Dreaming of Snakes Everywhere

Snakes Everywhere Dream

Dreaming of snakes everywhere can have several meanings depending on the dreamer’s feelings and reactions in the dream.

Dreams with snakes crawling everywhere may symbolize an abundance of energy, opening to new possibilities in your life, but it could also mean that you are feeling overwhelmed and need to take gain a larger perspective to fully enjoy your life.

Meanings of Dreams With Snakes Everywhere

  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Exploration of possibilities for healing in your life
  • Abundance of energy, especially sexual, creative energy
  • You need more privacy, to make more space for yourself and how you feel

What Does a Dream with Snakes Everywhere Mean?

Here are several symbol definitions to help interpret your dream.

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Dream Meaning #1: Symbol of abundance

Seeing snakes everywhere in your dream can represent an abundance of energy that you have not yet fully expressed or taped into.

Snakes symbolize deep instinctual drives such as instinct of survival or sexual energy. If they are present in large numbers in your dream, consider what you have in abundance in your life that you have not fully acknowledged or expressed.

On the contrary, the dream may reveal what is lacking in your life and would be beneficial to have more of. Look at this possible meaning and see if it relates to feelings you had in the dream.

Dream Meaning #2: Your personal space is being invaded

Seeing snakes everywhere is a vivid image that calls your attention to a matter that you have ignored too long, probably because it was too difficult to handle.

To see snakes everywhere in your dream could mean that your peace of mind is being disrupted by overwhelming concerns. The dream could also point to a situation where your personal space is being invaded and your boundaries not respected. Look into environments in your daily life like home or work where you may experience that feeling.

Pay attention to the elements that you find particularly intriguing in your dream. They will give additional clues about how your dream connects to elements in your waking life.

If you see snakes everywhere in your bedroom, consider issues or situation associated with intimacy, sexuality, or finding a moment to relax. If you see snakes everywhere in your house, this may point to the feeling of having your personal space invaded. The dream means that you need to find a quiet space for yourself or define your personal boundaries more strongly.

Dream Meaning #3: Symbols for healing

Snakes can be powerful symbols for healing or a healing process that is taking place.

Depending on where you see snakes in the dream, you can complete your interpretation with clues about what is healing or needs to be healed. For instance, identify the place and look for its corresponding meanings. See which colors dominate the dream and what they mean to you.

Snakes Everywhere Dream

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Next Step: Make your Own Meaning

To go further with the interpretation of your snake dream, ask yourself the following questions. You can get more help by looking at the Snake Dream Interpretation Guide.

  • When you see snakes everywhere in a dream, remember the feeling you had in the dream and once you woke up. Does this feeling relate to a situation or person in your life?
  • If you are feeling overwhelmed, this may point to a situation or aspect of your life that currently is difficult to handle. Depending on how the snakes are behaving and the type of snakes you see, modify your interpretation to connect these qualities with a situation or person in your life that’s a source of concern.
  • What needs to be healed in your life? See how the snakes point to it.
  • How do you feel in the dream when you see snakes everywhere? What is your reaction? How does it relate to situations or feelings in your  waking life?

Need Help to Interpret your Dream about a Snakes Everywhere?

Post your dream below if you had a dream where snakes are everywhere and need help to interpret its meaning. Other people passionate about dream interpretation will have a chance to answer. You can look at other types of snake dreams in the Dreams Forum.

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115 Responses to Dreaming of Snakes Everywhere

  • Swapnil

    My wife is pregnant (6 month) & she saw lot of snakes on roof of house & falling down in house. She saw I wake up come to her & same time snake fall at exact place where I slept. All snake crawling everywhere in house. What this dream means?

  • lydia

    I had a dream that I saw a big black snake but the head looks like a fish and widely open . inside I saw many small snakes and suddenly the snakes threw up . The small snakes scattered over my room’s floor .This time I saw my puppy in blood but i didn’t see that it was bitten by the snakes.
    what does it mean ?

