Dreaming of Snakes in Water

Snakes In Water Dream

Dreaming of a snake in water relates to your emotions and how elemental feelings may be influencing your life while you are unaware of them. Snakes in water symbolizes unconscious fears or the potential for emotional healing. In any case, such a dream could indicate strong emotional currents that may sway your course if their meaning is not acknowledged and understood.

Dream Meaning Summary

  • Snake in water as symbol of the power of your emotions
  • The flow of your life needs to be redirected
  • Elemental intuition
  • Overwhelming concerns about one’s life direction

What does dreaming of snakes in water mean?

Here are several meanings to help interpret your dream.

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Dream Meaning #1: Be aware of your emotions before they sweep you up

A dream about a snake in water symbolizes the connection with your emotions. Typically, the snake comes as a warning sign or a wake up call about a situation that is potentially threatening and associated with strong feelings.

If the snake swims peaceful in calm waters, it means that you’re dealing with your emotions positively and with ease. If you dream about a snake that bites you while you’re swimming, it could be interpreted as a warning to pay attention to your emotions before they strike and go out of control.

Consider the type of water you or the snake swims in in your dream, your reactions towards the snake, and the behavior of the animal to interpret what emotional mood is influencing your life right now.

Dream Meaning #2: Snakes in water as symbols of emotional healing

If you are comfortable in the water and the snake’s behavior is friendly or neutral, it means that you are at peace with your emotions. The presence of the snake could indicate that you are healing emotional wounds or dealing with a situation that’s potentially challenging with ease. The dream may also reflects your desire or hope to clear some worries with regards to a close relationship or a situation that touches you deeply.

Even if you’re dreaming of swimming with snakes and are afraid of them in the dream, you may be facing difficult emotions in your life, but are going with the flow and trying to deal with them. If you are struggling in the water or with the snake, it indicates that you are resisting feelings or a change in your waking life.

Snakes In Water Dream

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Next Step: Make your Own Meaning

To go further with the interpretation of your snake dream, ask yourself the following questions. You can get more help by looking at the Snake Dream Interpretation Guide.

  • How do you deal with the snake in your dream? Compare it with how you are handling your emotions.
  • What kind of water are you or the snake in? See how its qualities inform you about your emotional state.
  • What’s standing in your way, especially with regards to situation with high emotional impact?

Need Help to Interpret your Dream about a Snake in Water?

Post your dream below if you had a dream featuring a snake in water and need help to interpret its meaning. Other people passionate about dream interpretation have a chance to answer. You can look at other types of snake dreams in the Dreams Forum.

83 Responses to Dreaming of Snakes in Water

  • Adam

    I’ve had a recurring dream about being in extremely muggy green water (a good example is dirty lake water) and hearing the voices of loved ones telling me to get out, but not seeing any way to possibly do that and having no clue where they might be. From the distance I see a snake swimming closer and closer to me, but I stay very calm and collected. Rather than let it bite me, I grab it by the head when it gets about a foot away and I rip it in half straight down the middle all the way to the end of its tail. I wake up feeling really strange because I’m an extremely gentle person. So here’s the two big questions… What the heck does this mean? And why do I do these strange things in dreams??

  • Nisha

    I saw a black cobra in a dream. And it was not me in the dream with cobra. It was my friend with cobra and water was very deep and cobra was very friendly with my friend and they were swimming and jumping high and them m friend cheated cobra’s trust, cobra saw her and still cobra forgived her. I know this is funny but still what does it means?

  • Michael

    I dreamt that I was standing on a white sand beach, looking out into clear but dark blue water. Sitting in the water, near the shore, submerged up to his head was a snake charmer with some kind of clarinet-like instrument. He was surrounded by about 20 large, thick, black hooded cobras in a circular formation, also in the water. The snakes were standing erect, but didn’t attack the man. As he leaned back into the water, I suddenly woke up.

  • Almas

    I dreamt of being a big water snake and moving fast in water and other snakes are still standing . Please answer what did it meant??

