Snake Dream Meanings A-Z

Snake Dream Meanings

Snake dreams are characterized by multi-layered meanings. The detailed definitions provided in this dream dictionary are based on research and work inspired by Jung, Freud, and other contemporary dream analysts.

What Snake Dreams Mean

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Snake Dram Meanings

What is the meaning of a snake dream?


Did you Know?

The most common scenario involving this crawling reptile in your sleep is dreaming of being bitten by snake. There are several ways to interpret the meaning of this type of dream.

  • Meaning #1: Dreaming about a snake biting is a wake up call to pay attention to a situation or a behavior that is “poisonous” in your life.
  • Meaning #2: The dream means that you’re on the verge of deep transformation and personal growth.

Find out more about what a dream about a snake bite means.

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Snake Dream Meanings

Freud & Jung’s Interpretation of Snake Dreams

For Freud, dreams about snakes had a strong sexual meaning. Carl Jung, one of the most influential theorist in the field of dream interpretation, says the meaning of dreaming of snakes can be interpreted as representation of an inner conflict: “Snake dreams always indicate a discrepancy between the attitude of the conscious mind and instinct, the snake being a personification of the threatening aspect of that conflict.”

Dreaming about this reptile means that your conscious and unconscious are not aligned. The snake is a powerful symbol that can be interpreted as a representation of the tension between feelings, attitudes, and behavior. Learn more about what Jung and Freud say about snake dreams and their meanings.

How to Interpret What Snake Dreams Mean

The meaning and interpretations of a snake dreams vary depending on the context of the dream and the reaction of the dreamer. For more dream interpretation tips to decipher the meanings hidden in your dreams, check out the Snake Dream Interpretation Guide.

We recommend that you personalize your interpretation by connecting the symbols and feelings you have while dreaming and once you wake up with events in your everyday life.

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