Dreaming about Being Bitten by a Snake

Snake Bite Dream

Dreaming of being bitten by a snake is one of the most common and striking snake dreams. While the dreamer is likely to wake up scared or confused about the meaning of such a dream, a general interpretation considers snake bite imagery in dreams as a precious warning or wake up call regarding your waking life.

A snake biting you symbolically signifies that you need to pay attention to a challenging situation or emotion that has not yet been completely acknowledged and dealt with.

Snake Bite Dream Meanings

  • The snake bite symbolizes a wake up call
  • Warning about a situation, activity, behavior or thought that are “poisonous” in your life.
  • Warning about something that paralyzes your ability to make a choice in order to take the next step in your life or a relationship
  • Resistance to what is perceived as a “temptation” or a situation that challenges your beliefs or values
  • Sign that you’re on the verge of a deep personal transformation

What does being bitten by a snake in a dream mean?

What does dreaming about a snake bite mean? Here are several meaning definitions to help interpreting your dream.

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Dream Meaning #1: Pay attention to something you’ve been ignoring

Dreaming of being bitten by this wild reptile can be interpreted as a painful reminder that you need to pay attention to a situation or relationship that has been challenging or difficult to deal with in your waking life. A snake biting you in a dream symbolizes your own guidance system or unconscious trying to get your attention through a wake up call.

You’re becoming more aware about an issue or aspect of yourself that you’ve been ignoring. The snake bite has the effect of prompting a reaction on your part, whether it’s pain, surprise or fear. Often, the dreamer will wake up right after the snake bites her in the dream. The attack from the serpent can therefore point to the need to wake yourself up, in your life too, from a situation where you have been compromising too much.

A dream of a snake bite reminds you that you need to resolve or come to terms with a situation or behavior that is paralyzing your ability to make a decision or move forward. Getting bitten by this wild creature is an invitation to examine what is currently “poisonous” in your life and to remedy it.

Dream Meaning #2: Meaning of the body part that is bitten by the snake

The dream interpretation will vary depending on what part of the body is being bitten. Consider the meaning you give to the part and how it related to what is challenged or needs to change in your waking life.

For instance, a snake bite to the right hand means that you are conflicted about taking action or making the right choice in your life; it could suggest that you are preoccupied with acting in fairness or maintaining a healthy transparency in a relationship whether it is intimate or related to work.

Being bitten by a snake in the back could indicate that you need to pay attention to ill words or deceitful actions of people around you; it could also mean that you need to resolve issues from the past or concerns that you have been carrying with you for a long time.

Dream Meaning #3: You’re holding back your wild, untamed side

When you dream of a snake biting you, the animal may reflect conflictual urges or desires you have in waking life and that are hard to grasp or control. Dreaming of a snake brings to your attention, through the image of this animal, to a part of you that you or possibly others consider as “wild”, untamed, perhaps even “out of control”.

Snake Bite Dream

This inner conflict may have escaped your attention or you may have seen it looming over you, just like the animal in the dream before it strikes. The fact the snake is biting you indicates that you are in the process of becoming more conscious of what you need to do to take control of a situation or matter that has been creeping in

Dream Meaning #4: Transformation is painfully taking place in your life

The serpent is delivering the antidote to numbing yourself and avoiding what needs to be done to get to the next step in your life. The snake bite may point to a shift occurring in your awareness, a transformation: You are on the verge of becoming more aware about a matter that was previously hidden or avoided.

This radical shift may be experienced in a painful manner at first, but will be beneficial in the long run. This wake up call is part of your growth process.

Dream Meaning #5: Struggle with temptation

Dreaming of a snake biting you may represent the archetypal presence of temptation in your life. Just like the serpent in the Garden of Eden in the judeo-christian tradition, the animal in your dream could connect to a “temptation”, desire or situation you feel conflicted about because of it does not fit in your usual beliefs or ethical values.

The snake bite is a wake up call to face whatever is causing tension, perhaps even challenge some of your core beliefs or values and get a fresh perspective.

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Next Step: Make your Own Meaning

To go further with the interpretation of your snake dream, ask yourself the following questions. You can get more help by looking at the Snake Dream Interpretation Guide.

  • How afraid are you of the snake and/or the bite in your dream?
  • Which part of your body does the snake bite? Look at the corresponding meanings.
  • How are you resisting change in your life?
  • Has a fear of making a decision paralyzed your ability to stand for yourself or move forward in your life?

