Dreaming of Snakes Everywhere

Snakes Everywhere Dream

Dreaming of snakes everywhere can have several meanings depending on the dreamer’s feelings and reactions in the dream.

Dreams with snakes crawling everywhere may symbolize an abundance of energy, opening to new possibilities in your life, but it could also mean that you are feeling overwhelmed and need to take gain a larger perspective to fully enjoy your life.

Meanings of Dreams With Snakes Everywhere

  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Exploration of possibilities for healing in your life
  • Abundance of energy, especially sexual, creative energy
  • You need more privacy, to make more space for yourself and how you feel

What Does a Dream with Snakes Everywhere Mean?

Here are several symbol definitions to help interpret your dream.

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Dream Meaning #1: Symbol of abundance

Seeing snakes everywhere in your dream can represent an abundance of energy that you have not yet fully expressed or taped into.

Snakes symbolize deep instinctual drives such as instinct of survival or sexual energy. If they are present in large numbers in your dream, consider what you have in abundance in your life that you have not fully acknowledged or expressed.

On the contrary, the dream may reveal what is lacking in your life and would be beneficial to have more of. Look at this possible meaning and see if it relates to feelings you had in the dream.

Dream Meaning #2: Your personal space is being invaded

Seeing snakes everywhere is a vivid image that calls your attention to a matter that you have ignored too long, probably because it was too difficult to handle.

To see snakes everywhere in your dream could mean that your peace of mind is being disrupted by overwhelming concerns. The dream could also point to a situation where your personal space is being invaded and your boundaries not respected. Look into environments in your daily life like home or work where you may experience that feeling.

Pay attention to the elements that you find particularly intriguing in your dream. They will give additional clues about how your dream connects to elements in your waking life.

If you see snakes everywhere in your bedroom, consider issues or situation associated with intimacy, sexuality, or finding a moment to relax. If you see snakes everywhere in your house, this may point to the feeling of having your personal space invaded. The dream means that you need to find a quiet space for yourself or define your personal boundaries more strongly.

Dream Meaning #3: Symbols for healing

Snakes can be powerful symbols for healing or a healing process that is taking place.

Depending on where you see snakes in the dream, you can complete your interpretation with clues about what is healing or needs to be healed. For instance, identify the place and look for its corresponding meanings. See which colors dominate the dream and what they mean to you.

Snakes Everywhere Dream

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Next Step: Make your Own Meaning

To go further with the interpretation of your snake dream, ask yourself the following questions. You can get more help by looking at the Snake Dream Interpretation Guide.

  • When you see snakes everywhere in a dream, remember the feeling you had in the dream and once you woke up. Does this feeling relate to a situation or person in your life?
  • If you are feeling overwhelmed, this may point to a situation or aspect of your life that currently is difficult to handle. Depending on how the snakes are behaving and the type of snakes you see, modify your interpretation to connect these qualities with a situation or person in your life that’s a source of concern.
  • What needs to be healed in your life? See how the snakes point to it.
  • How do you feel in the dream when you see snakes everywhere? What is your reaction? How does it relate to situations or feelings in your  waking life?

Need Help to Interpret your Dream about a Snakes Everywhere?

Post your dream below if you had a dream where snakes are everywhere and need help to interpret its meaning. Other people passionate about dream interpretation will have a chance to answer. You can look at other types of snake dreams in the Dreams Forum.

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701 Responses to Dreaming of Snakes Everywhere

  • Shrutika

    Hii .
    Two days before I dreamt of bunch of snakes in mud.
    3 year ago I dreamt of sacks full of snakes..and a horrible tragedy happened…plz help m .what does this means

  • Smoove

    This the second time Ive had this dream the first time It was the same place which is my old neighborhood I just moved from a month and some change ago this time it seem like it was more of them all shapes and size down to the smallest they could be everywhere i forgot who was in this dream with me I doubt they had any relevance to it but first time the same feeling fear and running I mean snakes going in and out the ground crawling all over the road but the first dream I had some to kill them it was like a zombie apocalypse except it’s snakes this time they like snuck up on us so I’m running who ever I was with I see them jumping or wateva but this time I notice it was alot more it’s always one at a time chasing I didn’t have nothing to kill them with this time and some end up crawling in my left arm I’m left handed Idk if that means anything and I can feel them moving and I felt myself in my slp like shivering like off and on even when I woke up I still had that feeling somebody tell me some

