Dreaming About a Snake Attack

Snake Attack Dream

The meaning of a dream about a snake attack is tinted by the emotions felt by the dreamer, whether it’s fear, anxiety, surprise, feeling constricted or trapped.

Where in your life do you feel this way?  How you feel while you’re dreaming about this wild animal attacking you will give important clues to understand the meaning of your dream. The presence of an aggressive serpent  can be interpreted as a symbol of tension or resistance you experience in your waking life and need to acknowledge more fully.

Dream Meaning Summary

  • The instinctual part of yourself is being constrained; need to open up, express and channel it in more conscious and harmonious ways.
  • Threat whether perceived or real, worry; threatening feeling that is coming back at you after being avoided or cast out of your awareness; time to explore and face it.
  • Fear of taking risks; navigating moving waters, uncertainty.
  • You are in the process of becoming more aware, conscious.

What does being attacked by snakes in a dream mean?

Here are several definitions to help interpret your dream.

Dream Meaning #1: Facing a threatening situation in your life

A wild animal like a snake that attacks you in a dream could point to a situation that feels unsafe or threatening in your waking life.

The dream may be an expression of a strong discomfort, worry or even fear as you are being confronted with a challenging situation. Dreaming of a snake attack signifies that you’re not fully acknowledging these feelings or the situation and need to pay more attention to it.

The snake attack is an indication of the need to take care of whatever is triggering resistance in a more conscious manner. In other words, one of the main meanings of the dream is to face and explore what in your waking life is perceived as a threat and find ways to deal with it before it strikes.

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Snake Attack Dream

Dream Meaning #2: Fear of taking risks

Dreaming of a snake attack could be an expression of the fear of taking risks in an uncertain environment. The serpent represents the fear of risking too much and getting hurt.

The attack is an expression of the hesitancy, inner resistance towards making a move in a sensitive situation where you fell that every move on your part could be perceived as an attack by someone else or, in turn, trigger an attack towards you.

You need to examine if there’s a situation in your waking life where you need to take action and move carefully in order to bring a resolution. The dream may point to a relationship where you are “walking on egg shells”. It may also indicate that you need to take some risks and perhaps get “bitten” in the process in order to move forward.

Dream Meaning #3: Expressing an unresolved part of yourself

Snakes are untamed animals and as a dream symbol, they could represent a “wild”, untamed part of yourself that you or others may judge as socially or morally unacceptable.

Typically associated with sexual or sensual expression, the presence of the serpent in your sleep is associated with deep instinctual drives. It can be related to aggressively, expressing your primal energy, creativity.

A snake attack in a dream indicates that you are in the process of becoming more aware of that aspect of you, whether you want it or not. The attack reflects the inner tension between what has been hidden or repressed and is challenging your world now. The dream points to your resistance to change or to a fuller expression of a part of you that is being avoided or neglected.

Next Step: Make your Own Meaning

To go further with the interpretation of your snake dream, ask yourself the following questions. You can get more help by looking at the Snake Dream Interpretation Guide.

  • What kind of snake is in the dream?
  • Is a part of you like the snake in your dream?
  • Is a person in your life like the snake?
  • What aspect of yourself or deep desire do you secretly wish to bring to light and reveal to the world?

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Need Help to Interpret your Dream about a Snake Attack?

Post your dream below if you had a dream featuring a snake attacking you or someone else and need help to interpret its meaning. Other people passionate about dream interpretation will have a chance to answer. You can look at other types of snake dreams in the Dreams Forum.

640 Responses to Dreaming about a Snake Attack

  • Jasmine

    Omg I believe interpretation 2 is right on the money for me. Thanks for your interpretation I’ve been searching web all morning looking for what makes sense

  • kim

    My dream was really strange. I was in what looked like a perimd there was 3 poison snakes. They were after me. My pet cat came to my aid. She sacrificed herself. I woke up when the 3 posion snakes were trying to kill her. What does it mean? I really don’t wanty cat hurt or killed please help!

