Green Snake Dream

Green Snake Dream

When a green snake shows up in a dream, it typically symbolizes the resurgence of the dreamer’s connection with oneself.  The meanings associated with green, especially when featured in a snake dream, are about nature, the earth, going back to what is true to you. In addition, the symbolism of the color green points to emotions and feelings, including hope and heartfelt connections. The dream interpretation should take into account any other personal associations you make with this color.

Dream Meaning Summary

  • Bringing forth again aspects of yourself that have been neglected or ignored
  • Connection with nature and earth energies
  • Time of personal growth, development, especially associated with emotions
  • A call for heartfelt relationship with someone, something in your life or oneself
  • Hope, quietness, healing
  • Jealous feelings that have been ignored or repressed
  • Any personal associations you make with the color green

What Does a Dream of a Green Snake Mean?

Here are several meanings to help interpret your dream about a green snake.

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Dream Meaning #1: Green snakes as symbols for personal growth

Because the color of the snake is green, the dream suggests that a transformation is occurring in your life quite organically, naturally, just like when plants grow on their own. Perhaps you are discovering new aspects of yourself or nurturing a relationship or project. To dream of a green snake indicates that you’re undergoing personal growth and inner transformation.

Depending on the shade of the colored snake, you can find additional meanings regarding the quality and characteristics of your personal development.

Dream Meaning #2: Connecting with your true self

Green snakes are strongly associated with nature and the earth. What in you is moved by the presence of this snake in your dream? How does the creature or the dream relate to an earthy, natural part of you that is in the process of emerging?

As green symbolizes what’s natural, earthy, a dream about a green snake may mean that you are reconnecting with more grounded qualities in yourself. At least, it’s a call to pay more attention to what helps you ground and find enough energy to support you in living and expressing what’s true to you and in you.

Dreaming Meaning #3: Symbolic representation of new beginnings and positive change

The color green may point to some aspects of yourself or a project in your life that is not “ripe” yet; in other words, you are dealing with just the beginnings. Green on a snake is about the come back of the energy of positive change in your life. Depending on how the snake behaves in your dream, it could reflect how you are embracing or coping with the change: Are you experiencing it as aggression, threat, death of old patterns? Or are you at peace with this evolution?

Green Snake Dream

The green snake in your dream is then likely a call to take care of an opportunity for growth that you may otherwise be missing. It could indicate the need to nurture a bit more something that is just starting to emerge in your life, whether it’s new habits, a relationship or personal project.

Dream Meaning #4: Shades of green snakes and their meanings

The shade of the colored snake will tell more about the meanings conveyed in the dream. Darker greens generally have negative connotations associated with jealousy, perhaps deceit. Lighter shades of green express opening up to healing, opportunity for growth. A balanced, healthy green suggests strength in your personal growth, steadiness and determination. It could also be a symbol for serenity, calm.

Even though green is archetypally associated with nature, healing, and growth, your interpretation will benefit from looking within yourself to find out what green means to you personally. In addition, consider the behavior of the snake in the dream. It may give clues about how you are experiencing some changes that are occurring in your daily life.

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Next Step: Make your Own Meaning

To go further with the interpretation of your green snake dream, ask yourself the following questions. You can get more information in the Snake Dream Interpretation Guide.

  • What is calling you to grow and get closer to your true self?
  • What in your life or your personality is just starting to blossom and needs a bit of attention to fully develop?
  • What aspects of yourself or parts of your life to you need to heal the most?

Need Help to Interpret your Dream about a Green Snake?

Post your dream below if you had a snake dream featuring a green snake and need help to interpret its meaning. Other people passionate about dream interpretation will have a chance to answer. You can look at other types of snake dreams in the Dreams Forum.