  • Terell

    Someone please help me out. In my dream there were tons of snakes. I was at home upstairs in my cousins room with my aunt and then went downstairs to get something. When I got downstairs it was as if the entire downstairs area had turned into ruins with plants and vines everywhere. There were do many snakes, big ones. So I went back upstairs to tell my aunt and by time as I got to her there were smaller snakes with her. I went to my room but there were snakes in there as well but these were baby snakes brightly colored (one was yellow and the other was orange) I went back downstairs and out the front door. Suddenly its dark outside and it looks like a swamp. There’s this path in the middle of the swamp and I follow it only to find this huge black snake waiting for me in a tree. But before the snake could approach me a big alligator comes out of the swamp and the snake eats him. I run back to the house and hop in the car and drive away and as I’m leaving there are 4 snakes laying completely across the street (I thought the first was a speedbump)


    So last night, I had a dream that I was at my house and I got up from my room and I wanted to go outside but it was too cold and windy so I went inside. Later on I looked outside and it was like and hurricane of snakes. But the wind was blowing into one direction and there was snakes flying all over the place. I was soo scared cus snakes Are literally everywhere. But in the middle of my yard there was this looonnnggg huge red like snake (like the black one from harry potter but smaller in length) just sitting there. Then there was this guy and he wanted to try to fight the snake off and the snake started talking to him like the one from Harry Potter and I don’t remember what it was saying to the man I wish I did though. I don’t think this means anything but if you think it does tell me please

  • Racheal galdiano

    In my dream,i saw a big snake sneak into our house color gray and black…this terrified me that i don’t go inside our house..then someone bring the big cage with a snake inside and unfortunately the snake came out and go directly to our house with the same color of no.1 snake at the same size…this terrify me much that i lock the door so they cant come out…in my dream i see my collegue,psses inside the house without noticing the snakes and i got so angry coz im afraid the snakes might bite him…then in the next morning still in my dream,when i came home i saw people catching the snake and killed one snake…im so terrified seeingthe snake and the fear was felt til i woke up..i hope you can give me the meaning coz it’s 2nd time i dreamed of a snake… I cant remember the first dream but how terrified i am ang fright is the same as i dream of snakes…thank you

  • zydis

    dreamed walking from brothers home to midway between my mothers home andhis. my sister was getting in her truck and she screamed and i turned and looked and saw the end of a snake and i said snake and she was doing the sanke dance but i looked in front of me and snakes piled up everywhere. they were crawling and one coiled up to strike at me. i took off running and dodging snakes all the way to my mothers home. went running in and her front door was opened and i thought what if htey craweled in moms house. my brother happened to be there and no one cared about the amount of snakes i saw.. dreamed ended

  • Kay Burgess

    I dreamt that me and my boyfriend were leaving out the house. We was standing outside talking then all of a sudden I look and there were snakes everywhere.I walk down off the porch and a brownish-yellowish snake leaps at me and I thought I got away from it, but my boyfriend pointed out that it had bit me on my back.  Then another snake leaped as if it was going to bite me in the face but I blocked it with my arm. But the only bite marks I had were on my back.  Then as he was trying to rush me to the hospital my mom came out the house yelling at me like she was mad at me as I tried telling her I had gotten bitten she just continuously kept yelling at me. I woke up confused. What does it all mean

  • Ajit
  • Jaquaya

    I had a dream I was riding in the car with my boyfriend and we were going down the street and we saw different big snakes in every one yard, I was like omg why are all these snakes here. We kept driving and we saw a lizard sitting in the grass and a alligator in the lake where he had fallen in the pond and then I had my hand out to rescue him but then it switched and I was there and then he rescued me.  Please help me interpret this dream!!

