Dreaming About a Snake Attack

Snake Attack Dream

The meaning of a dream about a snake attack is tinted by the emotions felt by the dreamer, whether it’s fear, anxiety, surprise, feeling constricted or trapped.

Where in your life do you feel this way?  How you feel while you’re dreaming about this wild animal attacking you will give important clues to understand the meaning of your dream. The presence of an aggressive serpent  can be interpreted as a symbol of tension or resistance you experience in your waking life and need to acknowledge more fully.

Dream Meaning Summary

  • The instinctual part of yourself is being constrained; need to open up, express and channel it in more conscious and harmonious ways.
  • Threat whether perceived or real, worry; threatening feeling that is coming back at you after being avoided or cast out of your awareness; time to explore and face it.
  • Fear of taking risks; navigating moving waters, uncertainty.
  • You are in the process of becoming more aware, conscious.

What does being attacked by snakes in a dream mean?

Here are several definitions to help interpret your dream.

Dream Meaning #1: Facing a threatening situation in your life

A wild animal like a snake that attacks you in a dream could point to a situation that feels unsafe or threatening in your waking life.

The dream may be an expression of a strong discomfort, worry or even fear as you are being confronted with a challenging situation. Dreaming of a snake attack signifies that you’re not fully acknowledging these feelings or the situation and need to pay more attention to it.

The snake attack is an indication of the need to take care of whatever is triggering resistance in a more conscious manner. In other words, one of the main meanings of the dream is to face and explore what in your waking life is perceived as a threat and find ways to deal with it before it strikes.

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Snake Attack Dream

Dream Meaning #2: Fear of taking risks

Dreaming of a snake attack could be an expression of the fear of taking risks in an uncertain environment. The serpent represents the fear of risking too much and getting hurt.

The attack is an expression of the hesitancy, inner resistance towards making a move in a sensitive situation where you fell that every move on your part could be perceived as an attack by someone else or, in turn, trigger an attack towards you.

You need to examine if there’s a situation in your waking life where you need to take action and move carefully in order to bring a resolution. The dream may point to a relationship where you are “walking on egg shells”. It may also indicate that you need to take some risks and perhaps get “bitten” in the process in order to move forward.

Dream Meaning #3: Expressing an unresolved part of yourself

Snakes are untamed animals and as a dream symbol, they could represent a “wild”, untamed part of yourself that you or others may judge as socially or morally unacceptable.

Typically associated with sexual or sensual expression, the presence of the serpent in your sleep is associated with deep instinctual drives. It can be related to aggressively, expressing your primal energy, creativity.

A snake attack in a dream indicates that you are in the process of becoming more aware of that aspect of you, whether you want it or not. The attack reflects the inner tension between what has been hidden or repressed and is challenging your world now. The dream points to your resistance to change or to a fuller expression of a part of you that is being avoided or neglected.

Next Step: Make your Own Meaning

To go further with the interpretation of your snake dream, ask yourself the following questions. You can get more help by looking at the Snake Dream Interpretation Guide.

  • What kind of snake is in the dream?
  • Is a part of you like the snake in your dream?
  • Is a person in your life like the snake?
  • What aspect of yourself or deep desire do you secretly wish to bring to light and reveal to the world?

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Need Help to Interpret your Dream about a Snake Attack?

Post your dream below if you had a dream featuring a snake attacking you or someone else and need help to interpret its meaning. Other people passionate about dream interpretation will have a chance to answer. You can look at other types of snake dreams in the Dreams Forum.

148 Responses to Dreaming about a Snake Attack

  • Shannon

    I had a dream that I was on a peaceful walk in the woods when I came upon a child being eaten by a big snake. I killed the snake and the child disappeared. Then I kept finding baby snakes. What does that mean?

  • Nidhi Chouhan

    I dreamt that a long,sleek, yellow color snake with black spots on its body was trying to stop my family to move downstairs. My dad was trying to send it away by poring water on it. But the snake threw back its venom on him. Fortunately nothing happened to dad and after a good tiff between dad and the creature, mg dad held it and dropped it down the stairs.