  • Dooyum Ajukwu

    I had a dream last night, walked into a room in a public place where other people were, suddenly along of snakes crawled in, I had to climb the back of someone who carried me around the room, I didn’t see his face or know him well ,but he was kind enough to carry me since I was terrified. The snakes didn’t harm him,nor me, but because I was terrified it seemed like they drawn to me. I wasn’t harmed by anyone of the snakes. What could this mean? Because I am quite terrified of snakes in real life. And today I have a job interview to attend.

  • Aerial

    I dreamed of laying on the ground covered in leaves with snakes of all shapes colors and lengths around me. I was terrified. Someone else was there but I couldn’t see their face. What does this mean?

  • Kate

    I’m bout 10 weeks pregnant and been having a vivid dream each night where I’m standing in my backyard and I have pythons everywhere around me and I can’t see my feet cause their covered by pythons. I’m not afraid at all in fact I’m very calm and at peace and I’m trying to get my husband to join me but he’s mother is holding him back. My husband was abit scared to join me at first but ends up joining me and we just embrace while surrounded by these pythons

    • Chy

      I have dream for three consecutive nights of different snakes trying to coil me not letting me go. pythons

  • Khushboo

    I saw a dream last night ,in which I kept a basket on roof from which a big red snake came out and again it came in room, we ran out of room and slowly the number of snakes were increasing of light cream color or different colour and pattern. I was so scared my brother was still in room and we all gathered in our owner’s room after a while these were sorted and I went to my room and saw one dead snake

  • tonny

    I dreamt commanding snakes to move from one point to another they were several snakes with different colours

  • Anu

    I had a dream last night…it was something unusual for me…our family that is we are four of them… We were sitting and speaking in the front hall when I heard…some one shouting from outside the door…like everybody move out of ur home and there are many snakes coming… Me and my father went out of the house while…my mom and sister struck inside …then we were not able to take them out…but they kept surviving killing every snakes…what does this dream mean…,? Is this something bad or good..😐😐

    • Kristy

      Did you find out what this dream meant I had a very vivid similar dream

  • Michelle hughes

    I saw snakes everywhere in my dream last night and keep seeing this once a month after my monthlies two weeks later to be exact they are peaceful pythons and I do not know what this symbolises I would like to know the meaning behind this

  • Poonam

    I saw snake in dreams the very next day my mom was hospitalised and detected with cancer after a year I saw snake everywhere while travelling to other places but they actually didn’t exist after fee months my mom expired does the dream was an alarm for me.

  • Leighann

    I dream of snakes at least every other month. I’m always in water, surrounded by them and freaking out, trying to get out and away from them. This time, however, I was floating down a river with my family. the snakes were in the water and in the trees, then we made it to a shower station (like at a campsite) and there were snakes in there too. Like everywhere. On the ceiling, the floor, on the windows. All different kinds, but the ones that I was most afraid of were 7 rattle snakes. I counted them out loud, told my family we needed to get out of there because they were rattling, and they acted like it was no big deal and I was overreacting. Then I woke up feeling very stressed, like having trouble breathing and a tight chest.
    This is the first time that I’ve seen rattle snakes in a dream, the first time there have been different species at all actually (and idk what kind they all were).
    It’s the first time they’ve been on land. AND it’s the first time that I wasn’t by myself trying to get away.

  • Dor

    I dreamt of a lot of snake on by pouch an called out for help an my brother kill the biggest one

  • Ceejane

    Hi, I had a dream about driving the road which has a lot of snakes, the travel was long until i reached somewhere and found myself hugging someone, but i wasnt able to see his/her face. In fact, idk how to drive.

    • Anonymous

      Hi, I had a very similar dream last night. Was driving on a long road, it was dark and snakes everywhere. And at the end someone else was there but I could put a name to a face. There was also a dog.