  • Shawna

    My house just started being bombarded by snakes,they were coming in almost an army just through the door threshold, they weren’t vicious they we’re just kind of hanging out going past me into their own little places in the house. They were coming out of walls and the toilet. I remember specifically there was a red and white striped one under my bed and I kept saying it and then started saying it was poisonous. I think I’ve got a pretty good self-interpretation knowing what I’m going through but I would love other opinions!

  • Emelie Jensen

    Hello, please answe haha! I had bought a very big yellow pet snake and when I got home I didn’t have a place for it and there were ALOT of snakes in different sizes that popped up. I needed to take care of all of them but they were hard to catch and I started to becoming very scared of the big snake even tho it was my pet. At the end of the dream I still wasn’t able to catch them and put them in boxes. Some of them were in the boxes but not the big one.

  • Brandi

    I dreamt that i was bathing a baby, my child im assuming by the care and love and attention, then my father who has passed 5 years ago was there, and the dogs had gotten out and ran away. Then snakes were coming up from the bathtub, alot of them, and then the sink, then they were on top of the ceiling getting ready to fall thru the clear panels above. Then my father was rushing me to a safe place when the dogs came home and he sent them to kill the snakes for us. Then a woman who was loud came running in screaming at my father you must pay for what you have done, assuring me she wouldnt hurt me because she was there for him. And he had a saw like thing and was going to start either cutting away his flesh from his face or decapitate himself in front of me. Then i woke up. It was terrifying. What does it all mean? Please help me.

    • priyanka

      Oh dear u must have askto lord Shiva and not completed ur vows that’s y snakes have came in ur dream do 1thing just tae1 bowl of milk and offer it to lord Shiva and do diya for them those dreams will stop disturbing u

      Dear don’t worry just offer prayer to lord Shiva and

  • Priya

    I saw in my dream large snakes in water in valley having many trees, and some small snakes dead on the street some have blood on it. After that someone carrying me down from ladder, but i am not able to go down. I have fear to slip down.

  • India

    I had a dream i was coming down a hall it was a big yellow and black python trying to squeeze my dad and a black one was on a chair along with a charcoal like snake and some were in the ceiling but they weren’t biting I just didn’t know what to do I got help but they wouldn’t stop coming

  • Tanya

    I saw snakes on my body. There were small snakes which were becoming big. I was washing off the baby snakes from my body but realised that there were more taking birth on my body.. this process dint stop. I wasnt scared of snakes.. but i cuddnt handle so many snakes on my body. I even tried killing some of them. But they would come back on my body.

  • Ernesta

    I dreamed that i was at the big party there was lots of cookies,cakes,pudings etc and i and my sister there eating. Latter we saw big snails on the tables and it was discusting. After snails we saw that the show has started. There were many snakes and other reptiles that the showman started to hang over the person head and everyone was very scaredm. Later he let down that snake and it fqll down on my shalders.  What should that mean?

  • Charity

    I dreamt about snakes last night. Many snakes. Yes i was overwhelmed at the same time very scred to come close to even one of them. Big and small snakes. I dont know what about it but we are required to catch one and put it in that pool or water. I dont understand the feeling at all i was very scared and dont even want to touch it. When i got up i was very exhausted and i felt there is something heavy inside my heart

  • joyce

    last night i had a dream i was outside our house when i saw a really big snake surrounding our house. it looks like it has already eaten a cow or carabao, then i ran inside to inform my relatives and we see the head of the snake just outside the back door.

  • Mai Cruz

    I had a dream last night about snakes and they’re everywhere. In the street outside our house, in the store in front of our house, in our ceiling, in my room, in our yard.. I refused to enter our house because there’s a lot of them.. They’re all huge snakes but they’re not attacking us.. they just lazily lay there..

    • Zee

      I had the same dream. I was quickly jumping over the snakes as I ran through but they weren’t trying to attack me. They just seemed to be there. The person I was with in the dream just told me to avoid that area.