  • robelyn gaito

    I swam in the Dark water around the River, i Can swim well and eben i feel the presence of bin snake around My Feet i sein fast as i Can but then the snake is swallowing My Feet and whole Body slowly.but i still try to swim and survive

  • Laura Stamey

    Was in a boat and had to step out for some reason the water was clear as I walked slowly through it then all of a sudden I’m surrounded by moccasins they start attacking me I wake up at 308a.m and that’s all I can think about is the meaning behind it the realness of feeling the puncture from the fangs was just to real.

  • Michael Taishi Singleton

    I had a dream that a python was resting and wounded on the edge of a cliff. It fell and landed in a water. When I looked down, I could see the snake resting on a dead fallen tree trunk, completely submerged under shallow water. It tried to gasp for air once, but decided to just sit under the water. It was staring at me and I was staring at it. The python was a copper/gold/brownishcolor with white eyes.

  • Kim

    I dreamt I was taking a bath and I was ask to move out the tub and a yellow spike head snake was thrown in the tub, it swam around in circle and was thrown on me after I moved on the couch in fear. What does it mean?

  • Jess

    I was swimming with my kids down a river and we were surrounded by snakes. I grabbed on by the neck and threw him away from us in one part.

    they kept popping up like weeds, and making it hard to swim in places there were so many.for the most part we swept them away and the didn’t bother us.

    It was disturbing how many there were and I was fearful about them atttacking us

  • Megha johal

    I saw a dream today… Where i was not in the water i was at its side… Some others were in water…n i saw 4-5 indian cobras… Remaining calm in water and one person even caught them…. There were no harm to anyone… Then a child also… Took one of them in his hand but everybody was calm
    ..whereas i was screaming… N sweaty…

    Plz tell me the meaning….

  • Friday

    I was in the rivebank catching fish, but when I threw my hook in the river I caught a long black snake with hands inform f dragon.it struggled on my hook and fell back into the water and slept.

  • African

    In my dream, the big snake was peacefully swimming towards me whilst i’m washing myself in sea.People were running away, but I was just washing myself, also wishing that the snake can come more closer to me.

  • Tondi

    In my dream am at a large clear blue water beach. One side of the water is enough hitting rocks but the side of the water I was in was calm and clear. As I start to swim there are a bunch of green and orange snakes set in pairs tangled together seemed to be mating unsure I was afraid but the snakes were calm and unbothered by my presence. They all were a bright green and bright orange except one pair which was a black and purple snake with a bright orange snake

  • K

    In my dream we were on an island and my father is cutting the tail of the snake and eating it raw. The snakes are some kind of snakes living in water areas. What does that mean?

    • Megha johal

      Means, ur father is either going to create a mess… Or either he is going to do something good fr u.

  • payal

    In my dream,I was drinking a glass of water, with a green small baby snake in the glass and as soon as i looked into the glass i have thrown it , what does that mean?

    • Megha johal

      There was a wrong person u were about to catchup with… But ur…. Intutions helped u.

  • Truth Peter

    I was swimming in a large river, when I was still swimming i saw a very big snake, i got too much fear but when the snake reached to me we became friends and we started swimming together in peace and happiness…. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?…

  • Saif

    I saw I was swimming and one small snake around me swimming . I stopped swimming so it goes away and doesn’t bite. Later I came out of water thinking that it didn’t bite me . But my friend showed me biting mark and little blood on my left hand back side at middle … i feel it was not poisonous….

  • Avinash

    I saw a snake resting in my bathroom and i was trying to throw water on it. What does it mean?

  • Kathleen charlotte betz

    I am in what is like a sewer. There are frogs everywhere. I am with my cousin. My friend for 54 years.
    A snake appears. It bites me on the right hand.
    She tries to help.
    Then a evil being with spikes on his wrists attacks me.
    I wake up.

  • tz

    Iam on bridge emerged in water with friends. I walk on the bridge and a small snake slides into the water off the bridge. Suddenly changes to be big snake at that time I had run away and it squeeze my friend while I look. I was only relieved when I realized that he did not die.

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