374 Responses to Green Snake Dream

  • Shanelle stanford
    I had a dream lastnight of a green snake and it was in the tree I was walking something told me to turn around it felt so real when I turned around it licked me on my forehead and I yelled and jumped up out my sleep my forehead was wet it just seemed so real
  • Margaret
    I had a dream of a light green snake. It was poking its head out from a rock wall. As I went closer it started to come after me. What does this dream mean?
  • Adx
    I had dream of killing a big green snake but i dnt remeber that part of the dream i mean how i killed it... Than i got out of my home to tell mr friend about this but that dead snake was not there when we came back
  • debo
    i had a dream where i saw a green snake approching me i then look for a stick to kill the snake but the snake got away not quite long i saw another green snake as i try to kill the snake it escape again, by the time i got to the backyard i saw about 10 of the green snake i have to run back and raise an alarm to neighbours to come and help in killing the snake, then i woke up from my sleep and i am still confuse about the whole thing i need a clearer explaination.
  • Marie
    In my dream I was in the car in the passenger side, a small light green snake appeared on the window which was half opened, I freaked out, the snake fell onto the car seat, it paused for a moment than bite me on my left leg. Made it to my doctor, my leg was feeling slightly numb, i woke up.
  • Nishat
    I was dreaming that me and my family was cleaning the house and all day I knew there was a snake around because I had seen one earlie in the garden so then I realized the snake hissing wasn't getting louder and louder I looked around it had popped from some hole and now was in the house idk how I have a wild imagination but the Snake was on the skate rolling around the house I couldn't catch it but my younger brother was like I can kill it and took it off the skateboard but now I had to put it back because it was safer there I left so then I put it back and my mom finally came around as I kept ahold of the snake and we didn't get to the killing and I said I don't wanna kill it's too cute ! And then I couldn't even see if it died because somehow the scene changed and my uncle was there saying that u know we always wanted a snake and catched a bigger one before and then I felt I was sleeping in and I had to get to work so does this mean I'm getting closer with my family relationship or discovering my new relationship with a lover or is it something else ? Anyone help ? I'm still confused
  • Lou williams
    I dream it was a large green snake just lying in my window and my friends tried to get me to touch it but I wouldn't.
  • Akhilesh
    About 3 yrs ago I saw this dream - In dream we were living in that old 1 room flat on 1st floor where we use to really live during my childhood and I feel my self as a 5 yrs old child. I had hold a sea-green snake in my bare right hand, I guess I caught it inside of our home. I wanted it to hostage it.. but don't find any thing. I decided to go out of home to get something; in lobby towards stairs, I noticed I had wear only one sleeper on my left feet so rushed back to room to wear second sleeper meanwhile that snake slipped and fell-down from my hand as it was already trying to get free and ran away, it ran towards stairs, in stairs there were a boy I shouted him to hold that snake and when came back wearing second sleeper in a couple of second that boy told me the snake ran away towards park at the back side of our flat I rush to hold it but that was very fast I saw him getting into bushes and lost it. Then I got awake. I clearly feel that time that this was a hint for me and my wife that we will get separated.
  • Adam
    I just dream of a small green snake me and others we where trying to catch it on a tree and it just jump off the tree and run away,dissapear in front of us what does it mean?
    • Don't know
      Same dream but I tried to catch it in my house.
  • Sharkisha
    My dream was in the Grand Canyon and I was with some people I didn't know. There was a Green Mamba snake;I then followed it. Then the snake turned around and bit my right hand. There was then a young man around 18-22 and he wrapped a cloth around my bite and helped me to the hospital. Thats when I then woke up.
  • azi
    I had a dream about a light green baby snake , it was in a room wot me and two other and my son , the snake thn bite both of the girls but they weren't scared I was and was avoiding it to get to me , he didn't sale like a snake should he jumped and was very fast and strong I tried and one point to keep in a bowl on top of him but he fast and aggressively pushed it of so finally at one point the snake just disappeared but I still had a feeling that it was around and was scared to stay in the house so I left the house. Plz help.
  • Charne
    I dreamt about new light green snake and then snake went into my dog and then my dog tried to bite this lady . I couldn't remember her face . So then I stop the dog by struggling it almost to death and the snake comes out of the dog and then when the dog is fine again ito wil go back in the dog again.
  • Amy
