Black Snake Dream

Black Snake Dream

There are several possible meanings for black snake dreams. The most common dream interpretation is about dealing with dark emotions, such as sadness or depression.

Black can also represent the unconscious or the unknown. The presence of the snake in a dream may point to significant changes that are taking place in your life. When interpreting your dream, it’s important to remember that this symbol has both negative and positive connotations. Serpents symbolize threats and challenging situations, but also the emergence of new insights and transformation.

Black Snake Dream Meanings

  • Sadness, grieving, depressive emotional state
  • Deeply rooted instincts, drives
  • Significant transformation, changes in your life
  • What is unconscious, unknown
  • Any personal associations you make with the color black

What does dreaming of a black snake mean?

Here are several meanings to help interpret your dream.

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Dream Meaning #1: Black snakes represent emotional darkness

Dreaming of that animal dressed in black denotes the quality of your mood in your waking life. The appearance of a black snake suggests that you are experiencing deep changes in your life and are involved, consciously or not, in a grieving process as you are leaving the past or old ideas behind. These changes may come with feelings of sadness, loss, depression.

Dream Meaning #2: Transformation and important life changes

Black snakes in dreams are associated with  the power of deep transformations that rise up from the unconscious as symbolized by the darkness. This animal may indicate that you are facing a lot of unknowns in your life, whether it’s in a new relationship or taking on new responsibilities at work.

Dreaming of a dark snake is likely a call to grow, transform, as you move from the unconscious and unknown to more awareness about yourself and what matters in your life.

Dreaming Meaning #3: Symbolic representation of the unconscious

This black animal can also be a symbol of rejected aspects of the personality of the dreamer. The dream points to a dimension of yourself that has been avoided and need to be exposed and dealt with.

The black snake suggests that you are dealing with unconscious drives and hidden desires that are disguised as temptations. Dreaming of a black snake is then a call to discover what is driving you and get in touch with deep longings that you may have ignored until now.

Black Snake Dream

Dream Meaning #4: Black snakes as representation of threat

If a black snake shows up in your dream, you may be facing a situation in your daily life that is perceived as a threat. It may be very challenging and you’re avoiding it. The presence of the black snake points to the fact that you may be unaware of a threatening situation.

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Next Step: Make your Own Meaning

To go further with the interpretation of your snake dream, ask yourself the following questions. You can get more information in the Snake Dream Interpretation Guide.

  • What is causing you grief or sadness?
  • Where in your life do you feel unfulfilled?
  • What aspects of yourself do you prefer do keep in the dark?

Need Help to Interpret your Dream about a Black Snake?

Post your dream below if you had a snake dream featuring a black snake and need help to interpret its meaning. Other people passionate about dream interpretation will have a chance to answer. You can look at other types of snake dreams in the Dreams Forum.

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692 Responses to Black Snake Dream

  • Lachele

    In my dream the black snake was just laying there on the floor..what does it mean

  • Disha tripathi

    In my dream I saw three snakes not very big in size one of white color and other two of black, they were lying still and did not tried to harm me but I was very scared so I asked my brother to kill the snakes, he killed both the black snakes and the white snake was lying still he did not kill that white snake.

    What does that mean? Please try to explain. Thankyou

  • Refilwe

    I dreamt of a black snake leaving my house.What does this mean?

  • Elizabeth

    Good morning, I dreamed that I was trying to make my bed and the bed next To my room and as I was putting the comforters to the side and 1 black long snake like water snake, the skin was shining or like wet slippery I didn’t touch but that is how it looked like, slipped crawling against the pillows like trying to hide, same thing on the other bed at the same time. I have to say that I sleep in one bed with my son and in the other bed my husband sleeps since my son still small. Thank You

  • Deseree

    I had a dream of this huge blake snake next to my work station/desk……it was calm and I did not feel threatened, I took photo’s and the snake left and I was running around showing the picture to the people who are in my life….