      • Anonymous

        Sorry couldn’t put a name to face

  • Brenda

    Hi I had a dream we where taking floor of to put new one and under the floor was big yellow Peyton snake.  It looked like if it was death.  Would like to know what does it mean. Tia

  • Bob linus

    I saw many black cobra snakes in front of my family house my mother was the first to see them.they were everywhere and also trying to crawl into the house.some family members where outside and i was very busy telling everyone how to keep safe,avoid being hurt by the snakes and not entering the house.

  • Pau

    Hi, I had a snakes dream last night. 01/04/18. I saw snakes everywhere but without harm and they didn’t bite me, I also saw some people that weren’t familiar with me. I saw few yellow snakes and I wonder why I had this kind of dream…

    • Cumma dela Rosa

      (1) If you are a person committing adultery or masturbation- The showing of snakes was God’s way of asking you to stop it. God also wants you to repent for those past sins. Also pray to God to get rid of those habits.
      (2) You said you saw unfamiliar people. Probably they are people who are in the above sins. God wants you to pray for them.
      (3) If you have seen some snake pictures/video before going to sleep, the dream might have been just a repetition of what was going on in your mind (natural psychological effect) without any special meaning! This kind of dream happens when you have some disturbance in your sleep (not deep sleep)

    • Vanessa abeyta

      I had a the same dream this morning, i saw people who i did not know, and i was walking through a desert trying to get home and then i kept seeing snakes the further i went and then i looked around and there were yellow snakes everywhere, and i was trying to run as fast as i could but i fell into them because i was panicking, but the snakes did not hurt me.

      • Vini

        Had almost same dream today morning, snake were yellows ii was into them trying to escape. But they were not hurting me.
        Can you tell if you have faced any consequences after that.

  • Twinkle

    It’s kinda of Thor movie, but I was not really thinking about movie or anything. I have lost my vepon to get out of that snake planet where human will turn to snake whenever sunrise falls on the planet, and that snake human planet is kinda of enemies to us. When I lost my vepon which makes us to get out of the planet, my friend (was like a stranger) had to stay back for me even though planet is scary and dangerous, he was being with me everywhere to help,like my protector,a hero,we we we’re sort of building a strong feelings which felt very special..he almost gave his life for me..felt very special

  • Philip

    I have seen my boss and channel partner talking about a business done and a person (lady) complained about me without even knowing me. I felt bad and prayed to God that to make her feel the pain i gone tru..Then iam seeing lot of snakes coming inside in my previous home at a different location.They not attacking me but what ever i felt i am killing them with their head chopped of.My boss and other channel partner also have the same issues and they too feel this kind thing happen..Its all come in my dream

    • Blake

      To say something interesting I need a little more info like types of snakes sizes colors and number of snakes around you. I can quite obviously say your having an emotional response to her reporting you.

  • Rajvi Vora

    In my dream in my hometown park “Victoriya Park” in Bhavnagar is full with snakes and i’m jumping all of them after too many try i was able to come out from that park without any harm.

  • Abc

    In my dreams,i saw snakes everywhere on in my temple in village .they were entering the temple from nearby pond.My uncle was collecting them and throwing them back into the pond with the help of my father.they were asking me to do the same but i was very afraid to see such a huge number of snakes although u knew they were not poisonous.

  • Donna

    My recurrent dream was when I was younger, I was in my bedroom awoken from sleep I suppose and black snakes were on my floor, and started to multiply and rise like water, so I jumped on my dresser to get higher but they continued to rise like water flooding into a space, then I would wake up when they were almost as high as the dresser.

  • Patricia

    My dreams of snakes: I was driving talkin on the phone on a long stretch of road with someone riding with me don’t remember who it is. There were snakes on both side of the road. The snakes did not come at me but they were all different sizes and color of snakes. There was one in particular I notice was a “Cobra” with his head cut off.

    • Raj

      Same dream is happening to me ..except for the last sentence.

    • Rome

      I also had this same exact dream on the date of 12/21/17 I was driving with someone don’t know who and it was different color snakes everywhere

      • Blake

        Hi I need to ask you a few questions if you don’t mind. In your dream was their a golden or tan colored snake? Also could you name a few of the snakes you saw? Also where did you picture them in your dream?