  • Margaret Villalobos

    I dreamed I was sweeping up several snake. Mostly small but chubby and 2 or 2 medium sized snskes from a side floor panel. The were very alive and wriggling and some squeaked as I swept them up. I was not afraid but was surprised how many snakes I found.

  • louie

    I had a dream snakes were everywhere in the house all kinds and colors,,i like snakes,so i was just picking one up after the other,saying wow look at thus one wow look at that one,none ever bit me..was a nice dream i felt excited durjng dream at so many cdiff kinds of snakes i saw

    • Marny

      I had a dream lastnight about snakes and they are everywhere.And we are killing them because it seems like they were attacking us.Also,those snakes are came from the sky and it keeps pouring down everywhere..

  • Henry Y.

    I had a dream of a tree made of snakes.  I was standing in front of the tree and the snakes were coming down and moving towards me.

    • Lilly

      The tree represents your life.  The snakes represent obstacles that you are facing right now. Generally, if a snake is chasing after you, it is that you are worried about money. So basically you have some decisions to make. Try not to feel so overwhelmed. Go to that place that makes you feel safe and calm.

  • Willie

    Dream about snakes inside and outside the house and a big yellow snake that is in my face and I want to keep it away from me

  • Chris

    I had a dream I was on a recently snowed (but lightly) hill out in the country.  A single tan snake slithered by my feet.  I was startled at first, but then I relaxed and enjoyed watching it go by.  Then more of the same sort of snake (but not identical) slithered past as they made their way from higher up.  Some went by my feet, they all kept going and ignored me.  I found it to be a remarkable sight and fun and was disappointed (slightly) that they had all passed by so quickly.

  • dani

    I’ve been having dreams about snakes for a few days now an last nights was the scariest! Its to much to explain but my husband is always involved an they always seem mean I don’t get it an I wake up with serious anxiety? I need explanation ……

  • Wanda

    I was having a dream that I was driving around and we came to a old station and there was green with a black stripe down the back snakes in like pipes and in an alley way. We came back around and this time there was like 100 or so mating. I have been trying to find out the meaning of this dream

    • Hallie

      Mating snakes might be a symbol for your sexual nature that you may not be able to explore.

  • lisa

    I had a dream I was walking by the pond behind my house and there were snakes coiled up everywhere striking at me. I was scared and remember it vividly.

  • Pankaj Singh

    Hi, while i was sleeping in afternoon and was almost evening now to wakeup I suddenly dream of being playing and went to bring something sorry I did not remember what was exactly and why I went ., firstly I all of sudden saw one Russell viper and got little bit shocked and I ignored , then when I turned left saw as much as many russel vipers all around .and to avoid any one could got bitten I had called some snake experts .on first attempt they treated as a joke like nothing is present and we’re abt to leave and even I but jus before why not to go for a last chance and I turned back and saw again first one Russell viper and than 2,3….6.7 every where I rushed called them back and even they got appaled how is that possible .and they thanked me for this ..place narration – few herbs but yes yellowish greening dense to to lowest grass all over and even some spots few dense shrubs where also present.

    • Lilly

      This is work related. It sounds like you are on a work project and you have many snakes representing other employees. Perhaps employees that work under you or work with you. This project is overwhelming and the workers are not listening to you. So you call in a snake expert to help you with these unruly snakes (employees). Time is of the essence and you are very overwhelmed. The size or density of the grass represents time. Meaning that you have some sort of project that is time sensitive.

  • thewintersrage

    I was taking care of lots of teeny tiny baby snakes, all different colors, some were really bright and pretty. I was keeping them in small individual cups with sand and water and a fake aquarium plant to play in, but I wanted them to have more freedom to move around so I took two kiddie pools and filled them with sand, water, and living aquatic plants and then put the snakes in the pools, the tiniest ones all together, and the kinda larger ones in the other. I was also worried that they would get too cold over nights so I set up a heat lamp to keep them warm.

    This was in the middle of a larger dream where a lot was happening, but this is just a condensed version of the snake part. I appreciate any insights into what this could possible be pointing towards.