Need Help to Interpret your Dream about a Snake Bite?

Post your dream below if you had a dream featuring a snake biting and need help to interpret its meaning. Other people passionate about dream interpretation will have a chance to answer. You can look at other types of snake dreams in the Dreams Forum.

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1475 Responses to Dreaming about Snake Bite

  • D

    Hi I had a dream of poisonous quite scary looking snakes biting and devouring one another one being bitten by a bigger and more threatening looking one. It was on a path and they were coming towards me but they were biting each other? What does this mean?

  • Laura

    I dreamt that I was bitten 5 times (including my right temple, both arms multiple times, neck). There was a train. I don’t think I was trying to catch it but was definitely following it. I was worried and had my hand on my hair. Usually blonde, I was shocked that my hair was dark brown before realising it was a snake. I was slightly unnerved but continued achieving tasks until some one told me I was puffing up and brought my attention to the fact id been bitten and should react. I woke up. Any thoughts?

  • kirsten

    Hi ☺
    I had a dream last night that I think I know what it was trying to tell me but thought I would ask and see what you guys reckon.
    My daughter and I were walking out in long grass when we noticed a snake coming at us from behind.
    We both ran to get away from the snake. We ran towards an old car of mine that is parked in my backyard.
    I jumped up onto the bonnet of the car to get away from the snake. My daughter then jumped onto the bonnet, but she slipped down off the bonnet and dragged me off with her. At this time the snake was under the car and came out from the front and chased after us again. I am not sure where my daughter went, but I ran around the front of the car to jump back onto the bonnet but the snake jumped up and latched onto my bum. I just remember turning to look at the snake latched on and then I woke up.
    Any ideas??

  • cathrine

    Nanaginip ako tungkol sa boyfriend ko at ung ex nya naginuman sa bahay. Tapos ilang oras na di parin sila tapos kaya pumunta nako at nagalit sinabi ko lahat ng sama ng loob ko sknla. Galit na galit ako sabi ko malaman ko lang na may ginagawa silang kagaguhan hinding hindi talaga nila magugustuhan. Oo naman sabi nung babae habang nagyoyosi pa. Badtrip talaga ako nun kaya halos nasampal at nahampas ko ung lalake. Tapos umalis na ung babae mamaya sinundan naman sya nung lalake na halata namang hinatid nya. Tapos ako parang namanhid na sa sobrang sakit ng loob ko natulala nalang nakatingin sa labas ng bintana tapos dumating na ung lalake. Tangina nawalan nako ng emotion nawala galit ko wala nako nararamdaman ung kahit itulak ako sa likod parang wala lang nakabend nako sa bandang bintana hanggang sa naisipan kong tumakbo. Ang bilis ng takbo ko pababa ng hagdan grabe hanggang sa putik naman na ung susunod ko na dadaanan nakapaa lang ako nung nagdalawang isip ako kung dadaan ako o hindi pero tinuloy ko parin. Pagkaapak ko di ako agad nakatakbo kasi maputik dumikit sa paa ko tapos nakakita ako ng ahas kaya pilit akong umiwas. Pabalik na sana ako ng hagdan pero may ahas ulit akong nakita hanggang sa natumba nako tinuklaw ako sa likod tapos nagising ako. Pagkagising ko sobrang sama ng pakiramdam ko parang totoo lahat ng nangyare hanggang sa naisipan ko hanapin yung dahilan ng panaginip ko. Binasa ko ung buong article ng page na to kaya pinost ko din itong story ko. Sana replyan ako nung sinasabing dream expert jan. Nalilito parin kc ako kung ano ung sinasabi nyang wake up call ko sa buhay. Yun lang

    PS .  fuck you jenny at anthony!!! 5am ako nagcng

  • Prathamesh

    I had a dream about a Russell’s viper biting me on my right hand, as iam an professional snake handler and resquer I had packed the viper in the bad and I was holding the bag. But the snake bit me fro inside the bag as vipers have an excillent sense of heat. Pls give me an interpretation of this dream thanks.