    I hope nothing to worry about it concerning Dad. The dream seemed realistic because after I woke up, I was tired….

  • Christine

    I had 2 dreams about snakes. The first one. I climbed out of my car and asked my boyfriend to park the car, While I run inside and that I would wait for him. While on my way to the place walking through the gravel road parking lot. I saw a piece of tyre. Looking further fear struck me as I was half way past a black snake. I then tried walking away faster. Then it bit me on my back. I only worried about being pregnant. As I am pregnant now. My second dream me and my boyfriend went to a lodge with wild animals. He stopped the car to go pay for the night while I was in the car. I screamed on him to make him aware of the yellow snake but it bit him on his foot. I was stressed and thought it could not get it the car. Only to see it. Lift its head up to the open car window. It tried to get in but I blocked it with a pillow. I am really struggling to sleep now and would like to know what you think the dreams would mean?

  • Jess

    I was on a dirt road somewhere riding in the bed of a pickup truck. 1000’s of snakes were following very closely behind the truck and were also coming from inside the truck. I was completely surrounded.  And stuck. They wouldn’t let me free and ended up eating me alive. Then I woke up.

  • Dajon Anrel Porter

    The snakes were sent out to get me in the dream I had. I was with an unknown man in the dream i had. He didn’t seem afraid and he seemed knowledgeable and aware of the snakes i had mentioned to him about earlier in the dream; However, I was running behind him as we both ran really fast in the dream. The snakes were striking at me as we ran and they were trying to wrap around my legs. All of the snakes were facing us as we ran down the road. The snakes were twice as long as my height or more and i am 6 feet tall. They seemed as if they has a lot of energy and they were set out to get me and only me. it seemed i was the only one they were after. There were no way around the snakes and it was impossible for me to not get bitten the way they were aggressively coming at me. Eventually it seemed the guy in the dream was no help as i fell behind using all that was in me to get away and to keep from getting bit but it was no way out and impossible. I felt I was on my own. I woke up once or twice during the dream and fell back asleep as the dream continued without disruption. The final time i woke up, the dream kept trying to pull my body back into a deep sleep but i fought my sleep hard to keep from going back to sleep because i didn’t want to get bitten and die in the dream.

  • Alex

    I’ve had two separate dreams of snakes within the last two weeks. In the first dream I was surrounded by snakes of different varieties. They were closing in and I was uneasy. Eventually I started to realize that they weren’t there to hurt me. I picked one up and held it. Everything was okay until it suddenly attacked someone near me but I woke up before I could see who it was. In the next dream I was swimming in a lake and turned around to see a black mamba chasing me with its mouth wide open. While I was running I turned around and saw that there were more and they were all chasing me. I woke up before anything else could happen.

  • Hussain

    hi my age is 12 and i got a very disturbing dream that it was heavily raining and the fat black snakes were emerging from the ground me and 2 friends were escaping from it in a building same ones like common in china like people are drying clothes in the terrace i was running so fast and the snakes where chasing after me and my friend. can anyone kindly explain me about this and im very disturbed right now because of this.

  • Nicki

    I dreamed I was in a neighborhood obviously unfamiliar and my kids were playing basketball when black snakes come out of nowhere. My youngest son somehow was out of my sight and another kid ran to me and said something was really wrong and as he spoke to me a snake fell on him then just out of nowhere they were coming at all angles I was trapped and woke up I need help understanding this crazy dream -Thanks

  • Heather

    Dream about going into a home just to wash up my son he was not feeling well had a blotted Stomach with my husband and kids. Then we see a vehicle come by so we stop moving and rattlesnakes start coming out my husband killed most of them so we can get out of the home when we did 2 young ladies come up to us and they try going into the home as if they where going to rob it my kids where all out… but then I woke up don’t remember the rest …

    • Kyle

      Okay I will like to state that the Snake appearance represent effect or punishment for something done wrong if it was not then be careful with friends for you no to be in a wrong place at the wrong time.