    • Lilly

      This dream means that you are very nurturing. Ironically enough the baby snakes represent a child or children. I don’t know the rest of the dream so I can’t really interpret the overall dream. I am not sure if you are pregnant or want to be pregnant.

      • mickyduck

        Definitely not pregnant.  I am a granny three x over though 🙂

  • Elisia

    Hi’ i always have dreams seeing too many snakes’ last night i had a dream a smalll snake in my bed room ‘ i was sleeping with my two cousin ‘ and that snake wanted to bite them’ i was strugling to push it way even it was in the dark’ i couldnt see it properly. I kept on waking up and go back to sleep ‘but was still having the same dream.

  • clarr

    I dreamt that me and my friends went somewhere like forest and we saw an open cave so we try to enter that cave but suddenly there was a bunch of snakes everywhere, with different sizes and colors. My bestfriends began shouting because a small snake got stuck on the strap of her bra so we try to pick that tiny snake out of her bra. Right after that we try to get out of that place but suddenly a very big snake appears, we’re slowly sneaking out of that cave but their tails kept on touchng our skin and when we reached the exit we ran fast and laughed hard.I wonder what’s the meaning of my dream because I am not convince until someone know the whole scene of my dream

  • Shelia

    I dreamed last nite I was at my Daddy’s house He had passed away now, and a woman he lived with and her children I went there to spend the night I think but there were snakes of all sizes shapes color everywhere she didn’t want to hurt them she played with them my daddy came in and I was crying I said daddy I wanted to eat dinner with you but I can’t stay here I am so scared I was on top of a table crying to get away he helped me down and was taking me out and a huge snake fell on me and I was so afraid he got it off but we had a hard time getting out I was saying I wanted to go to mamas but she would be asleep,my mom is in a nursing home now , my son was going to drive me but he had a brain injury due to an accident so he can’t drive me and that was in my dream to , then I was awaken but the dream is bothering me Not sure what it means

  • april

    I ran into a child’s wood play house, not too sure the reason. I noticed dirt on the inside. The dirt as I interpreted in my dream as, “oh, looks like old vines died and left behind dirt.” (I am quite dear to nature), I was calm. Next thing I know the dirty vines turned into 20- 30 snakes, dark brown or black snakes, everywhere. Big long, fat ones, skinny ones, tiny ones, it’s like the morphed from dirt into snakes. I panicked. I knew I could get out with stirring them up. They started moving and coming for me, I felt a sting on my ankle. I forced myself to wake up. Freaked out and kept telling my self “it’s over, it’s over… ” as soon as I stopped I would panic… I eventually fell asleep. I think I’m feeling insecure about a few CO workers (one hates my guts, literally, she is the two-faced person with who I avoid at all costs), or I am fearing the thought of dating again (or lack there of), or just anticipating going back to college again, this fall. Either way, I can’t stop wondering.

  • :(

    i only dream of snake. all my dreams, they end with a snake. i will have a nice, beautiful time with my family, everything wonderful, and then a snake in my food, or snake on my chair, or walk into the garage and it’s filled with snakes. i try to run, they chase me. biting. I want them to stop. I want the snakes to stop.

    Also this happens with bees, but i think that’s to be expected.

  • I Agree

    Do you see what THECHOSEN1 wrote. LISTEN!!!! Take a good look at your life right now. Do you now God? Look at how many postings there are on here about these visions of snakes. Do you remember the snake in the garden of eden? It will start with snakes, and it will finish with snakes. If there is a voice inside of you that says I need to know God, I know He exists, you better listen. Look how much closer in dates these dreams have become by people everywhere. Something big is about to happen. God said come to me for comfort. If you could not feel something coming, you would not be here. THECHOSEN1 is right on the mark with this one. There will be 7 years of suffering in the end gather your food, save your souls and as many souls as you can. For the end is here. I was going to post my dream, but I see no sense now, I see many are prophesizing the same thing right now, God is telling us all.