  • Anonymous


    I dreamt that a huge black snake, bigger than anaconda was down on d road. Me and my to be fiance were talking on dis huge dark road. Suddenly the snake appears from nowhere looks me in the eye and pushes me away with its tail. The to be fiance then tries to help me but the black snake just eats the guy in one whole gulp. A few seconds after this dream I got to know that our relationship broke due to issues between our families. The dream took place around 3.30 am .

  • naveen

    I saw myself asking long black snake to do as I command in a room and at last I felt that snake asked my permission before it leaves and then it do not moves out

  • Ronicka Walker

    I had a dream where i was sitting on the couch all of a sudden 1 really large black snake appeared, when i looked at the snake it split in two then came back to one and came toward me . I woke up didn’t rest well last night, just wondering what does this mean???

  • Asha England

    a dream about snake, a black snake loose in our home runs down our hall up my shirt. I catch it tell my significant other we go to the backyard were he kills it and starts to water the grass

  • Marilou L. Boniao

    Hi, good day…I had a dream. I took a bath until the faucet was destroyed the water overflowed and there is a black snake coming in rolled around the tab until it was hiding my butt. I was lying down when the water was full and when I felt unconscious because I felt something in my butt I was trying to up but suddenly a black snake biting my right hand…what dies it mean?

  • Onosai

    Hi – I had a strong dream about multiple black snakes chasing cats. I was swing on a rope trying to avoid them, and at the same time I was laughing at others who were panicking. I did not feel threatened although. This dream woke me up and told me to seek answers/interpretation from someone.

  • Andrea

    Hello..in my dream.. snake is my child.. i have 4 child in my dream.. all snake but the last is color black.. what is the meaning of this dream.. thankyou

  • Anil vira

    Hiii I am also facing Same problem in my dreams in a week three to four times snakes are coming in my dream and some time In many calors I have Seen snakes and more than one snake and also in my real life also whenever I visited my native place I found the snake nearest to me

  • Vijaya

    I saw the snake hole(home of the snake ) which is surrounded some thousands of snakes twined up and the small snakes getting reproduced from them. When I came to my home downstairs of my home one corner,s sealing is again completely filled with thousands of snakes again fertile baby snakes coming out of the big snakes . All the snakes are in black

  • Ankita Bharti

    I saw a black snake with white patches in my dream.i saw that snake is entering in my bathroom and I m trying to save my self.please tell me about this as I have met with an accident before dreaming and after 2 days I saw this dream .

  • Tisha

    …Thank U ladies :)@life is beautiful ~ I would love to know your version too@Priya Dharshini, Priya, Raks, Suh.ina..alet me know sweeties if you try 😉

  • Jazz

    I had a dream about a big black and gold cobra.The cobra was in an apartment complex,they someone push the in someone apartment I knew,and the cobra was side by side with this person.The man was trying to get the cobra away which it eventually did.Than someone else bothered the cobra,to make it try to attack.But in my dream the cobra really didn’t attack anyone it just wanted to be left alone,people was pushing it trying make it attack but it didn’t.I have no idea what this means.

  • Sy

    I dreamt me and my friend accidentally killed these two men who were attacking us. The next day they came alive had turned into two black snakes that came to my bedroom (from my old house in my childhood bedroom). They had appeared from under the bed, and they kept randomly appearing throughout my dream. At first I was terrified but as time went by it seemed normal.

  • ahsan

    i dreamt of one black and one white snake in my dream,their sizes were not so big.could you please interpret for me.thanks

  • Angela

    I dreamed I was getting out of bed and I thought I stepped on a stick but it was a black snake. I was holding someone in my lap and I could not get up fast enough. The snake withered away from me.

  • Jen

    19 Jan 2017 – Snake Dream early house dozing between bronchial coughing fits between 4.30am and 7.30 am.  The sound of my own wheezing may have triggered the snake dream imagery.