  • Ess

    I dreamt that a python got in my bedroom which I shared with my sister. At first it didn’t try to attack. The python tried to escape through the ventilation but different peiple who I didn’t recognise managed to stop it from escaping. This went on for while then later on another snake came it looked scarey and it was much bigger. As I ran to my room to hide, I noticed that under my bedroom door was a big space enough to fit the 2 snakes, so I started to put blankets under the door so that the snakes wouldn’t come in, but while doing this the 2 snakes squeezed themselves in and this time the tried to bite us. As we struggled to hold them down that’s when I woke up. What does it mean?

  • Sarahi

    I had a dream that I was going up a mountain and there was snow on the ground but it wasn’t snowing. I was walking up to a store that was at the top of the mountain and my boyfriend and his brother owned it. As I arrieved at the outside of the store where I saw them they started yelling then I noticed a white snake with a smeared red dot on it coming right at me. They yelled and told me to hit it with something big not with something small so in my dream I threw a small stick and it missed 😑. Then, the snake got closed to me and I didn’t know what to do it looked like it was ready to attack me but it wasn’t making its move so then my boyfriends brother told me to kick it that it wasn’t going to bite me, so We were on the edge of the mountain and I kicked it but we both fell of, but I fell on a lower level than the snake. Then, I was crawling under a little bridge in order to walk up the mountain to be with my boyfriend and his brother again. Afternoon the snake went back up looking for me and it didn’t find me I knew it was going to come back down for me so I told my boyfriends brother to stall it because it was going to catch me crawling and hurt me. So he did I don’t know how but came to attack me again after I was done crawling I hit it again and it came again and I hit it again.

    I’ve had a similar dream like this years ago but the snake was red and black and it actually bit me. But this time in my dream I felt like I won because it didn’t hurt me. I just want to know what this dream means.

  • Anonymous

    This morning on mother’s day I had a dream about protecfng m wheel chair bound deceased mother from snakes. Then my grand mother, also deceased, showed up in the dream, she was opening cabinets in the home exposing m ore snakes. At the end my father, also deceased, showed up and he was the only one actually bitten and after being bitten picked the snake up and tore it in half. Side note, my daughter has rejected me from visiting me this mother’s day to stay with week old boyfriend s family. She was not in the dream.ihave not seen her in two years and she just a month ago moved to same state. Liz

  • Frani

    My husband dreamt that he was trapped
    In the bathroom with a huge snake blocking his way out. So myself being his wife reached over and grabbed the snake by the head and he wakes up ? What does this dream mean

  • Mona

    My mother passed away almost 3 and half years ago. But today early in the morning i had slept late & dreamt of my mother beaten by a blackish grey snake & then her lips became blue. What does this signify

  • Sumit Kashyap

    I dreamt that I’m attacked by 2 grey snakes. I caught one snake and threw it but when I was running away one more same kind of snake came swiftly towards me from front of me I tried to catch it too but couldn’t and it bites me in my calf.

  • Monica Wilson

    I was in my home trying to get from one living space to another and I had to pass snakes they were all hiding and id climb on furniture to avoid the floor.  But some how they’d find a way up my leg or lunging at my arms. Biting me n bein b ripped off of me. I tried getting n my son on the night stand with out being him hurt but he kept wanting to go to the floor.  My husband finally appeared and started stepping on their heads or was instructed by me to kill them n b careful but then I woke up b4 seeing anything.  And still feeling scared.

    • Monica Wilson

      Oh and these snakes were black n flat headed snakes.  Not cobra like… more like a mocuson… n one was a golden color. I remember ripping one off n it didn’t have teeth nut it’s bite still felt skin piercing….. all of the bites hurted but none had teeth. I was still scared of them cuz they were poisonous if I’m not mistaken…

  • Leisa

    For 2 nights I’ve dreamt of snakes:

    Dream 1. A brown snake bit me and then attached my cat 8 times before fleeing out the window.