  • TheChosen1

    I had a dream during my nap I was outside and some neighborhood kids came by. I went into my yard in which they all ran ahead of me to get to the yard first. I was going to pick berries and they love the berries. One of their Golden Retrievers was with them. I looked up and seen in my garden a gigantic snake. At least 50 ft long, 3 ft girth. I was terrified I screamed to the kids come here, get out!!! For some reason they would not listen, 1 of the children did come. The other 3 remained. I looked closer at every branch on every tree, on every hiding spot (under the shed, by the fence line, etc..) they were everywhere, all different sizes. The dog started barking he was also trying to get the boys out. I started to count backwards like you do with kids to get them to listen. 5,4,3, the dog goes into the middle of the yard ans is profusely barking at the children, the kids come running out. One of the giant snakes WHIPS down and bites the dog. The dog is lying there going paralyzed. I took a step in to help the dog, another big snake came close to me, I stepped back. I remember having this exact thought in my head at this moment…” They did this on purpose” No not they the snakes, but the demons, Satan’s demons. I grabbed a huge old heavy stick and beat my way inside the yard, I took that dog as it twitched and dragged its 40 pound body out. One of the small boys, the first one out of the yard was bitten. In his arm. The snake got only 1 tooth in. I took my hair tie off and wrapped his arm tight. I started running up front and neighbors that came out and were standing outside, said what happened, little bitty snake get his arm… As if they had no idea what was really going on yet. I went into my house and sealed all the sink holes, the toilet holes, the flute, etc…. I felt safe. Until a horrible thought came. They are here to kill us all. Even the food supplies. You cannot even go into your gardens. Your farms. You see in my dream…. I was saving SOULS. The end really is coming, so be scared… thats why you are all here, bc something about that dream scared the shit out of you just like mine did to me. I have never had a dream like that before, but I knew what it meant as soon as I woke up, I knew what it meant while I slept. There will be only one way out. Jesus! So you better hurry up and get to knowing HIM , and SAVING as many SOULS as you can… not all souls will listen , but every soul counts. And you also may want to start some inside gardening, because even the animals will die.

  • Alma

    Lastnight I had a dream of me being in the passenger seat of a car as a male person was driving, the road was filled of snakes, it was a long road. Some snakes were dead and others were alive. I remember feeling scared and disgusted.

  • Helen

    I had a dream about 3 months ago avout snakes.  I had fallen on the ground and i was trying to get up.  As i started to get up, i looked around me and to my surprise, i was surrounded by different colored snakes.  The one that stood out to me was a green snake that that was at 11 o’clock and a blue and purple snake that was at 5 o’clock.  I looked at the green snake and it looked right back at me then i got up and started to run.  When i started to run, the blue and purple snake lunged at me. The snake hit me on the lower right side of my back, then i woke up.  I was so scared!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Last night i dreamt of snakes chasing me chasing everybody. Everybody, including me, was really scared and running away from those snakes. We tried managed to kill some and then they become more and those snakes transforms into different shapes and looks. Snakes that i couldn’t explain. The snakes are just too much to handle i was scared in the whole dreamt and i dont even understand and i dont know anyone appeared in my dreams. They are all strangers to me and i dont even know what kind of place i was in my dream.

    • Samantha ( Black Wolf ) Solesbee

      I had a similar dream last night…but I was at my mother’s house…with family…snakes were everywhere…and one had some red color on it and fled away into the woods…I cut the head off of a snake but I don’t know what kind it was…then one was crawling up a wall close to my mother.

  • Jakki Burns

    My dream was I went away on holiday and o saw a man skinning a kitten ready to eat I screamed asked him to stop my partner grabbed me said its there way off life I was so upset but when we woke in the morning there was a snake in the bed and more on the floor my partner killed them all but said it was my fault I need to keep quiet about what I saw and he hugged me and said I will protect you don’t worry then I woke up ???