    I dreamed of a fat, largely round, light-green python having a peaceful demeanor, but I was afraid. I asked my husband to kill it. He cut into it with a shovel. I looked away. He then served square pieces of its flesh as a sandwich to me. He seemed happy to do so. I still feel yuck. I have now been searching online for the meaning of such a terrible dream.
  • Snow bunny
    I dreamed about a black snake....very long...very thick....
  • Yel Bucad
    I had a dream about a Great flood wiping out everything on earth. I was with my family and love ones but I knew that it's the end of the world and there is a big chance of not surviving the flood. We climbed up to higher ground or Some kind of a tree. I remembered myself waking up surrounded by snakes trying to bite me but there is one green snake trying to bite my toes. It was trying to reach me as I am stepping back. After that I woke up.
  • Anonymous
    Medium coloured green snake. Thin 1. Was on my right arm. It didn't bite .it just slithered on my arm.
    • Anonymous
      I had a similar thing in my dream. Although I knew the snake was deadly I remained calm and it stayed coiled on my arm until it decided to slither off. The snake was a medium to light color green and was thin and long.
      • shivani
        i dreamt about the same.
  • Mary
    I dreamt of a mint green and white snake came into my room went straight behind a place in my room I saw it caught a rat and ran out with it, I was trying to get my mom to se it but before she could raised he head up it gone out with the rat in its mouth.
  • Robelle Boer
    I dreamed of a green snake...However initially when I first saw the snake in my dream he was a normal color brown snake. It was in a neglected area of the yard...not my house...but a family member's...However in the dream it seems like I live there. At the time when I first saw the snake it looked like it was just there but also looked like my nephew of 3 was in danger. I tried to call out to him but he didn't hear...next minute I am holding my nephew in my arms and the snake is a shocking green color...he looked aggressive and then bit my nephew om his finger...In an attempt to protect my nephew he bit me on my hand but he looked very aggressive like he wanted to attack me again...when he was green he looked alot more aggressive than when he was brown. After biting us he disappeared. I would like to know what it means.
  • Brenda
    I was dreaming green snakes a lot of them all different tones. Some were darker with a more triangle shape head. Those seemed to be a tad bit more aggressive than the others. They wouldn't attack unless I reached out for them. Some were falling off the ceiling and others crawled out of different directions all heading towards one location. The person I was with in my dream (I couldn't see that person clearly) would grab a few and place them under this green color couch. The snakes would crawl into the green couch. Not all the snakes would be aggressive when picking them up how any snake handler would (from behind the head, to avoid getting bit).
  • Maria Canete
    I have a dream last night about the colorful fast snake, he not chase me but I'm the one who try to chase him to kill it, because I thought he will going to bite me. What is the meaning? And I was surprise the color of the snake that I'm dreaming is a tiny snake but there is blue color, red color, yellow green color. And after that I try to chase him and it's gone, i don't know where he go because he is too fast.
  • Annoymous726Taurus
    I saw a big fat snake in my house's car portch. It's color was some where between dark green and lightgreen. I was not afraid of it at that moment. My feelings looks like I am bit surprised. I started shouting and calling my family members to have a look on snake. Suddenly, my father came he got a chance to kill snkae after doing some tricks. I am unable to understand the meaning behind. This dream was occurred after 7:17am. This is what time I have seen last.
  • Lily
    Last night I dreamt a snake that had three eye balls on each eye but it was missing one and it was looking for it. I don't know what this mean can any one help me?
  • Audrey
    Dream: i wasin a house i have never been to and this green big snake was following me, every where i would go try and hide it was right there, i ran to my baby to get him so we could leave and before i coukd grab him the snake lifted up to snap at me and that is when i had awoken. It was weird because the snake at some points in my dream appeared to have a leg like a human.
  • Lauren
    I had a dream that I'm still a child at a place I grow up when I was a child and I'm in an arcade and this green snake follows me and stuff.i go into the snakes shop it owns and in there is loads of bodies and I come out of the shop and the green snake is there and I run and the snake chases me and then I wake up .
  • Ann
    My dream was about me getting a pet snack that grew very quickly. It was a male snake (more symbolism?) who was a beautiful shade of green. He was venomous, but only bit to protect himself or me. He would only inject venom if the person he was biting was very dangerous. (I never saw that part in the dream, but I knew that about him.) He’d give me small nips with no venom as a way to show his affection. He was very attached to me because I was there when he hatched. He followed me around constantly. When I told him to stay, he would, then start following me again when I turned my back to him. Others were afraid of him because he was so large. They came to like him IF they took time to get to know him.
