Dreaming of Snakes on your Bed

Snakes In be Dream

Dreaming about snakes on your bed might stir up strong emotions. At best, the scene is intriguing; at worst, the dream comes with disgust, anxiety or fear.  This wild creature can be interpreted as a symbol for your sense of privacy, intimacy or the expression of your sexuality. Meanings for this snake  dream are influenced by what the setting in which the dream takes place, your bed or bedroom, and what this place typically represents for you.

Dream Meaning Summary

  • You’re getting in touch with your sexuality
  • Ambivalent feelings towards romantic or sexual intimacy with a partner
  • Your personal boundaries are being tested; need to define your private space
  • Need for rest
  • A healing process is taking place

What dreaming about a snake on my bed mean?

What does dreaming about a snakes on your bed mean? Here are several meanings to help interpret your dream.

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Dream Meaning #1: Snakes as classic symbols for sexual instincts

Dreaming about snakes on a bed may refer to deep urges, especially connected to your sensual desire or sexuality.The snake is typically considered as a phallic symbol. This meaning is emphasized in a dream where snakes are in a bed.

The snake dream could mean that you need to look within yourself to see how you relate with your own sexuality and its expression.

Depending on what the snake look like, you may interpret the dream as an indication of how you perceive your own sexual energy and desire. Is the snake colorful or dull? Does it move vigorously or is it slow? Is it big or small, aggressive or friendly? Your response will give additional clues to interpret your dream.

Dream Meaning #2: Intimacy and invasion of privacy

Firstly, the classic meaning for dreams that take place in a bedroom, especially if your bed or bedroom is portrayed, is associated with intimacy. It could be intimacy with a partner or simply how you experience your own connection with yourself. Seeing a snake or several snakes in your bed bring this meaning forth even more strongly.

Secondly, the bed or bedroom could symbolize your private sphere, a sense of your personal space or boundaries.  To see snakes crawling in your bed in a dream denote insidious feelings that are creeping. Perhaps you have been avoiding looking at a sticky situation in your waking life and the dreams is bring it to your attention.

Snakes in a bed can refer to a situation in your life where your private space is being invaded and your boundaries not respected. In the dream, you may be surprised by the presence of the snake in your bed, just like you may not be fully aware that you are being bothered by a situation or someone close to you in your waking life.

This type of snake dream relates to the need to look at guilt or an anxiety that is associated to the topics of private space or intimacy in general or in the context of your current relationship.

Snakes In be Dream

Dream Meaning #3: Exploring new ways to express yourself

If dreaming about snakes on your bed comes with a feeling of curiosity or fascination in the dream, this may mean that you are in the process of exploring new ways to express your own sexual or sensual life.

This snake dream  is a reminder of your own creativity and need to express deep, instinctual desires.

Dream Meaning #4: Seeing snakes in someone else’s bed

If you dream of seeing snakes in someone else’s bed, this could point to your desire or curiosity about someone who is close to you. It could mean that you would like to strengthen your current relationship or wish to renew it.

The snake could also represent your ambivalence regarding the development of the relationship and the deepening of emotional and/or sexual intimacy.

Dream Meaning #5: Unresolved guilt regarding a partner or your own feelings

Snakes in a bed could indicate that you’re feeling guilty about about sexual or romantic feelings you’ve been having.
Depending on the overall feeling in your dream, this may indicate that you are in the process of dealing with ambivalent emotions regarding your own sexuality or sexual desires towards a partner or potential partner.

Dreaming about snakes in a bed may point to a need to acknowledge these feelings more fully and explore ways to express them more respectfully and harmoniously in your waking life.

Dream meaning #6: Personal healing process is taking place

If a snake appears on your bed in a dream and you are not very afraid or not afraid at all, this may mean that you are involved in a healing process connected to your sexuality or a relationship with an intimate partner.

The snake could be interpreted as a symbol of deeply rooted sexual energy or desire that is trying to be expressed more fully.  The dream may indicate that you need to pay attention to sexual or romantic matters of importance to you and your intimate partner.

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Next Step: Make your Own Meaning

To go further with the interpretation of your snake dream, ask yourself the following questions. You can get more help by looking at the Snake Dream Interpretation Guide.