  • Juanita

    I had a dream where I was at my grandma’s and I had to move my car to the backyard and that’s when my uncle told me to wait. He saw a black snake with a bright red and white cream color belly. He told me too wait because those aren’t native here and we could get in trouble if we hurt it. So I went a different way to go to the back. While in the back I was walking back to the front when I saw 3 wolves and a fox I ran back. I stayed in the car for a bit then I went back to the front again and they were gone. I decided I wanted to go see the snake that was now across on the other side. I stood next to the tree (that is no longer there in real life) and bam there was one in there and it bit my right wrist. I started walking towards the door of the house when suddenly there was another on the ground. So I went around and there was another and also in the tree near the door. The one in the tree bit again over and over in the same spot. After about the 5th one I woke up scared. I fell back to sleep only to find myself back at my grandparents surrounded by snakes everywhere I turned. I had already counted 59 snakes. But any time I tried running somewhere else 5 more appeared in the path I was trying to run. After awhile I was able to make it sins idea only to find that there was one inside that they kept as a pet. It got out of the cage and bit me one final time in the same spot before I was laying in a church coffin. I heard my mom scream my name and then I finally woke up completely.

  • Destiny

    At last! Something clear I can untsdedanr. Thanks!

  • Caprice

    This morning I dreamed I was bitten by a snake. In the dream, I was walking along a path/trail with my sisyer and my 2 year old niece. My niece said run… then she said crawl. I ran to catch up with her. She slid down a small hill and I slid down to get her. I handed her to my sister and then got myself back on the trail. As I stood up, I was met by a snake with a small slinder body and an unusually big head. I backed away slowly but the snake lunged at me and bit me on the leg. I woke up immediately after.

  • Divine

    I dream a snake was biting me in my right leg but the snake was weak and died after biting me,me worried of the poison from the snake what the meaming of this? Im not afraid of the snake but i dont want to be bite by the snake of corse

  • Esmeralda

    I dreamt that I was trying to trap a snake in a jar, but it sprung up and bit me on my right wrist. Black venom poured out of the bite wound but it did not hurt at all! I was more shocked, but not in pain, or worried.


    Hi I had a dream i was bitten by a black snake on my right hand. My hand started to swell up and i felt dizzy. I ran to the hospital, i remember being seen by triage nurse. Then i woke up.

  • Dell

    Last night I dreamt snakes was in my mom’s house the thing is we was all laying in out beds suddenly I saw the ceiling rising up 2 big snakes was under the ceiling making there way towards my sister and I I got up calling to my mom and I remember asking her why there’s snakes in her house we was terrified my sister and I was trying to catch the snakes before anyone got hurt while I push my hand trying to get a hold of the snake head it bite me on my left thumb I did not let of the snake no matter what my brother took it outside and killed it the other snake got away I was screaming from the pain but I decided not to go to the hospital so the next day a neighbor ask me what happened to my left thumb I told him what happened and he told me let him see closer he told me I got bitten by a female snake and that I needed a doctor because it worst getting bitten by a female than a male my thumb was making a lot of water and it was very painful PS does anymore know the meaning of dream thanks

  • Caseyy

    I dreamed that my older sister and I were at my mamaws house, we went through her closets and was trying to have a yardsale. It was coming a REALLY BAD storm but one of the items flew across the yard so we had to go get it. It went under some playset she doesn’t having in real life, so we went under it to look. My sister was fine, she got out, but then I’m holding my 8 month old niece and a copperhead is slithering away from us, so I freeze in the hopes that the snake would just go away. It suddenly pops up in front of me, saying “I can bite you!” and it bit my Niece and then bit my forearm. I didn’t recognize the voice. I didn’t wake up either, I was terrified of what would happen to me now that I was bitten. Kept telling my mom we needed to go to the hospital but she kept favoring the yard sale over me. My baby niece disappeared. My sister possibly took HER to the hospital.

  • Demi Ward

    Hello there,

    Last night I had an intense/confusing dream… and it startled me so much that I woke up. I’m not 100% sure what it means, normally I can grasp what my dreams mean but I’m confused by this one.
    I was sitting outside with family/close friends, I specifically remember my mum and sister. There was a man there telling us a story (clown or mime or comedian of some kind) and I remember watching my dog playing with another dog when the the man said their was a snake slithering around our chairs… Scared, we all stopped what we were doing and then I felt it in my ankle. I lifted my leg up and there it was hanging from my ankle. I screamed for someone to pull it out and everyone looked at me, eventually the man pulled it out and threw it across the yard. And that’s when I woke up, my ankle feeling a little sore!! Crazy how it happens sometimes..