    Dream 2. I was in the shower and saw a tail of a snake come out from the taps (where you turn them on and off).  I thought to myself, I cant find you (I don’t know what that meant). I washed my face and when I reopened my eyes there were black snakes everywhere throughout the shower and bathroom.

  • Biswajit

    I was in so much tension on that night and then went for sleep…in the early morning i saw a dream in which a big black python is going through my whole body and suddenly attacked but on the mean time someone taught me how to catch and kill that snake and i also did the same and killed it….i tried to understand who was that someone but couldn’t able to know it….suddenly i woke up with lots of fear and infront of me my window was their which was open and saw the full moon which looked completly red….it was about 4:30 AM….is their any connection in between..??

  • Deena

    I saw small small snakes attacking me . One of the snake bit me on my index finger but got cured .. I think I swallowed one of it as well not clear.

  • Yolanda Jenkins

    Had an dream of my kids playing with the red..black and white small snake outside my old childhood house why the next thing im being chased by the same snake i belive but I’m running on foot under the tree the snake is chasing me on…then an person says you’ve been running from snakes all week and then I woke up

  • Kim

    I dreamt a anaconda was attacking everyone and everything around me what does that mean

    • Angie

      I have had the same dream. And looking at the interpretations, I see that there has been something in my life recently brought to the surface. Something I did years ago, that I am not proud of. I tried to move on from it, but it’s come back to “bite me in the ass.” And I’m having a hard time dealing with it. So this dream made perfect sense to me.

  • Danielle Lewis

    I had a dream last night that I was surrounded by big king cobras they were hissing at me at trying to bite me however I was not alone I was protecting people in my family. I am not so sure what it all means I dream of snakes all the time but none have ever tried to harm me.

  • Ara

    I dreamt that people in our place are worried about the earthquake. the barangay officials have decided to dig many big holes underground. my husband and my uncle helped digging. the day after, many colorful snakes came out that has some green color on their skin. they killed many people including my mother, grandmother and mother by biting their backs during my grandfather’s funeral. its not just a normal bite but its big.

    my husband and I asked for help. we went to a place in which the snakes cannot enter. I don’t know how or why. the my husband said some ritual or prayer, moments later a big tree is growing really fast. my husband told me we’ll climb the tree and we’ll kill the snakes using sniper guns if they ever try to reach the safe place that has a barrier.

    another scenario, neighborhood is currently on fire. people are helping each other including me to put out the fire but the fire’s just getting bigger.

    that was my dream all about. can you please help my what does that mean?

    • Ara

      *they killed my mother, grandmother and mother-in-law.

  • shine vence

    I dreamt of being swallowed by a huge snake while hugging my 12 month old baby :'(
    its been my dream for 3 consecutive nights and it’s killing me what does it mean??

  • Alleishia

    My boyfriend was just telling me about a dream he had last night. He dreamed that a cobra was in a tree with a hawk. He thought the snake was in the hawks mouth but when he got closer the snake had the hawks head partially in his mouth. He got in the car and the snake was in the back seat. Flash to my house and here he has the snake by the throat and the snake is trying to bite him so he stuffs the body of the snake into its own mouth and throws it. He said he was scared. The snake was dark brown on top and beige at the bottom. When he was choking the snake the backs of its head cut his finger some kind of way.

  • Lisa

    I dreamt that I was on this boat and this giant black snake had a girl ( a girl I do not know) wrapped up and trapped. She was very afraid and crying. The snake then slowly proceeded to eat the girl whole. The girl knew what was coming and kind of excepted her fate even though she was very afraid to experiance such a death. As the snake ate most of the girls top half the boat began to sink under water and never to be seen.

    This really disturbed me and I could not get back to sleep. What the hell does this mean. Been on my mind for days.