  • Jesh
    Hi. This is my first encounter of snakes in my dream and im kinda bothered. In my dreams I was sitting then suddenly the snakes was appeared 3 snakes with different colors (blue, green and yellow with shades of white and slightly dark) and the snakes was chasing me and I was afraid. Whenever I avoid the snakes it keep on chasing me then suddenly a man appeared.
  • Analyn
    Hi I dream the long bright snake inside of the school but this snake attacking me :( what's the meaning of that???
  • Nicole
    We are somewhere i found a 3 animals with color green then when i look there back there is a big snake thats i saw it green i run but he go with me and he want to marry me
  • Jamarcus Gaines
    I dreamed of a long bright green snake coming toward me as to attack me but just as it got close enough i grabbed the snake by the neck and bite its head off. I could taste i guess it was poisoning in my mouth. I awoke with a scream.
  • Jade
    I dreamed that my older brother bought a big dark green snake as a pet. The snake was huge though, like a serpent. It was slimy as well. But, it was a friendly snake and the snake's mouth looked like it was closed by its own slime or something. I guess it was so that the snake couldn't bite. My family all pat the snake because we were excited to pet the snake. But I can't help in my dream that I felt like I was being watched over and as if the big dark green snake had something up its sleeves. I would like to know more about this dream that I had. I am wondering if this dream is a connection to something. Please
  • Amy martin
    In my dream..i was sitting amongst a small group of people when a dark green anaconda type snake was sliding towards a hole in the ground in front of me,when it suddenly noticed me and started to come after me. Not in a resl agressive way just following me and i was really scared and ran inside and shut a screen door to protect myself. Someone from the group then picked up the snake and took it away. I then rejoined the group and said 'sorry,snake scare me!' What does this mean? Thanks for any reply
  • Luna
    I watched i am in an unknown place n a fresh light green snake z emerging out from my suit case.i am much afraid then a stranger pulled out snake from suit case n threw it away.it did not harm me n my kids.thn i wanted to leave dat place.
  • Allison
    i dreamed i seen a green snake under a couch & my mother killed it & i wuz begging her not 2 put it on me then i woke up i think the snake wuz a dark green
  • Carolyn
    I dreamt I was a t a large log cabin lodge. There were lots of other people there. There was a gasp and shout "SNAKE".. At first there was a shadow of a smaller snake co I got out of a large art ornament high on a wall above a speakers head. I even thought the art piece was the doctors medical image of a snake wrapped around a shaft. The snake rocked back and forth fron the shaft growing bigger and becoming a deep green. Like a healthy plant color. People did not seem scared. It became gigantic. I said I had to get my family out because it could eat us... Then a peaceful man approached my friend ( she's much younger than I ) and Said you must be the one (meaning the one afraid of the snake). I tried to leave but leivatated a couple of feet and couldn't move my legs. I was pushed against a chair with an elder lady and was concerned that she was ok. Than I dropped to the floor. I knew the man and snake were one of the same and they wanted me,Though they were not aggressive. I was afraid and was trying to leave. What does this mean???
  • erica Barnes
    In my dream I was feeding my dog and I heard a slithering noise. In her bowl was a lime green snake, very bright. It was small and it moved slowly. I was scared as hell. Suddenly my cousins dog picked up the snake (as If she was a human) and followed me with it. Another weird fact was she stood on her hind legs (as if she was a human) It was fucking weird. Then I walked to the door where my cousins dog let the snake out and I woke up...been researching every since.
  • taniya
    In my dream I opened the bathroom door and there were two green snakes hissing badly and I screamed and two black things I couldn't remember and I felt a man he Looked like JESUS?? I DONT UNDERSTAND
    • Anonymous
      That wasnt jesus
      • Ann
        Just curious. Why do you think the man in her dream wasn't Jesus?
    • Ann
      I was in therapy for recovery from family of origin issues. A few participants had dreams of snakes. My therapist said that snakes represent wisdom. I think one reason we react with fear is because we're afraid of snakes when we're awake. I suggest you meditate about the green snakes and try to find out 1) why they were hissing and 2) if they have a message to bring to you. Finally, the man very well could have been Jesus. He has come to me many times in my meditations as my protector and to bring me wisdom and understanding. Again, try to get in touch again with him. He may have a gift to give you.
  • Mia