  • What does the snake look like in your dream? What are its characteristics, qualities?
  • What is its behavior in your bed: Is aggressive or friendly, fast or slow?
  • Are you feeling guilty about something you did recently, especially as it relate to an intimate relationship or someone very close to you?

Need Help to Interpret your Dream with Snakes Everywhere?

Post your dream below if you dreamed of seeing snakes everywhere and need help to interpret its meaning. Other people passionate about dream interpretation will have a chance to answer. You can look at other types of snake dreams in the Dreams Forum.

173 Responses to Dreaming of Snakes on your Bed

  • Cherise
    I had a dream there were 20 deadly snakes in my bed. The tiny ones were red and black, green and another was bright red. The largest 2 were yellow, red and orange. And the other one was blue, black. I felt terrified inside but let trying to contain where they went to protect my daughter in another room. When I questioned myself where they came from they started to escape the bed. And when I realized someone had given them to me the frenzy of escape escalated and they would climb walls or go into my closet. Always together and always passive aggressive. When my daughter came in she was fearless and picked them up and put them on the bed. When we covered them we heard a snap and realized they had broken through the bed and wooden floor and started doing weird movements on the sand. I then panicked and realized I needed to call someone because New Zealand doesn't have snakes and this many would cause chaos. When I called for help no-one knew what to do. When I drive to the police station I stopped to see 2 snakes, one black and one white, fight eagles and seagulls. Only to die. When those birds started to chase me, a huge crocodile crossed our path. Flashed it's teeth and the birds were gone. When I arrived for help everyone was calm and taking their time desire the urgency of the situation. I heard a knocking to my right and when I looked the snakes were outside the window all looking at me then as they hiss in unison. They crash threw the window and kill me.
  • Yash kulkarni
    I had a dream that I was awake standing besides by my bed and then I saw a big snake unimaginable in length approaching towards me. I was just looking at it and meanwhile it crawled upon my body covering my upper part. I quickly jerked off the snake and the snake was not seen.
  • waheed khan
    i had a dream that i am playing with a big black snake but inside m little scared but m trying to hide that i tried to lock that snake in other room but the snake tried to push the gate and i opened the door then snake came to my bed and became a beautiful but naked girl started seducing me...please reply me on this
  • Rhonda
    My dream was of 5 dead rattlesnakes 2 on my bed one on each side of my bed on the floor one at the foot of my bed on the floor.one of the 2 dead snakes on my bed was belly up with the jaw looking 4 inches in width
  • Rhonda
  • Ebony
    I closed my eyes with my face in his chest and i saw a snake....where his heart shouldve been????
  • Shameemah
    I dreamed that i was pregnant andbi had a yellow pet pyhton and it refused to sleep in on the floor as usualy it wanted to lay on me and during the night its sliithered on and off of my bed and it was heavy but in the dream i wasnt afraid i waa just extremely hot.
  • Pamela
    Thank you for taking time to read this. I had a dream the there was two blue snakes in my bed a caught the two of them. Then he was standing at the side of my bed hold one in each hand. I woke very scared but was fine in my dream. I google blue snakes and think of looked a lot like a Blue Racer Snake. Pleas tell me what it means?
  • tine
    i dream that therr where 4 snakes in our bed and my husband tried to catch it with a blanket but then when they are already covered with a blanket one of the snake escape and tried to bite me.. what does it mean? the color of the snake is something like light white orange..
  • Heather
    I've had a few dreams about snakes. The common theme is there are always many of them, but I'm focused on one in particular. They are all supposed to be venomous, but the one I'm focused on is the most dangerous, supposedly it's bite will kill me instantly. It is sapphire blue, and in each dream I'm bitten, but it ends up being almost insignificant, barely a scratch. I'm told it will kill me, but it doesn't even swell. In each dream they are invading my space, one dream they were all over my bedroom and in my bed. It's while I pick it up with my bare hands that I get bitten. I'm anxious, but not really afraid. I really think the color blue is significant, but can't find anything about blue snakes.
  • Shawtyl69