    I use to love snakes. I have had them around my body more than once. After this dream though I am not so sure anymore.

    • Omiya

      That one devil lah…if you kena bit rabak lah.. bodoh

  • Destiny reid

    I had a dream last night that a snake that was mentioned in my dream as an anaconda, but it look more like a Python was protecting me. It was the biggest snake I’ve ever seen. I have a huge fear of snakes. I have dreams of snakes often.

    • Omiya

      Go to the temple & pray to the snake god. It shows you more often in your just cos it’s expecting something from you.( Like milk, fruits or eggs)

  • Box

    In my dream,I was dragged through the woods,down a dirty hill in the woods, I was dragged by snakes who had me tied up by my limbs,they drag me to an ending in the woods where they insert themselves inside of me, unfortunately, I’ve been having this dream since I was 4, and it didn’t scare me as a child,it was confusing, I was more curious then anything, even though I was so young.

  • raashi

    i dreamt of anaconda coming up from earth (underground) and swallowing my husband. but the moment i shout, it throws my husband back alive and unharmed and runs for someone else. i and my husband run from there with the fear.

  • Tyron

    I had a dream about a green snake crawling in the tree, but this snake had furr on not scales how weird is that? And my mom whasapp walking past and snake trying to attack her but never succeeded so my dad came past to try kill the snake, while trying to kill the snake, the snake tried biting my dad aswell but eventually he killed it, what is the meaning of the weird dream?

  • Sonal

    I had a dream about me walking in a garden where there were many snakes going here and there but none of them crossed my way. None of the snakes attacked me.I was quite steady in crossing my way and getting out of the garden still was afraid but crossed it finally in my dream. Please tell me what does it indicate?

    • Albert

      I had a strange dream this morning. Funny i remember it clearly not like some you forget by the time you wake. So if there is any one out there who knows how to interprate a dream let me know. Im visiting some one living in this mansion. Dont see who it is and im with some people with a child amongst us. So the person arrives and unlocks the double doors. I walk up the stairs and as i want to enter i see this black snake slither across the tiles and starts biting us the child gets the worst bite. In the rest of the dream im walking in this open field and all over im seeing these poisonous snakes including the one that bit us in the house. There is even a big croc in a patch of water. I then get attacked by a python and i got it around the neck fighting it off. .

  • Anjana Venugopal

    Last night I dreamt about me being killed by a snake. I was watering the plants in the huge garden of a house I didn’t know. My mother was with me and we were talking about random things. We found a few black frogs jumping around in the garden. Then while I was watering one big plant a huge black and dark green snake from the ground crawled on me, and ate me up That’s when I woke up horrified from what I saw. What could this mean?

  • Lynn

    My brother had just gotten a huge black snake that was friendly to him. My curious instincts got the best of me, and I was going to move it to a safer place, due to the cramped place the snake was already in. It’s scales were falling off in large chucks and I got scared. It was trying to bite me so I threw it down, and ran. I tripped and then it stroked for me, but I caught it by it’s jaws, upper jaw in one hand and lower in the other. It kept closing them and biting me and I was trying to keep them open with all my might but I couldn’t. I woke up in a sweat and couldn’t go back to sleep, so I found this website.

  • Marco

    I had a snake dream wherein the snake was in a tree. My father was also in the tree trying to distract the snake and rid it from my presence – perhaps in fatherly protection. As I turned to look at the snake, its brown-dotted body and slithering appeal, it caught my attention. Just as the snake noticed me it almost jumped from the tree and attacked me. This is the moment I awoke. Since there are so many interpretations of snake dreams, this one was particularly different since my father was there. Still trying to decipher it.

  • Ezza.

    Last day i saw a dream which scared me to death.
    I dreamt about a snake which went around killing all my loved ones right in front of me each time. It never did hurt me.. but it looked as if it was enjoying th pain it was inflicting on me by killing my family. The dream wasnt nornal snake bite. It was something else. Scarier. I know its just a dream. But i am startled. I have to knw if there is some meaning for this. Please do help if u can.