  • Mary owusuwaa

    hello please help me,like two weeks ago had a dream where of my friends and I were out but suddenly we were in a bush where I found many snakes surrounding every step I make then I woke,just yesterday too I dreamt of a snake trying to attack me and I woke up again, please help with the meaning

  • Jake

    Hello! So I had a dream last night and im curious about what it means.
    It started off with friends and family all hanging out in the back yard. In particular, my uncle’s four year old daughter was out playing around without being supervised. I was going around looking looking at random stuff in the back yard, and I noticed a huge python (brown and black), it was about 60ft long in my dream. So I warned my family but they didn’t seem to worry about it. So the dream went on and I noticed something else strange, there were at least several dead green snakes in the back yard. They went venomous, and i felt pity for the dead snakes, I just didn’t know why they were dead. My dream continued, and as it did, it seemed the python was getting hungry, looking for food almost everywhere. And with no luck finding any food, it finally started stalking the four girl. I was warning everyone but they couldn’t here me. The snake coiled around the little girl and was choking her to death, so I ran over with a knife and killed the snake, but it was too late the girl had died. And in my dream I was so frustrated at my family because if they had listened the little girl would’ve lived. Then I woke up.

    Sorry it this was song long, but I’m curious on all ya’lls take on this is. Many thanks!

  • Taylor

    The dream was the snake got into my house and went to the bathroom and hid I went in there and herd the name black desert cobra so I backed up and it jumped out to me

    • Breanna

      I had a dream I was walking through water and the further I went the less safe I felt. I soon saw the long tail of a snake, I shouted out there’s a snake and started to go leave the water but the snake bit my leg and the more I tried to leave the more snakes bit my leg. By the time I left the water, 3 snakes were attached to my leg and it became my backyard. My dad was trying to get the snakes off my leg and another snake found its way out and tried to bite me. Once I was free I saw a snake and bent his body in half and squeezed until part of his flesh was ripped; when I finally put the now dead snake on the grass, it became my puppy. He looked like he deflated and was loosing his life. It was a horrible dream and I woke up crying.

  • Alicia

    Hi .I just woke up suddenly because i have nightmare . And i want to know what this means if you could help me out . My dream was .I am having sex with this someone (i knew this guy) in my dream and in the door the snake crawl up the wall i told him theres snake and he says to ignore it two times crawl up the wall but snake keeps on dropping the floor and third time snake crawl snake jump on us on me (while having sex with him) and i shout and now in awake .What does it mean ?

  • Alicia

    Hi .I just woke up suddenly because i have nightmare . And i want to know what this means if you could help me out . My dream was .I am having sex with this someone (i knew this guy) in my dream and in the door the snake crawl up the wall two times but snake keeps on dropping the floor and third time snake crawl snake jump on us on me (while having sex with him)What does it mean ?

  • Valentine Valentinoh Vee

    I had a dream whereby a black snack crawled up the bed n came through my girlfriends side and i said to her ,bby a snake n she replied dnt worry its looking for my friend so dont b scared soon it wil go.Well that did not happen it cam right to my ear n was breathing heavily into my ear and i could feel it wanted to bite .i tried being patient but the heat was too much so i juss gav a sign to my galfriend so she knows the snake is still around n she did nothing i had to try n wake up n i did .
    Confused am writing this now.

    • B

      Maybe you are taking advice or giving someone who doesn’t have your best interest at heart too much power over your actions…Maybe this person is always telling you something or trying to get certain reactions out of you and you blindly trust them…What’s going to happen if you wait to late? Hope this makes sense for you!

  • leslie

    OK, I had a dream last night that I’m capturing all these snakes that are in their dirt holes. Odd because I’m disgusted by snakes but in my dream I was not frightened. Then there is one more hole and there is a giant snake, greenish yellow markings. I turn to leave and avoid it and it lashes out and bites me.

  • Loren

    I dreamt of a snake biting my wife after she kicked it. I was telling her to not provoke it however she continued and the snake attacked her

  • nagendra

    I had this dream nearly 5times,we some people sat around a lake where a big snake lives,and few birds floating in it, I am observing the moves of that snake it’s about attack a man besides me, casually I moved from their my movements alert the snake & turned towards me, I managed 3/4 times but suddenly some how my dream interupted.
    I don’t remember what bird/fish it was,
    I can clearly noticing the snake moments

  • Marjorie

    A woman in green holding a green snake attacking me and trying to get the snake to bite me. I tried to grab the snake, but it bit my right arm.