    I dreamt a huge snake cream under belly, dark slate grey up side (matt not shiny), worked it’s way in through living room window, moving snake like weaving back and forth.  (searching for something maybe) It was underside facing me. (soft vulnerable underbelly- tender maybe) it went straight up into ceiling through a small hole in corner, (the snake circumfrance was much bigger than the hole, you would think a snake of this size would not normally fit into) I felt shock horror at the size of it and that I would have to some how arrange to have it taken away. 

    The small hole in the ceiling is above left of where pc sits, the whole not in reality but in the dream

    where that snake weaved its way across and up the wall it left marks on the paintwork which resembled artwork (swirling abstract). Black, white with some yellow.

  • simon

    kindly help eating a black sripped snake really scared me,I desperately need interpretation of the same

  • simon

    I dreamt eating a black snake,kindly help to get the meaning am very scared

  • Unknown

    I had a dream of a black snake (small one) with white scars here and there. It was evening time and I was swinging in a swing outside my home. Suddenly this black snake came towards me and started to gaze at me. I spoke to it and it felt very cuddled. Then people came up with sticks to hit it. I said the snake to go away and I would come later. I wanted an interpretation for this dream as i felt that the dream was telling me something about my life.

    I approached Dinesh Audichya. He was quick enough to give me the interpretation about my dream. I recommend other visitors of the blog to take his help for interpretations of their dreams. E-mail: dineshaudichya@gmail.com

  • Maxine

    I had a dream where I went over to my partner’s house with my grandmother and my partner’s mother, when my partner went to close the door I could see there was a big black snake behind him, he saw it too. Then after that we ran into the living room where the was a big piathon coming out from behind the tv cabinet I started to scream and couldn’t find my partner, it felt like I was the only one there. I ran out of the living room and in to my partner’s bed room, At first I didn’t see any snakes so I thought it was safe, I ran to the back of the room and turned around and right there infront of me was a big black snake, but the snake was different than normal black snakes. It had red eyes with black slits and like a cobra, was standing up but it didn’t have that thing that cobras have on the sides of they’re body’s . The snake was fully black no white or red stomach just dark almost shadowy black. The snake started to come towards me and I screamed and begged for my partner to come save me, but then I got this feeling that my partner was watching me just not helping me,even though I couldn’t see him. It felt as if my partner was just standing there right infront of me smirking at me, watching me beg. Then the way the dream was veiwed, it went to my point of view and the snake went straight for me. Now my partner is not a bad person, he would never hurt me, he is an amazing person. What’s werid is I haven’t had a nightmare in a very long time and the nightmare happened straight after I received a pentagram necklace.

  • Avani

    Had a dream where two black snakes were moving out of my house and one yellow snake was troubling to stay in, and it remained in the house. But the weird part was that, the yellow snake was able to fly! Can someone help me interpret the dream?

  • Kiehls

    I dreamt last night of black snakes. A big one and several small ones were slithering to my direction. Two of the small ones got into a white basin that I was holding. The black snakes tried to bite my right arm. But before they did, I was able to grabbed their slippery heads. They looked straight into my eyes with an angry look. The fangs and the piercing eyes terrified me and woke up feeling very disturbed.

  • Nichole

    I was sleeping and I heard a hissing sound.  When I opened my eyes a black snake was coming toward me with its mouth open.  I jumped out of bed and there wasn’t any indication of the snakes presence.  I didn’t see it slither off of the bed, it just disappeared.  I was FULLY AWAKE!  Can someone tell me what this means?

  • lebo

    I SSW a black snake in my dream, it was getting into the house, my house

  • Sapna

    Hi…. I saw a black snake in my dream. Me and my husband were travelling in a car and suddenly we saw a black snake with its hood raised hanging on the stone. After reaching near it crossed the road and was trying to go inside the house of some other people.then it disappear.

  • joe

    i had a dream… my mom have a pet in black snake… it was moving hear and there my home.. i was scare…after that it was missing…but i always scaring may be come…

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