    Thanks for your help, I can’t wait to hear what you think!! ❤️

  • joanne

    Hi there, i’ve just found your site.  I had a really intense dream last night – i had been holding a cobra which was totally cool, until i decided to change my grip and it bit me on the right hand – twice.  i was so put out by it that i put the cobra down face first onto a burning hearth.  The issue was that my mum was fluffing about rather than rushing me to hospital as I was watching the poison spread through my hand.  Would be super grateful for any feed back.

    • Reb

      I don’t have an interpretation but also had frightening dream of a cobra determined to attack me. I swept it out the door but paused to watch if it would slither away. Instead, it angrily coiled and with amazing speed struck and bit me on the left foot. When it finally let go it appeared it wanted to attack me again. But I knew I was already DIY g because of my discolored and distorted foot.

  • Shuchismita

    I woke up dreaming that I was in temple of shiva and the entire temple is full of snakes every one is holding snake every causally. Also the prasad package to be offered on the stalls carries a pouch which has snake in it. I also bought the prasad package but the moment I carry that package the snake bit me on my right hand. I got worried. I asked the priest to tie my hand so that it doesn’t spread but he is not listening intentionally also asked my friend who was there with me to tie some knot but he too ignored and then my hand started rottenning. And I woke up.

  • Lisa

    Hi, I’ve had a dream that I was gardening and when I went to turn over a heap of dirt there where two large brown snakes, I jumped to get away but one bit me on the right calf muscle. I went to hospital but no anti venum was given, it was suggested to wait it out. There was no pain involved. What do you think this could mean?

    • Caseyy

      Brown snakes are, in fact, garden snakes and not venomous. They might bite out of self defense but it’s just meant to scare you away or kill animals like mice and bugs. They keep rodents and bugs away from your garden most of the time. Your dream could mean that there is something you need to open your eyes too in your life, before it surprises you.

  • Katherine

    I had a dream about this snake biting a dude i know in my dream and then me after which is when i woke up im seeing the snake as a girl in my life who is causing/caused problems in my life.the dude that got bit before me in the dream has came to me mad in real life because of something he was told by the girl.my bf wasn’t in the dream i think which she broke us apart in reallife but he later on saw she was wrong and came back to me so im very confused at the moment.i have been hurt by my bf badly due to her lying to him to break us apart and im trying to make a decision to staying with him or moving on but cant come to a decision please help

  • Cris

    I dreamed the snake in the water with my brother , my bother was in the water too and he bite my brother of he’s legs and with the blood . I was screaming and ask a help because my brother can’t walk I though is reall and I cry !! I don’t know what is this mean? But all I can do is pray until now I’m still crying terrible dreams please give me advice what I should do thank u

  • Vanesa

    My dream felt extremely real, I was dreaming I was going somewhere with my parents and some friends as we stopped to a store around my house. My mom asked me ” business is getting better here they now have lights outside, they never had lights” I just said yeah but before we even got to the store more like a small business can’t remember what it was but I did see a Virgin Mary that I loved but it wasn’t standing up the wife of my friend was driving extremely fast in one point we almost crashed which freaked me out but in real life it takes me a while to react to any traumatic situation. As I got out the car I was standing right by the window when I felt something through my legs and saw a white snake I told my mom and she didn’t seem concern, as my friend tells me ” oh it looks like it’s about to bite its already to bit you” I didn’t look I felt the bite even before it bit me when I just felt the pain and some numbing I remembered I kept telling my mom to take it off or to take me to a hospital as I stand i felt the snake keep bitting me on my left foot more than once every time I would tell my parents to take me to the hospital they would ask a lady about house remedies and the lady would say am afraid not but my parents where just sitting eating and ice cream while I cry my heart out asking for help wanting to go to the hospital to more I would beg the more the snake would bite me. As I woke up from my dream I was afraid to move my foot because I could still feel the pain. Am not sure if to exactly what I think it’s trying to tell me but I’ve had been wanting to move out I just been to afraid of how to tell my parents specially my mom that am moving out could that be the reason.

  • Bob

    Just before I woke up ore maybe I was already awake I heard a snake 3 or 4 times like it was attacking me

    • Caseyy

      Something could be “Attacking” you in real life, and you should start becoming more aware of how people treat you or talk about you to others. That’s what I got from that…hope it helps.