  • strangedreams

    I had a dream about the end of the world. Sky was on fire and stars were falling. I was attacked by strange creatures and almost died but a dark little snake saved me. It protected me and killed those who tried to harm me. I don’t know where it came from but it felt like it had always been by my side. The snake had red glowing scar that formed word “love”. It stayed on my arm the rest of the dream. I could trust the snake and it looked at me as it would have loved me. I never had had a snake in my dreams before also I never saw them in real life.

  • shweta

    I have dream that a black snake attacked me…
    Wat does it mean plz tell me

  • Eli

    I dreamt that my oldest son, who then changed to my brother, who looks like my son, a found a snake coiled up in a hole on the side of hill. He, my son first, grabs the snake by the head, then its no longer my son, its my brother, who struggles to control the snake and it bites him-my brother. but I telepathically, (I never spoke in the dream) tell him to kill the snake by squeezing it, my brother finals kills the snake. I approach him to feel the snake see if its dead, and it is. But my brother is bitten, so now I need to take him to the ER- but I wake up. (Background of real life:I no longer communicate with my family- mom bros/sis’- bc they despise my wife(married 25yrs) my bro who was bitten by snake has made some remarks and action that hurt my wife. I have always tried to keep the peace but been futile.)

    • Velma

      I have dream this morning about the yellow green snake was attacked me

  • Leif

    Me and my wife and my baby sleeping suddenly wake up by chicken or hen try to give us a warning then i saw a snake dark and yellow marks trying to crawl on the sheets but i try to hit with CD RACK i cut the tail off trying to bit me still on my leg but I avoid it

  • kmem

    One month ago, I had a Snake attack dream. Before attack I saw image of our close neighbour and then Snake attack. Got scared and woke up. What does that dream mean?

  • Moselle

    I recently just had a baby he’s a month old now and I had a dream him my husband and I where In a Field having a type of picnic and all of a sudden I look up and a huge snake swollowed my son and had another baby in its belly too, and I’m screaming at my husband kill it get him back, and my husband starts moving all slow and acts like he doesn’t know what to do and finally I look at him and the snake has bitten him in the face causing one side of his face to slide down, it looked as if someone where having a stroke. I start to freak out even more and for some reason I’m mad at him and start yelling. Then I wake up.
    Any one have and advise as to what this dream might mean?

  • Sandy

    I had a dream last night that a white cobra type snake jumped up into the air and bit my neck. I was able to choke it to make it let go of me.  Then another poisonous snake came by and I grabbed it by it’s throat.  I shoved the head of that poisonous snake down the mouth of the cobra choking it.  Poison was gushing everywhere from both. I managed to get get the tooth of them stuck in my hands and the poison from both snakes got into my hand. Both snakes died and I was on my way to the emergency room when I woke up

  • Priscilla Y Regalado

    I had a dream about fighting a snake. I was holding its head and choking it while my other hand was holding the tail.

  • Awori Grace

    I had a dream last night that my four year old baby girl alongside other people had been swallowed by a giant pyhthon, and i later managed to rescue tnem from the Python as it slept and when it woke up, it swallowed someone again and was after my daughter again buh i whisked her away then someone shot the python. Am worried someone pliz interpret for me this dream

  • Daniel

    I keep seeing a rattlesnake and water moccasin fighting each other in my dream but when I wake I feel as if the rattlesnake spirit is looking out through my eyes

  • Charlot

    I had a dream that i was working at this place and then there was a cat poking its head out of the wall and so the people told me to push it away with skis and so i did but one of the skis turned into a snake and then it was coiling around my chest and killing me and to save myself i had to sing the snakes name and I woke up when i was just about to die.

  • Jackie

    Had a dream I was holding a red snake.  Something was said that startled me and I moved suddenly. The snake kept trying to bite me as I was trying to get a better grip of it.