    My dream that the snakes was curled up starting at my head to my waist size and they was mainly huge but yellow and white and one had blonde hair and I believe talked. It scared me when I saw them but afterwards I wasn't. A baby was in a carrier on the floor and one was around her but as if it was protecting her .
    • Shawtyl69
      I should have said it was like 5-6 of them but they didn't try to harm me nor anyone else. The one that talked even said boy get off of me. It just was looking at us.
  • Cynthia
    MAY 26,2016 I Had A D ream Of A .Baby Rattle Snake Craw?l Under My Blanket. At 1st I Was A Little Scared But Became Calm. I Just Stood By My Bed. Shortly After My Oldest Daughter Walks Into My Room.She Noticed Me Standing. Asking "What Are You Doing Mom" I Answered With, "Be Careful". "There Is A Snake Under The Blanket"! She Didn't Believe Me. She Lifted The Blanket. I Heard It Hisss. She Let Blanket Back Down. What Could This Mean
  • ....
    I saw a dream that there are several snakes in a huge area around me and all of them r sleeping and are like pets. So care taking on them and also waiting for my husband. When I call my husband he tells me he is stuck coz of his boss. His boss has given him last minute work n some tantrums coz of which he is unable to come home. And then my dream broke. Does this have any meaning to it ?
  • Dreamer
    I had a dream the snake lived in my bed it made it's home in there and it would try to bite me the chance it could it would move slowly or wouldn't move at all my bed had small wholes in it where it would pick out for a bite I would feel it move underneath me slowly.
  • Susana
    I had a dream where there was two snakes medium to small size Brown a friend I suppose and I were feeding them. The snakes were at the head of my bed. Later in my dream I got in bed and layed sideways the two snakes were then behind mine I was afraid.
  • Hannah
    Amphisbaena white dimond rattle snake mix dark gray lines double heads that what it call. Double head
  • Hannah
    I was dreaming that the bed fill with lot cobra moving wasn't afraid moving them try find special to catch it mean I have get it turn out white worm then got transform One head top and another head end tail white diamond rattle snake then next thing behind black rattlesnake protective try attack me So cut him with knife then come alive keep try attack me so cut again change shatter mirror. Next a baby sitting under bed saw another moving under bed creepy thin arm to hand claws vanish and I pick baby up put on floor look at him...two black eyes with sliver two circle inside and outside.
  • Lilbit4791
    I had a dream that I woke up to several yellow flat headed snakes crawling in my bed as I opened my eyes. They had 1 eye and there was 1 very small rattle snake in the bunch who moved quickly throughout the bunch towards me. I could hear his little rattle, like a clock ticking as he kept charging at me with an open mouth. I seemed to be more annoyed by the snakes than afraid. Especially with the rattlesnake. I got out of the bed but the flathead, one eye snakes were still in the bed as the rattlesnake continued to charge at me. There was no resolution but I woke up and it was over.
  • Anonymous
    I dreamt about many snakes last night. They are in the ceiling of my bed room. And when I stood up and look under my bed, I saw many snakes again and rats.
  • Amanda
    I had a dream featuring a snake crawling into bed with me ; but then I woke up still dreaming. I flung myself off my bed in the middle of the night thinking it was still there and it was real. I was sleeping on my side and in my dream it approaches me near my stomach crawling into my bed to get to me in the dark.It was over a foot long and had dull colors (kinda Python print) but it had distinct characteristics of black x's running vertically up its body's that the lighter color underneath formed a diamond shape in contrast. I thought it was real that I jumped out of bed and turned the light on. I proceeded to check everything for a source thinking. this gor myself paranoid and anxious about the incident to fall back to sleep.
    • Anon
      This happened too me last night I don't recall wether I was awake or asleep
    • Anonymous
      Yep same deal just didnt see color.. I grabbed it and tryied to hold it down.. It was scqurming and i could feel its pulse.. I was so paranoid that i drug the snake the blanked and my body to the light switch screaming
  • mia
    I was coming in my house and there was these two diamond backs one all black with white diamond shapes and the other was all white with black diamond shapes on and they were trying to get in my bed while my friend slept in there but then I woke up
  • dayna
