re over half way through the road and there is a huge snake that is coiled up around a deer, looking as if the snake was sleeping. We’re nearing the end of this weird road thinking we’re safely out when all of a sudden the snake reappears, it then bites me and latches on like a vampire on the softer part of my left arm above my elbow. I’m not scared though, definitely shocked but calm, the ppl in the car start saying we’re almost out & I’ll be ok. I look at the blood sucking snake, it looks full so I pull him off my arm.  I feel tired and weak, and then we finally enter the paved road and I wake up.

  • Joan Hoffman

    I had a dream last night that I was swimming in the river I grew up near. I saw a water snake swimming in the water and swam away from it. I thought I was safely away when I felt the bite on my right foot on top just behind my toes. I looked and saw the snake. Immediately I swam to shore to get Ot of water. I could see lots of big fat water snakes to my left along the shore but I was able to safely get on shore where I examined the bite. Where the snake teeth punctured the skin on my right foot two welts developed. They grew straight up and were black and ugly. Very strange! Eventually they shrank back down. I felt ok other wise. What could the dream mean .It really shook me up.

    • Donya Vaziri

      I had the same dream tonight, but it was a red water snake and it bit me on my left leg 🙁

  • aB

    I had a morning dream at around 8 -12 which I slept that time. I saw a snake followed me, I couldn’t resist and it bit my leg right as I remember. I died few minutes later and my husband took me for embalming. I saw he watching sadly while the process.

  • Brittany

    I had a snake dream last night that was odd. I dreamed I was at my moms house on a truck and this snake was striking at me continuously and biting me on the left wrist my mom got bit too she kept telling me it wasnt poison and it kept biting me until I woke up. I was scared at first until she told me it wasnt poison. What could this mean it has me worried some what

    • Ellie

      I don’t really have an answer for what the dream could mean. I’m really just replying because it’s crazy that my dream (that I had last night) was almost the exact same. I was getting continously bit by the same snake, on my right forearm, and I kept asking my family to help me, but no one would. I remember wondering if the snake was posinous and I started seeing bruises where the bites were. I woke up as I was trying to pull it off me. It bit me about 3 times in my right forearm before I woke up. I’m a little worried about what that dream could really mean too.

  • Andra

    I also had a snake dream.. really odd dream I have to admit.
    I was in some kind of house with a someone stranger, we were walking around and suddenly he told me to stop because behind me there’s the worlds most venomous sneak (all in black). I didn’t move so it could go away, but suddenly he rapped around my legs and bite me three times, from my hand and on my feet twice. I freezed, and after the bite I tried to kill the snake so it couldn’t bite others, I remember I was more scared of the fact that I may die for the venom. I got some medicine for antivenom and next moment I was surrounded with snackes again, different colours and styles, and I told myself to stay cool because I’ve survived the most dangerous snack bite you’ll survive this time too and I was just standing there between the snakes with out moving. Next moment I wake up on the morning already..

  • Prerna

    I had this dream of snake bitting me last week. Although I don’t remember much about the dream but I surely remember that I was bitten by a snake and I woke up immediately after that. I was in all sweat and immediately saw the time,it was 4am. I tried to sleep after that but could not. I kept wondering about this dream but could not understand what it means. I usually do not get any dreams. And seeing yourself being bitten by a snake made me worried. Could you please help me understand what does it mean??

  • Zatalen

    I had a dream of my daughter my 3 grandkids and myself were getting out of the car to walk in a house and while walking up the stairs to the front door lots of snakes came out i pushed my grandkids out of the way all the snakes wrapped around my body and biting it felt like my arms. The funny thing is in real life im petrified of snakes

  • Jason shoemake

    I had a dream that I was trying to Pearce the head of a copperhead snake with a cane stick and it got away but as I was rolling over another copperhead had bite my forearm and I grabbed it by the head and I could see the venom spoiling from its teeth and the it’s fangs as I got a grip of its head I could actually Smell the snake in my dream as I began to panic an identify the snake I woke up

  • Anonymous

    I dreamt a snake bite and I can see the color of snake it’s yellow 6-7 inches . It is a two puncture wound. Oh man this terrifies me.

  • Pallab Sardar

    I never dream but today. at an early in the morning I saw in my dreams we are cleaning our house after renovation and suddenly from the garbage a very aggresive bright royal blue coloured snake came out that looks like death adder. it chased my mom and she tried to run away. but the gate was closed. reaching to my mom the snake suddenly stopped and came back flying to me and bite on my belly. I took it out with my left hand and gripped it so tight that it died. I ran for a t-shirt for going to hospital and I waked up.

    Somebody please tell the meaning of this dream.

  • CCblogging

    In 3 dreams over time, I dreamed that I was bitten by Rattle Snakes twice and a Coral once. Soon after each dream, someone close to me died. I hate snake dreams.

  • Gela

    I often dream about snake bittig me..Its 9:30 am i woke up scared and anxious because yellow big snake bit me on my right hand and grabbed my face by is mouth i tried getting away but I couldn’t.i am really afraid of snakes in the reality too. I hate snakes so much.

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