  • Terri Johnson

    I dreamed that a young boy around 11 or 12 put a snake in my and 2 other cars through the tire area. I kept turning on the light to see if it was in the car. The third time I tirned on the light, it was by my feet. So I reached down and picked it up by the neck. It wrapped itself around my left wrist trying to bite me. But, I managed to get it unwrapped. I tried to drop it out the window, but it kept tensing up and wouldn’t fall. It tried to bite me, but somehow I grabbed its head to prevent it from happening. The last time I tried to drop me, it tensed up and wouldn’t fall. Thus time, it bit me. I woke up. Talk abour screaming. My wrist hurt from the bite in the waking life for about 15 minutes after I woke up.

  • Monica

    I had a dream that there was a huge anaconda on the side of my house. My family was on the porch and my u co.e was like aligatmtore wrestling it to catch it it had attacked and bit a few of my family members. Because they were being stubborn and not listening to me to get away from it. But I had seen no damage to the bite.

  • Bertha

    I have very realistic dreams where I wake up crying or laughing. This dream was about a huge snake. I hate snakes! In my dream I either had had triplets or had been pregnant with triplets.  The giant snake walks up to me and looks me in the face, it l makes itself into my throat and all the way into my uterus getting a hold of my child as I struggle to breath since I felt I could not gasp any air. The snake is balled up in my uterus moving like crazy and finally makes its way out of me and spits my baby out!the snake had killed my baby. Then the snake repeats its same steps again.  After the second death of my baby I turn to look at my third infant as I am fighting for air because I can’t stop crying. At this point I’m at a panic attack,don’t know weather to give up and give in to the fact that this huge snake will take my third child or to keep fighting as the snake stares deep into my eyes with evil looks. I wake up not knowing if I lost my third child and crying uncontrollably and in deep sweat and breathing heavily

  • Kerrie

    I had a dream that a huge snake was trying to swallow me. It had me all the way to my chest, when my dog attacked it and tore it apart to get me out.

  • Tierra

    Last night I had a dream about a snake attacking my brother. It didn’t bite him, but I was scared and crying and trying to tell him not to move. Never really had a dream like this involving my little brother being in harms way so I’m just wondering what the dream could mean.

    • Brenda

      I had a dream a snake attacked my big brother an still trying to find out why I had this dream last night anyone can u help out with this please!!

  • S

    I had a dream that my dog and I were walking through a forrest and he went into this hole that was just the right size for him but I had a bad feeling about it so I started yelling at him not to but he wasn’t listening and then I looked into the hole and a huge yellow boa constrictor had wrapped around him and killed him

  • Dd

    Lastnight I had a dream that a yellow snake was licking my brothers face, kind of like a dog would. However, I had this strong urge in my stomach that it was about to bite him. Afterwards, we were running and trying to hide his scent from the snake.

  • Lisa Montgomery

    I have been dreaming a snake wraps itself sround my granddaughter at the age of 2 but the only thing she is nearly 8 then we find more snake hidden inthe room it happened a few days times now we do end up catching all the snakes

  • Priscilla Ng

    I dream few snakes at middle of the road and many cars keep going. And some cars has hit the snakes. Some snakes are even injured.The snakes keep looking at me but I feel helpless I can’t help the snakes and at the same time I feel fear the snakes. I scare the snakes bite me.

  • Carol

    A lady brought a 6 ft rattlesnake with 2&1/2 inch fangs in my yard that she just caught. It was still well alive. As she approach me, it broke lose from her hand that held the head & started striking at me. I could feel it hitting the very thick leather coat I had on.I hit the ground covering my head with said coat. A friend tried to get it. But it struck his hand. In the end, my husband got it with a dog catcher leash. I was very scared, yet angry at the same time. I did not know who lady was.

  • Anthony Herrera

    My son and I were on a a hiking trail up a mountain and as we were reaching the peak and slips towards brush but I catch him and as I pull away I don’t hear anything but all I see is a rattlesnake striking and then I woke up

  • Stacy

    Last night I dreamt that I was playing with a large snake. It was almost like wrestling with a dog. But the snake was getting out of hand. It was playing too rough.  And I kept playing even though I didn’t want to.  I was afraid to stop. The snake never bit me but it kept trying to. I kept seeing its mouth opening wide and it kept jumping at me. I was standing up and the snake would fly up from the ground at me with its mouth open. I would hit it away from me and it just kept happening again and again.  I was in an unfamiliar room and there were unfamiliar people in there with me sitting down.  It was like a living room in a house.