  • Lovely

    My dream was I am entering a garden where I planted a rose. I’m so happy upon seeing that rose plant having its flower bloomed. In that garden, there are hanging plants and a bunch of green snakes are also hanging there. on the groud are diff sizes and colors of snakes and they started entering our house. So many snakes everywhere. We entered our house and we close the doors, we went back outside and we saw a lot of dead snakes. When I came back to the garden, the snakes are dead and the two big snakes I saw was just fake snakes hangin there … then I woke up

  • Amber

    I dreamed I was driving and there was road construction.  The worker asked me to pull off the road and park except that area was flooded and I couldn’t park there. I finally found a spot to stop but when I got out there were crocodiles or alligators everywhere in the water. I went into a house and in my dream it was a house I’d rented before (not in real life). It was dark and my furniture was still in it. My kids (not really my kids in real life) were staying in this house with my ex on weekends, but just crashing and not paying for it. Everywhere I looked were snakes. When I’d see a snake it would open its mouth and another snake would come out of its mouth. One snake opened its mouth and gave birth to a strange looking puppy but I knew it was a snake. This “puppy snake” bit my toddler who tried to play with it when I kept saying stay away from it!

  • Jesse Reimer

    Dreamed I was in the jungle or forest. Going along this dirt path, which was all of a sudden covered with snakes, all types of snakes. I had no choice but to keep going because it imperative that I keep going, for some urgent reason regarding my destiny, I had to keep going.

    Then I was no longer me, I was someone else. I was back at the beginning of the trail and I was going the other way. Suddenly there were more snakes then ever. The ground, the trees, all I could see were snakes. And I had to walk on top of them to keep going. I was scared, but I had a guide with me and he seemed unbothered by everything. There were even super serpents up ahead. But I felt that my guide would help me.

    Then I was somewhere else again, like I’d woken up and this dream meant something. I remember googling what snakes in dreams could represent. I can’t remember what answer my mind conjured up. Then I was walking along a dirt trail with a girl and I was telling her my snake dream. Then, gradually snakes started showing up on the trail. Little ones. But more and more began appearing. One of them seemed to be upset with me. He was small and green. I walked forwards and backwards and in circles to lose him but he kept following me. Then I woke up.

  • Stacy C.

    I dreamt last night that black snakes were all over where I was trying to sleep. I kept trying to beat them with a fake snake and every time I would get them away, more would come.  I was completely overwhelmed and felt very scared during the dream.

  • mricula
  • mickyduck

    I dreampt I was driving and all of a sudden loads of baby snakes slithered out from under the seat and I thought to myself that eggs must have hatched.  Most of them were a very shiny black but one was black and white and looked like my glasses case.  Very weird.  The snakes were not threatening though.

  • jewlstar15

    There were snakes every where trying to bite me and another person in my dream everywhere moved there were more I knewcthe other person.in dream but woke not remembering that person …the snakes were not the same type or size ..I felt a lot of fear in this dream ….please help me to find out what it mean as when I went back to sleep they were there again …

    • cc

      I just had the same dream last night. I was there with may snakes all over, scared they would bite me. My friend was in the dream also. I am not sure what he represented. The snakes where different sizes and colours. I was scared they would kill me. Meaning? I do not know. I have been overwhelmed with trying to earn more income. But who is not feeling that way?

  • Taiye

    I had a dream of snakes,don’t know how I got to the woods,everywhere I go snakes,little and large snakes,all that was on my mind was fear,but I wasn’t beaten!

  • Jesse

    In my dream I am with my family under a huge tree. There are tons of leaves on the floor and also a ton of snakes everywhere. None of us get bitten by one but my dog does.

    • Anonymous

      I had a dream last night that was similar to yours. Except my dog wasn’t in the dream and I was sitting in the tree, but there was also a snake in the tree so I fell, onto the ground where the black snakes were lined up next to eachother on a bed of leaves.

      • TheChosen1

        In my dream the dog got bitten too!

  • soni

    In my dreams i saw a black snake.after walking few step i again saw a green snake again i continue walking now there was snake everwhere.some were couple snake n some single snake was lying on a step.the place also have statue.it seems like temple area.but i wasnt afraid of snake and the sankes does not harm me.but after a few walk it became difficult for me to take another step.cuz it was block by snake and i dont want to touch them.so there i stuck.and after few min i woke up

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