  • Steph

    I had a dream I was house sitting for my aunty while she and her family were away on holiday (the dream starts with me being in the loungeroom). My brother who studies psychology was also invited over but to speak to their neighbour who was having some mental health issues. I move from the lounge to the kitchen to allow them to use that space for their session. The doors to the lounge, bathroom and all bedrooms are closed. My mum is also suddenly now on the kitchen and we see a tiger snake(?) and a yellow snake wrestling. The tiger snake has its jaw locked onto the yellow snake. They’re crashing through the kitchen area because the yellow snake is trying to get free, which also involves it crashing into the loungeroom door and sliding through the gap undeerneath allowing it to move into the next room before it eventually returns. At one point the tiger snake has managed to pull the yellow snake up the wall so it’s holding it up in the indented light fitting on the ceiling (not sure how to describe it) directly outside of the bathroom. This is next to the kitchen area and never noticed it return from the lounge. Then both snaked from down and slide under the door gap and into the bathroom. They emerge and once again slide under the door to the lounge. Also I think there was a smaller dark green snake slithering around, minding its oen business more or less. The whole time this was happening I was pretty terrified, mainly because I knew for a fact that tiger snakes are extremely venomous and I was scared it would bite me despite it never showing any interest. Also my mum wasn’t worried about it and it was like my brother and his patient didn’t even notice/care. Not sure how important this is but I woke up from the dream a couple times and when I went make to sleep it would just continue, kind of like pause/play. Can anyone help me interpret this?

  • Dulce

    last night I had a dream I was getting ready for prom in my dream. A old good friend that we had a falling out was my last minute date. i was walking back to my room at my parents house and a huge fat rattlesnake was in the hallway. Before I was able to get away it bite me on the back of the leg. I didnt make it to prom. Not sure what to make of it. It was a very vivid dream!!

  • Donalyn ato

    So this how my dream flows i have a step sister which adopted she was older than me,icant i dentify how old she was, and then i dream in dreaned that she was trying to destroy us, then for all of a sudden i woke up on that dream, and tge i realize all tge sketches in our room,she was really smart and then i steal on of her work ans sge noticed me and she chased me until in the gate but i called the lady from our neighborhood who is older than us maybe she was in the age of 20’s and she gasped when i let her saw the paper which i kept in my mouth so that he cant easily get it, it is alredy wet when i get it from my mouth and show it to the lady and she said “oh my God you need to tell them’and i don’t have the time to tell her that was i trying to do because of i noticed she escaped from the back gate and then the scene was inside of the house again and before i took a bath i told my mom and dad about the identity of that traitor “mom did you know that girl was so smart that she know how to track us,she may now know we we’re talking now ,or sge might hearing our conversation right now,chek your shirts pockets and otger stuff if you can somethinf suspicious ” and they didnt say a thing and the we shifted in the next scene and we were in the hut sleeping and then there were snakes maybe 2 and then i manage to get them and put them out form the hut and then i was trying to go back from sleep i was shocked there were a lot of snake in the floor and i was sleeping in the floor and my mom and dad was sleeping in the bench i shout but i dont think they can hear me because of the reason of i have a low voice,so i tried to get up but i can’t m, i need to think on how ti get us out from here, then there waz a black momba approaching in my right arm and the snake was just moving closer to me and then i trid to tamed the momba from my right arm, and i move my right leg and another black momba had bitten,and then i woke in that drean

    • Kory

      Si je suis le raisonnement de l’auteur, la loi TEPA étant constituée de déductions d&rƒÂuo;impÃsq´ts, elle n’a pas coûté, elle a juste diminué les recettes de l’état.En revanche, elle en a aidé, des PME.

  • Thopits

    Ive dreamed bring bitten by a snake 2times frst in my right hand because i accidentally step on it then i wash my hand just to get away the poison i thought it will cause then i go upstair then i saw the snake in the stair then suddenly bite me in the back after i alreafy woke up ..and now confused for does dreams means..

  • Kristel

    I just dreamed to have been bitten by a large blue snake on my hand and it bled real bad. I was holding the snake’s head really tight but it still struggles to bite me. A friend of mine, long time ago, made her interpretation and she said, snakes represent friends and bites mean betrayal. She also added that I need to be careful in choosing friends and who I’m going to be with for they could stab me anytime when I’m no longer conscious.