    • Jocasta

      This is a meaning of you living in old place in the past that u can not recognize and your very close to someone that just got back in your life and is going to cause some disturbance in the family you posted this back in February so it should have taken place already or it’s problems coming disturbance in the family’s.to stop it from happening light up a white candle and pray

  • Worried

    My family members were working on some vehicles and then mom was burning some stuff and caught the vehicles on fire (a friend guy who wants to date me) ran and put out the fires…next thing u know he is gone and my family start driving off in their vehicles but me…I look and my bedroom window there are two rattlesnakes one light green and the other dark brown almost black…I yell to my mom and nephew to move away slowly and the two snakes begin to fight….then they see me and give chase… I tell my mom and nephew to get in the car….next thing I know I’m on top of th car swinging at many rattlesnakes as they are leaping from everywhere attacking me….I was about 6 snakes all different colors but the one who gets on my skin first is a black one…the others just attached themselves to my clothes somehow…

  • eenoylove

    I dreamed last night (02/17/2017) that the black snakes attacked me and I shout and glared at them (in my dream) and they went far away from me and never disturb me again then I woke up.
    can anyone explain my dream for me?

  • Nitesh kr Rai

    I dreamed on 17/02/17 night; tht i hve thrown a stone to the green snake ; by a intension of killing it! And in revenge snake cuts in my hand very hard; but i don’t fear or cried ; I beat tht snake after bitting me; till the snakes death! What does this dream mean…………………………..

  • Stephen Burris

    Right before I woke up. I open a car do to get inside, because it was raining. When I open the door, their was a snake on the floor. It kinda look and hissed at me. Then all of a sudden, jump at me, but I’m in for sure if it got me or not. I woke up Right then and that was it.

    I’m not sure what it was trying to tell me but any clues would be helpful.

  • Anonymous

    My dream was of two snakes one was red an the other was black. I had a bird an the snakes were determined to get the bird. Everywhere i went the snakes found a way in.The red snake was the most determined he was floating off the ground trying get the bird an ended up biting my heel on my left foot. What does this mean.

  • Crystal Havard

    I’ve been having serious conflict with roommates of my mom’s & a little tension in my relationship today things got really serious & there was some mies told behind my back & a lot of indirect degrading remarks towards me, my mom says “oh they don’t mean anything by it & they’re just grouchy” then tonight we closed our day all laughing & joking (except the roommates who was in another room still mad) then I wake up in the middle of the night after dreams my apartment was under attack by a giant spider & giant snake then I was in a plane with a silly dinosour…during the attack in my apartment I kept saying I WANA GO HOME, I WANA GO HOME as if I had another home somewhere then everything was fine in the plane with the silly dinosaur….. What is this dream telling me? Should I go home & keep my distance for a while from my moms house?

  • Monalisa sinha

    I just saw a dream of two snake in bath tub .Both of they were black.then after with the help of some rod I pulled one by one on floor and killed them with the help of some thing that we call jadhoo in Hindi.
    Jadhoo is used in India to clean floor made up of wooden very thin sticks. I saw blood of snake . I was killing it with back of jadhoo.

  • amber

    I dreamed I was in my backyard, and it was full of tall plants, so I went down because my sister and her friend were there. Then when i wanted to go back up there was a green red snake, it was curled up and kinda thick but it was facing me then my dad told me to kill it with an object encouraging me to but I was scared and nervous toward this snake. the dream ended from there.

  • Jade

    I had a dream about lots of snakes this morning and i felt scared in the dream.i havent had this dream in about 9 months since i was was a mwmber of my last church.At the end of the dream it was like a python that i had to defeat.I ended up cutting his tail of to free the people it had swallowed already and they fell out with normal size snakes unto a bucket.I had to get the people and my kids out the bucket ,separating them from the snake before the bit them.after that i went to a airport ready to take off on my plane.In my dream i had defeated the snake.”But when i woke up i had a text from my old pastor from my old church”.I trust him but i don’t know what this dream was telling me.i dont even know if it was about him or someone close to him.PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME TO MAKE SINCE OF THIS DREAM….TY

  • triciabm16

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