    • Marco

      It could be that there’s a fear of losing your family to some unwanted force.

  • Christina Michell Setalsingh

    Dreamt a lime green snake with a black line chasing me around a house and just as it was going to strike in my face I screamed and woke up. I never dream

  • mukesh Lowe

    I had a dream as snake try to cling my leg again and again to which I am resisting. At one instance snake was successful then i untangled and fight start again. I also see my wife – saying some thing

    • Mahdi

      i dreamed exactly the same, but i grabed its head, i dont know what it means

      • Ehm

        I have this dream where everybody has to escape from something and everyone ran to a path where snakes came out. Many snakes came out. Some people im sure were already dead but in my place i was lying down on the ground 1 snake comes near me and its my instinct that told me it surely will attack me so i grabbes its head and i never let go. Until i found a place to throw it because i have to escape the place. So i throw the snake and looked if it will attack me again but it ran away. What does it mean?

  • Nidhi

    Yesterday night I saw a dream in which I have taken s small chid in my lap and go outside from home in search of anyone and i am going and than i reach in a green field there I see a dark black, long and fat snake who’s eyes on other side. I saw him from behind and get turned to go but he noticed me or start to chasing me and in dream I was running extreme fast also with a child and he too. after running few time I reach in a home and hand over child to someone but than I notic snake has bitten me or there was so much blood but I was standing and peoples are treating me applying something and I was ok and standing. What its mean? Please clearify it and yes after reading your this very article I got a thing is “The instinctual part of yourself is being constrained; need to open up, express and channel it in more conscious and harmonious ways.
    You are in the process of becoming more aware, conscious.
    What aspect of yourself or deep desire do you secretly wish to bring to light and reveal to the world?
    So yes there is a aspect of myself that mostly I tried to hide from everyone my family know but not completely. Actually I am on the path of spiritualism and want to achieve higher knowledge or want to be a mystic, yogi and from so long I’m trying to go from home to Starr a next phase of my life. But due to family its getting tough so sometime I feel so trapped in worldly things these all are not for me. I have give up on all things even on study I want to be free completely. So does this dream somewhere related to my this deep desire? Please interrupt it clearly.

  • Toneisha

    Last night or this morning i had a dream where I was in a room with a large black snake that seemed to have a pen stuck in its bottom jaw and came to me like a pet in need. The dream changed to me being in the backseat of my mom’s car (one that she haven’t had since I was a kid) and I had the snake in my hands I kept a firm grip over its head as it began to squirm I felt like it wanted to bite me. we get to what looks like a doctor office and I take the snake to the back when I came back to the waiting room I no longer had it, in its place was a baby no older than 6 months to 1yr old. I thought the child was mine since she resembled me a lot and I felt a strong connection to her and wanted nothing but love and protection for her I began to change her clothes and full pamper because she had gotten sticky and had ants on her pants leg (idk wired right) shorty after I had woke up.

  • Samantha

    I had a dream that my cat was being attacked by a huge yellow and white python. I saved her right as the snake put his mouth on her. Then it replayed again where I took a machete to the snakes head.

  • Tom

    Hi there,

    Last night I saw that I was loading fish in the back of an old trolley track, when suddenly a blue snake that was sleeping there, woke up and was trying to aggressively attack me and my mother which she was on my left. I was scared that it would bit her so I took an old stick and tried to drown it’s attention towards me. Finally it tried to attack me but it bit the end of the stick leaving me and my mother in peace. That is when I woke up. Even when I did wake up I didn’t fear at all and proceeded with my daily tasks, however I just wanted to express it to someone and possible get some explanations.
    Any advices welcome!

    • sam

      Hi Tom,

      So I just want to ask, do you know now what the dream meant? Did you came across an obstacle afterwards that was life changing or that gave you more awareness about past problems and had to face them?
      Wish you all the best.