  • Darlene

    I had a dream I was in my home hanging up a large picture when a black snake behind the picture bit me. I knew it was poison snake an I could die. When I woke up my whole left hand was ice cold an dumb. An I could feel the fear.

    • Caseyy

      You should look at the big picture in something in your life? Before you mess something up by assuming the wrong thing. Also, regular black snakes are not poisonous, but other kinds are, Like a Cottonmouth, those are black with a little white on them and they are extremely poisonous.

  • Brianna

    I woke up from a dream of being bitten by a snake on my neck

    • Jansen

      Hey me too last night

    • Anonymous

      I had a dream also about being bit on my neck it was super scary…

    • HK

      @Brianna I had the same dream. Snake bite me on my neck. I am going through a real bad situation now and I wonder what this warning me of.

    • Corey

      Hi I’ve had the same dream 3 nights in a row now. I’ve been bitten on the neck while in a car. After the second time I tried to stop it by grabbing it by the back of the head. Haven’t won yet but I’ll see how I go tonight.

  • Nagaraju t

    Early in the morning i had a dream of snakes coming to me and biting my lip. That to one after another in the end phyotan only with its head to attack me i drew away from biting my lip and I woke up

    • kuhu

      i got a similar dream

  • Carolina

    Help please! I had a dream last night that a cobra snake bit me x4 times on the left hand when I caught it! And in my dream I couldn’t call 911 for help and I was worried about dying. I am currently going through a major change in my life, what does this mean? 😢

  • Doreen

    I was woken up by a dream that I have been bitten three times on the right arm and hand three times on the left arm and hand but what was weird was my deceased grandma was in there dream as well we were in her house everybody was sleeping I woke them up they were looking for the snake we didn’t find the snake that bit me but we found a second snake what does this mean

  • Chandre

    Please Help! I am freaking out. This is the 5th dream of snakes I’ve had in the past two months. This last dream the snake bite me. It bite me twice on the left leg and once on the left hand. It started with a boy I don’t know throwing the snake over my fence and the snake quickly moved and struck and bite me on my leg and hand. The snake then slithered into my garage to hide. My husband and children came out and looked for the snake, but it was gone. They wanted to take me to the hospital, but my husband told me it was not venomous. The bite marks turned purple and festered. I found the same boy throwing the snake over my neighbors fence. After this I woke up. I’m feeling very scared, also for having so many dreams of snakes. I have a very deep fear of snakes in real life. My mom and I believe snakes to be a bad and evil omen.please help me?!

    • Uriel

      CHANDRE I will first say that im no expert or even have experience in interpretation of dreams. What I can say is that everything will be ok 🙂 all you have to do is put your trust in God/Jesus if you don’t believe in God no worries I am not here to convert but to comfort. God bless you 🙂 I know snakes get a really bad reputation especially in the bible, but not all are evil they are just animals. I think even in the bible there is a verse that describes Jesus being able to be around dangerous animals including a poisonous snake! But I am not too sure. Other than that know that God loves and I do too :)I hope you have many wonderful dreams to come.

  • Alosha

    Hi beautiful souls!
    Yesterday night I had a very interesting dream. I was in the middle of the military actions/ war in jungle (10 years ago I was a combat soldier in Israeli army for 3 years) I was with my friend and we fought there. There was a guy who wanted to kill me, we were struggling and in the end I killed this guy (have to say to you guys Im in the middle of transformation process and I’m aware about it I’m vegan and all about peace and love). Then I don’t know why I ran to some point in the jungle, I left my friend for a while and on my way back to my friend while I was running 5 or 7 snakes jumped towards me and bite me one by one. I didn’t feel any fear about it, I just ripped them off one by one with my right hand and at this moment the last huge snake jumped really high and bite me on the left arm. So that the snake stuck on my arm, i felt the fungs stuck in my arm, but i didn’t feel the pain.I caught the snake by its jaw I took a look on the open jaw of the snake, then threw it away and proceeded running to location of my friend, because all that i was thinking about that it’s not safe for him to be alone there. Afterwards I woke up, it was 4.00 a.m. less or more. And couldn’t sleep afterwards, i was thinking what could it mean.
    So please help me.
    Thank you so much ❤

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