    • Kylie

      Hi. I had the same dream last night but the difference was I was not driving, I just rode on a vehicle. I saw many snakes of different colors and sizes. Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Brown. It was even a rainy day.

  • sarah rochelle

    in my dream , I was walking up to an apartment building to find my friend, and my sister. I found my friend through the window, and immediately saw a huge snake on top of her, crawling all over her legs and torso. at first I was afraid, but as I entered the place, there were snakes everywhere. my memory is hazy for this part of the dream, but I know we stayed there a while. Then, we were driving in my car , and there were snakes there too. I kept yelling to my friend to please try holding the snake away from face as I was driving. my other friend was trying to hold the snake back , but it kept going for my face , and putting it’s slithery tongue in my ear. it was not trying to bite, and I was not afraid. it tickled quite a bit, and was very chaotic, as we were both trying to pull the snake back and it was all in my hair and ear.

  • Fed

    In my dream I was on my way to see my ex boyfriend whom I still love but his girlfriend was at his place. Just in his compound I saw snakes everywhere. It was dark. I found myself in a meeting with him and his neighbors and the snakes started going round us. One of the neighbors said the snakes were his doing and he transformed into a snake.the snake on my body was a black mamba. And I woke up just before it killed me. My ex didn’t die too in the dream.

  • Wendy

    In my dream, I am walking up a driveway, and there are dead snakes all around me. I see one snake that is alive, and it rises up. I lift my hand to try to calm it, but it instantly strikes out and bites me.

  • Graciano

    In my dream, I was in my old apartment and it was set up the way I had it before I moved out. I walked into the living room to see my old apartment and realized there was something moving on the floor and when I noticed the snakes where everywhere they didn’t attack me but they did want to be around me, I had one of those long distance grabbers and I wanted to get them one by one to get them out of the door except the rest would sorround me and I couldn’t take a step towards the door to get them out

    • Elma Lára

      Have you found out what your dream meant? I dreamed exactly the same dream last night. I was also in my old apartment and it was set up like it did when I lived there. I also realized slowly that something was on the floor but they didnt want to attackt but I know they did want to be around me…

  • velma

    i dream t of a big and small snake i managed to stub the big snake black in color and the other snake which was small run away what does that mean?

    • Blake

      Well it could honestly mean two things. One your scared of facing something or two this dream shows that someone’s hiding something from you.

  • Rui Valadas

    In my dream, I was building a house and suddenly I started to see a lot of snakes outside the house they were trying to surround me but managed run away from them. No snake tried to bite me at all.. They were quite passive.

  • Abiola Badejo

    In my dreams I see the snakes everywhere, crawling on the floor, trees, roof. I’m somewhat scared like why are there but they don’t attack. Only when I’m running away and mostly with someone only then do they chase.

  • loise

    I had a dream where I was heading somewhere and on a small path there were a lot of big snakes but harmless…I tried running to get to where I was going but they became too many and I was afraid of them and went back…

    • marii

      I was told that when u dream of snakes that someone is talking about u..

      • Blake

        Very true

  • Jui joshi

    I had a dream about snakes all over my parents home and me being scared all the time and my parents reacting as if snake at home as common as mosquito or cockrach and me jumping and being scared all the while….just in last few seconds I saw a snake talking to one of my aunt and then snake hugged her back and she fed snake with rat I guess then after I was little peaceful I guess otherwise all the while I was terrified

  • Abdias

    I had a dream where I saw a cobra very big and long on a tree. And it was in an old chrch that was being renovated. Someone with me killed the snake. We were very happy.  We also killed other smaller snakes making it 5 in number and I wondered how such snakes can be in the church without been noticed.  I woke up and later I slept again and on the same tree I found another giant snake and this one was spitting. Though I wasn’t afraid. I hate seeing snakes naturally.

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