    I had a dream where I was in my house with my friend, and in the dream we were a couple, even though I know we won't be...Anyway, I saw a lime green snake with a red diamond on its forehead and eyes changing from red and black from time to time. It came closer and it bit my thigh. I screamed, though the pain didn't feel as bad. It started to burn and I saw my 'boyfriend' staring in complete schock and my dad running around to get something. I didn't hit it because I didn't want it to harm me anymore. Then I woke up and my thigh felt all tingly and limp
  • Beatrice
    I had a dream and in my dream I saw a very long lime or just green snake. The snake watched my every move and suddenly it rushed to attacks my legs, but I fought back with full force and then I woke up. I am terrified
  • Michael
    my dream is of a green and brown boa, where, in this dream, sleeps with me, and I awake to see it running away and hiding. I am concerned for my wife and dog being harmed. I jump up, turn on the light and search for it under the couch, then slowly wake up and finally realize it is a dream. Any ideas on this? I am a bit mystified.
  • Nagaraju
    I had dream on early morning green king cobra below standing car I think waiting for me I just saw and I got scared and I started move away from that at the same time one person came and saw that snake he moved near to that snake from back side of snake facing suddenly snake turns back and show very angry on him I got scared I just turned back and seen again but both that person and snake not there ......wat does mean of this dream pls help me.thanks in advance
  • anirban
    Few days back I had a dream of a snake which was a mix of green and some other dark color (which i dont remember) with its fangs spread with very bright eyes looking at me; and just looking and not doing anything. I got scared but really did not run away. I just moved from where I was .... and then I woke up. Does this mean that something bad will happen or something good? Is this kind of a warning Appreciate a response.
  • Melanie
    I had a dream that a huge lime green sneak was coiling around me. I wasn't too scared almost like I was in a trance, but then a blond guy pulled it off of me. Later in the dream I was grateful to him for saving me. I'm not sure if he killed it or just saved me from it. But I was just curious what it means. Any one have thoughts? I rarely dream and this was so vivid.
  • hazmhia
    In my dream there was 2 snakes. 1black and 1 green snake. Both enter our house,when we start to chase them away,the black one when out from our home and the green one stays. I am trying to beat with a long stick but the snake refuse to left instead it stays. Its wierd! Im wondering what does it mean.....
  • Damien
    Today I dreamed that I was in the grassland, and under the earth, I could see a giant green snake that was just in a peaceful sleep. I was watching it, I wasn't afraid, I was actually thrilled and relaxed to see it in a state of calm bliss. A few months ago, I also dreamed of snakes, I first saw 3 black snakes, small, medium, and large. In my dream, I grabbed the small one and said "you are not the right one" and proceeded to smash its head with a rock, then I saw the middle sized, and said the same thing. Then, I grabbed a medium sized rock and threw it at its head until it died. Then, the I saw the large one, I grabbed a larger rock to throw at the creature but it quickly escaped into a sewer. When I tried to follow it, I was instantly in the dessert. The desert had a cave in which I quickly entered, as if looking for someone or something. Then, my attention was focused on the sand on the corner of the well lit cave. The sand started to move, and there it revealed it self a majestic white king cobra, a poisonous giant creature facing me. I wasn't afraid, I was watching it like it was watching me. Finally, I heard myself utter the word, "I finally found you".
  • Stevieweelz
    Had a dream I was in my room with my girlfriend (who does not like snakes one bit) and we just got this new pet grass snake. I was weirded out but interested and let him move around in the room. It hissed at me with the top of its head spit in half. I have no idea why my dreams can really crazy sometimes. But it was chill after that and let him be for a bit. Then it let me pet him and I felt better about him/her. My girlfriend picked it up and threw it behind my bed and I said "Aww, get along with our new pet" and laughed. I think the snakes represents my emotions. I do need to be a lil more compassionate and nicer to situations. I need to work on my attitude and good things are coming. Good things are coming (Grandmas boy) lol
  • Jacklyn
    I deamt i was laying down and i opened my eyes and looked to the left, i saw a really fat lime green snake that was hanging off a shelf coming down towards my face. I was terrified. I woke up before i could see what happened.
  • Shazza
    My dream is weird its two small emerald green snakes with strange teeth in my bottom im pulling them out but the heads are left in and im picking them out.....
  • Asia ahmed
    My mother has dreamt of a yellow snake trying to harm a green snake and then my father saved the green snake and later on te green snake comes and bites a little child which my mom later adresses as her son on the back

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