  • Splendidafrikbeaty

    I wake up to right this I dreamed where i stood and saw a Python on its own a big-like rat was on a fight with the python so looking at them saw that the big-like rat has something in it mouth later vomit it went back to fight the python whom doesn’t reacted but looking as if its a friendly fight but the big-like rat (not as big as the Python don’t know the name so I tagged it big-like rat cos their look alike)aimed to kill the Python so saw a man(in that dream I was confused so I keep asking him questions which he replied but can get the answers till now) whom try to explain the meaning of the dramer then I woke up.

    • Splendidafrikbeaty

      Now it came to my sence that the big-like rat is cat. Thanks

  • Seth

    In my dream I was being attacked by a furious snake suddenly, a white cat came to stand in between myself and the snake. The cat was fighting the snake from bitten me,

  • Arielle

    I had this dream a long time ago, but it’s always stuck with me. I dreamt that a green snake had disembowled a very small gray kitten, and that I had tried to save it. The kitten died regardless. I can’t remember some of the finer details of the dream, but I think that it happened in a barn.

  • Lady Olenna

    I dreamt that my boyfriend & I were walking towards an underpass. I was asking him where’s your shirt & he answered its okay Im not gonna wear it. I looked at him & he was holding back tears. And then I saw the snake in front of us. It was brown & at first it wasnt moving and then when we stopped walking it attacked me reaching for my right foot. Then I woke up. What does my dream mean??

  • S.

    I dreamt I was at work and moved a pile of rubbish. A big snake with browny patterns shot out and then I screamed as it looked like it was constricting a child which looked like my son. I was naturally very distressed. Could this be linked to my anxiety over a hospital appointment for him?

  • Tracy

    I dreamed my boyfriend/work partner were opening the round cement lid of a large well. We were going to clean it out And make a new garden. Inside the well-among the twisting weeds was a small egg shaped nest of several black baby snakes-im not too freaked out as we often see small snakes in gardens and we welcome them. My boyfriend jps right in to start cleaning out the snake nest when a giant yellow/brown patterned momma snake (im thinking python in the dream-not a usual sight on the east coast) comes out of the bottom of the well ready to defend the baby snakes. I am very afraid for my boyfriend and shout at him to lookout! He climbs out of the thick watering bottom to safety.

  • S.R.R

    So my grandmother is deep into this stuff and even she isn’t quite sure as to what my dream could mean. It comes and goes and it’s actually quite worrying. It’s not a long dream, but I quite often dream of fire and snakes. And the one dream that keeps reoccurring is the dream where a large snake strikes at me through the fire. The type of snake changes every now and then. Im more curious about it than anything

    • Zora

      snakes can also symbolise rebirth and renewal, through the shedding of skin. Fire is also burning for new growth and driving forward passionately. I would say you’re in a transitional phase and are doing some major changes, internally and externally, while clearing out the old.

      • April Rogers

        I dreamed of a blcksnake sliding across the yard, but as me and my grandaughter, proceeded out to the trash can, we met up with a brown and yellow snake. It was big. We tried getting away n ut it struck her first, then it turned and struck me. I quick)y ran to the house to make sure we were ok, I woke up out of my dream. But I can see it so vividly. Not knowning wh at it meant but it was a scary dream.

  • Erica

    I dreamt of me trying to protect my friends baby girl from a big python snake it looked like anaconda I was running with the baby in my arms trying to hide but the snake always had a way to get in finally I jumped to a really high ceiling and the snake was jumping up down trying to get the baby finally it stopped. The dream change to the snake swallowing a older girl head first all you could see was her legs but a man came and pulled her out by her legs and she was still alive and snake was gone..Can someone please help me with interpretation? Thank you

  • Vickie

    I dreamt that I was at a shop and the shopkeeper’s son brought out some things in a rubber and he show the snake in it then as we all run out the snake was crawling and a girl hit the snake head with a stone then it fell on my leg

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