    I had a dream my mom threw a green snake in my bed and it was weird because my mom is terrified of snakes she can't even see one in a movie without closing her eyes .... and I was crying for her to stop but she wouldn't and she laughed and left .... and my mom isn't that type of person either she a sweet religious person who wouldn't hurt a fly....
  • fay
    I dream a black snake crawl over my neck and down by my legs and the snake was wrap around my ankle and it did that at least three times but at the end of my dream it would not let my ankle go I was so scare and crying in my sleep I was glad when I woke up.
  • Anonymous
    i dreamt of 3 snakes sleeping on my chest while i was sleeping to and my late husband pulled them of my chest and got rid of them and said if i moved they would have bitten me...... then i woke up
  • CP
    I had a dream a two headed python was inside my mattress
  • Nelly
    I have had multiple snake dreams. In real life i am scared of snakes and cannot stop looking at them when they are near me, but in my dreams its almost as if i welcome them. I typically have dreams about small snakes and in one of my dreamss they were sucking on my fingers. In another dream it had they were in a cage and i let them cuddle with me on the couch.(The snake was big in this dream) My most recent dream i had was i walked into a room to grab my son and this tiny black and yellow snake was laying on him. So i grabbed the snake and he was chilling on me for awhile and then started going into my shirt and thats when i started to be a little scared. I asked someone in the dream to remove it and as they did it got stuck in my shirt. All of my friends werent threatened of the snake either.
  • Tee
    I dreamt about snakes in my daughter's apartment twice.I dreamt the snakes were in the apartment I left i forgot my keys in the apartment in the window so I went back to get my keys i woke up went to the bathroom and i looked out the window to see how the weather was, then I got back in bed and feel back to sleep the dream just started to continue i went back to get my keys and my daughter was sitting on the couch and I heard my oldest granddaughter choking in the (there were two of my granddaughters in the bed sleeping) a man and I went to see what was going on there were snakes all in the bed with them,not trying to hurt them just laying there not moving,one was on my oldest granddaughter it was trying to go down her throat the man moved all the snakes no one was hurt I got my keys out the window we all left the apartment,what does it mean....someone please help.....
  • Kandi
    I dreamt of a bright yellow snake with white patterns on it,the snake was in my bed, I wasn't n my bed, I was watching it slither around in my bed, I was a lil afraid, just because it was a snake,but not afraid enough to run, so I stood and watched it, tried to throw a towel over, it just lift its head from the towel, and slithered its way out of my bed, over my bedroom floor, then under a dresser, then I woke up, not afraid n looked up snake dream.
  • carebon
    I dreamt that, in what looked to be our current setting! My partner, kids and I were asleep, and i believe IN COLOR a black snake slithered horizontally across the bed at the bottom of our feet, slowly. It wasn't aggressive yet it felt to real, so when I awoke I was feared!
  • jewels
    I had a dream of a red and brown snake in someone else's bed. And an older lady tried to throw the snake on me, i jumped up and that was the end of it.
  • Prakash
    A long black cobra crawled inside my comforter and then crawled on my back , neck, head and went away slowly without any harm. I was feeling its movement without moving my body and praying it goes away which it did ...
    • Anonymous
      I dreamt that dead stuffed hooded cobras taiwas wrapped around the back of my neck. I wasn't scared but in awaje life i fear cobras and dislike them. I don't feel this way about Pythons and boas as i do like the constrictors.
  • Betty be
    When you dream of a black snakes that chokes you
    • Kim
      I dream a snake crawl up my bed and rest on my body on top of the blacket just below my chin. I kept still so the snake won't bite me. I carefully moved my hand and grab it using the blanket on its head from stopping to bite me. And I took it ran out the house to call for help, with the snake hold firmly in my hand
      • Old Shatterhand
        I had almost the same dream last night! I don't know what it means, but it was a rattlesnake that dropped from the ceiling onto my chest, coiling up on the blanket right below my chin. He was trying to warm himself with my body heat but I was terrified.
  • tam
    my dream was my partner had put lots of snakes in ours and my daughters matress which you could see through the top
    • Annon
      This dream is a red flag to me. Watch your partners behaviour around your daughter. Go with your gut instinct.
  • Margret
    I dreamt of a snake under the bed not necessarily my bed and it was really huge. I screamed and it was killed.
    • Anonymous
      I dreamt black snake crawling from under a bench my husband was laying one I didn't see all of it
  • tera
    I had a dream I was in a different house I've never seen before and my little sister was there we were in the kitchen when a huge ball python was slithering up my back I got it off of me it was a nice snake at first then became mean it was moving unnaturally fast into what was my mother's room my dogs were trying to get the snake but I was worried the snake would hurt my dogs because it was much bigger than them the snake moved under my mothers bed me and my sister locked the snake into the room
  • LD
    I dreamt the were 3 different types of snakes I moved into bed with each controlled by its own personal snake like human the first kind I lied with controlled a bunch of fair sized snakes but was famous for one extremely large thick snake which scared me into moving in bed with another snake master and his snakes they had the ability to stretch and he kept playing with my sexual parts and the next master I moved to was unclear but I remeber staying with him even thou he was the most dangerous of all and all the other master fearesd him
    • Anonymous
      Let me be that master snake, you wouldn't want to wake up, I promise.
  • rafina
    I dreamt there was this 1 meter kinda black poisonous snake in my bedroom...my youger son saw it first but couldn't catch it but then my older son caught it nd killed it...nd went back for another thin long snakes that was there too ....so there were 2 snakes ...one black nd fat...one green nd thin
  • nadaa
    I keep having a reoccurring dream that I woke up to a snake slithering off of my bed towards the side of the bed that's against my wall. Most of it's body is covered by my blanket while it starts to come out, I never see the rest of it either, usually I end up waking up. The snake is bright yellow with red on it and maybe a little orange. It scares me because in my dream it's my room exactly, the bed, sheets everything.
    • Kelly
      I've had the same dream, the snake was like an anaconda very big around and red with yellow and under my blanket in the bed with me, in my room, and I was terrified, as it slowly moved out of my bed, and I very slowly moved away from it, almost paralyzed and could not move , and as soon as it was out of my bed, BAM I was standing in my ex friend/family bedroom. And her blanket was pulled off and the same snake was in her bed only I feared for her, it left my bed and I made a forced movement away from it, but she was stuck in the bed with it and didn't seem to know it was there
  • silver snakes
    I had a dream that I was laying in bed with my boyfriend and when I woke up I seen small silver snakes around him I wasn't afraid at all I didn't scream I just looked and I felt a calm what does this mean?
  • gabriel c
    My dream I was in my bed in my boxers and I felt it slither back and fourth acrost my back and then it settled on me and coyaled up on my back I kinda shifted to lay on my side and it came up and wrapped up on my arm like a armband then I realized it was a snake got up and I saw it a shorter snake with black diamonds on it and two red dots or a flower on its tail and when I tried to pick it up it tried to strike me like it didn't want to move or defending its territory (my bed)
  • Angela
    I had a dream, that my bed was filled with green snakes every where. I woke up screaming and tossing the bed sheets every where.
  • Andreia
    In my dream I wss sleeping with my partnerand a python got in bex with us. I was comfortable at first but my anxiety kicked in so I asked my partner to get it out of the be,partner proceeded to throw it out of bed and my reaction was "you are going to hurt her". Ps: I have a huge fear of snakes.
  • Anonymous
    I dream black big snake sleeping inside my bed i feel like he want to sleep at my back and the other one on the table and chasing me with his tounge snd head.
  • Emily
    I had a dream like this: in dream, My boyfriend calls me, informs me that under my bed there are two snakes. Then I saw two snakes under my bed and in the corner, their 2 heads make a heart-shape. I feel normal, no fear or fascinated. Then 2 snakes crawl slowly out of my home.
  • avryl
    Snake was small, blue and red
  • isaac
    Dream of snakes leaving the bed
  • isaac
    Dream 9f snakes leaving the bed
  • pathan snake.
    I was sleeping on my stomach and a big pathan snake got on top of my back and I could not breath. Than a my sister in law took it off of me. Where it came from I don't know.
    • Anonymous

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